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 Reflections on the course co-taught by former Prime Minister Tony Blair & Miroslav Volf
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"Good Tidings"

Greetings from the Yale Center for Faith and Culture!  As we approach this stirring holiday season, full of joy and promise, we send you our greetings and best wishes.
If you would indulge me for just a minute, I would like to review this past semester, offering reflections about one of the most defining events of my year - teaching the Faith and Globalization course with former Prime Minister Tony Blair.
The course was nothing short of phenomenal.  The students came from the Divinity School, the School of Management, and Yale College, and from various walks of life and backgrounds, which contributed to a vibrant discussion.   In his own words, Blair was "knocked out by the quality of the students and the great time we've had doing this."  He then jokingly added, "I sometimes wonder how much they've learned from me, but I've learned a lot from them."
Last week, Tony Blair addressed a large gathering of the Yale community for the final time before he teaches the course again in the fall of 2009.  He wrapped up his talk with a summary of the ten lessons he had learned from the course, one of which declared that human flourishing is central to both faith and the globalization process.  This idea comprises the backbone of the YCFC God and Human Flourishing Project.  We are thrilled to see this language taken up by top-tier leaders, and we hope for more of the same in 2009!
Not only was the course itself a successful venture, but the Yale Center for Faith and Culture has established a collaborative relationship with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, which will result in the Foundation locating its American offices at the YCFC in 2009.   We look forward to working closely with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, confident that this relationship will yield fruitful results! 
We could not accomplish all that the Center does without the support of friends like you.  We hope that you will continue to consider the Center in your gifts and that you will see yourself as an active part of our community, taking full advantage of the resources on our website and the conferences that are available to the public.
Our warmest wishes to you and yours,
Miroslav Volf
Founding Director, Yale Center for Faith & Culture
Henry B. Wright Professor of Theology, Yale University Divinity School
The mission of the Yale Center for Faith & Culture is to promote the practice of faith in all spheres of life through theological research and leadership development.