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Wednesday, August 10

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Laura Eckstein 


PreferredPartner Announces Analytics Accelerator Providing Customers with Real-Time Analytics


Bundled with IBM's Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition, Analytics Accelerator Offers Extreme Performance for Real- Time Decision Making

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - August 10, 2011 - PreferredPartner, an IBM Premier Business Partner specializing in IBM software solutions and IT services, announced today the general availability of Analytics Accelerator - a new data warehouse solution that bundles IBM's Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition and off-the-shelf hardware with targeted technical consulting services. The solution is designed to help organizations increase performance and flexibility by accelerating warehouse queries up to 100+ times, giving customers real-time answers, while also lowering costs and eliminating many maintenance issues.


Analytics Accelerator enables organizations to compress and process data marts entirely in memory, using a deep columnar approach for optimizing performance. By leveraging all cores in the machine, users gain parallel access to compressed data for each query. Off-the-shelf hardware means no need for expensive appliances and zero administrative cost - no DBA resources are required.


"Many of our customers struggle with performance issues on analytic and business reports, as well as costs for ongoing warehouse upkeep and administration," said Steve Churchill, President and CEO of PreferredPartner. "With Analytics Accelerator, we can offer them the speed they need to make real-time business decisions."


"Analytics Accelerator will run analytical queries in a matter of seconds or minutes, not hours, providing a real-time transactional warehouse," said Churchill. "Analytics Accelerator gives executives answers in 'thinking time' - when they are thinking of the question, not days later," he added. "It will help spread more information to more parts of the organization, helping them to make better business decisions. We are proud to offer this solution to our customers to help them drive innovation, business optimization and competitive advantage that will maximize the value of their business." 


"Analytics Accelerator is right on target with what today's businesses want and need in a complete data warehousing solution," stated Craig Humphreys, Vice President of Technical Services at PreferredPartner. "PreferredPartner's technical expertise, bundled with IBM's breakthrough warehouse acceleration technology, makes this the perfect choice for any company looking to bring extreme performance enhancements to their warehouse workloads, without the extreme cost."




Founded in 2000, PreferredPartner offers a unique business model that has allowed the company to develop into a top IBM Business Partner in the Passport Advantage Resale Channel, specializing in IBM Lotus, Tivoli, DB2, Rational, Cognos and WebSphere Software solutions.  For more information, visit www.PreferredPartner.com.


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