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 Pre-Convention 2012 

I am getting so excited about our upcoming Convention in San Diego! Many months and hours of preparation have gone into this meeting and we are about to experience something really fantastic!

If you haven't registered for the meeting yet, don't delay! Early bird registration rates expire June 30, 2012. Take advantage of these special rates before they disappear.

All the best to you!

I am a Lamb for Life!
Grand Vice President for Alumni
APhA Annual Meeting: a gathering of Lambs

LKS dessert reception 2009

Did you attend the APhA Annual Meeting in New Orleans? Did you see the Lambs there?

 The Lambda Kappa Sigma dessert reception held in conjunction with the ASHP Midyear Meeting in December was another successful gathering of Lambs! When Lambs flock, there is always a good time ahead!


The dessert reception at the APhA meeting in March was also a success -- Lambs gathered for dessert, conversation and sisterhood! The reception featured many delicious goodies -- even a couple of southern specialties. Refreshments were available as well. But perhaps the most "refreshing" things about this gathering were the delighted members of LKS as we shared in good times and sisterhood!


I hope that you were able to attend one of these very special events -- Lambda Kappa Sigma maintains a presence at these two very special pharmacy meetings, so continue to be on the lookout for us when you attend these events!

Annual Convention: San Diego, California

LKS dessert reception 2009

Get out your shades and warm weather clothing! Please plan to join us as Lambs conquer San Diego!

Our Annual Convention is scheduled for July 25-29, 2012 in beautiful and sunny San Diego, California. We will be meeting at the lovely Town and Country Resort. Besides our meeting activities, Lambs will be sure to enjoy all that this resort has to offer. It is an exceptional resort, featuring pools, a spa, excellent dining, many nearby attractions (golf, zoo and beaches to name a few) as well as an abundant supply of sunshine! You can read more about the resort here.

The Convention Schedule has been under construction for quite some time -- planning for this meeting commenced immediately following our convention in Detroit. We also reviewed your meeting survey comments from the 2011 convention to see where we could improve or add programming. We want to be sure that your experience is nothing short of exceptional!


I just returned from the spring Grand Council meeting where we accomplished significant meeting planning. We have events planned that are going to knock your socks off! There are certain to be many surprises, even for those who are seasoned convention attendees.


Our resort location has also inspired a new dress code just for this meeting -- casual attire is welcomed! We are hoping to capture the resort atmosphere and bring it to your meeting experience. Watch for more details in the official convention information.


Be watching the LKS website and your e-mail box as details for the meeting emerge. The nearest airport is San Diego  International Airport (code SAN), so start watching those airfares now! We want to see YOU at the convention!

This issue's Lamb question
Tiffany Self

Who is this Kentucky Wildcats fan?

This Kentucky Wildcats fan is Tiffany Self, a member of Alpha Nu chapter and graduate of the University of Kentucky!

Lambda Kappa Sigma Grand Council members recently met in New Orleans for their spring meeting. After a long day of meetings, Grand Council members went out for a bit of fun. We were joined by thousands of college basketball fans who were also in New Orleans to attend the SEC conference championship tournament. There was an abundance of Kentucky fans present everywhere that we went. Tiffany had to show her school spirit too, and celebrated with a beautiful feather boa, featuring the blue and white of the University of Kentucky!

Tiffany practices consultant pharmacy, racking up many miles on her car as she visits nursing homes all over the state of Kentucky. Tiffany has a very special love for the elderly and it shows in her work. She has friends everywhere that she goes! Tiffany has also served LKS on Grand Council and numerous committees for many years. You may recognize her as the friendly face who collects all the documentation at convention CE programs.

We are proud to have such a spirited sister like Tiffany!
Lambda Kappa Sigma Educational Trust
LKS dessert reception 2009

The central purpose of the Lambda Kappa Sigma Educational Trust is to provide grants to our student members to help in financing their pharmacy education.

Seven grants of $1000 each were announced in January. Winners of Cora E. Craven grants were Kimberly Askren (Nu), Brittany Kidwell (Alpha Nu) and Karen Partlow (Epsilon).

Emily Fisher (Omicron) received the Mary Connolly Livingston grant, Meredith Howard (Xi) the Normal Wells Loyalty grant and Dawn Lockman (Epsilon) the Adele Lowe Leadership grant.

The B. Olive Cole Graduate Study award went to Courtney Barnas at the University of Rhode Island. Congratulations to all these loyal sisters!

Many thanks to the Educational Grant Committee -- Carrie Molesa, chair, Patti Lozano and Marijo Kraisinger for their hard work in screening all the applications and determining the winners. 

Currently, the annual fund raising Appeal is in progress. Thank you so much if you have already contributed. If you haven't yet, please send in your check to the International office as soon as possible. (The Trust does not have the ability to receive payments by credit card at this time).

If you belong to a chapter that has an individual chapter fund within the Trust (Alpha, Eta, Tau, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Pi), you can designate your gift to go there, or to the general Trust fund or to a specific named grant. Make the Trust one of your "Charities of Choice". 

Another way to raise funds for the Trust is the Auction at Convention. There is both a silent auction and a traditional one at a meal function. Our members bring LKS and pharmacy memorabilia and other great items of interest, which has included time at a vacation spot, to be auctioned off. Generous bids resulted in raising over $11,000 last year in Detroit. It would be great to equal or exceed that amount in July at San Diego. Please be looking for items you can bring to Convention for the auction, and e-mail Nancy Horst at with the details.  

The Trust Liaison Committee members are looking forward to an enjoyable Convention and success for the Trust. Thank you again for all your donations, past and present! See you in San Diego!

-- special thanks to Nancy Horst, TLC Chairman, for this article.

Alumni Conference 2012
alums visiting

Planning for a very special Alumni Conference is underway! In keeping with our relaxed, resort atmosphere, we will be featuring an informal and fun gathering for all alumni members. Two very special speakers will be highlighting this event -- details will be emerging soon. And because you asked for it, we will also have time available for social visiting and relaxation too. It's a great time to be a Lamb, and an even better time to be an alum!
LKS dessert reception 2009


What's NEWS with EWE?

LKS dessert reception 2009 

Alpha Alumni chapter reports that they are very busy planning for the LKS Centennial Celebration in Boston in 2013. This very special event will be held July 26-29, 2013. The celebration will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Copley. From what I am hearing from the Alpha sisters, this is an event that everyone will want to attend! Mark your calendars now and save the date.


Marissa Salvo, Alpha Beta alum, writes to update us: Following completion of my PGY1 residency at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, I accepted a position at the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy as an assistant clinical professor. My clinical practice site is Community Health Center, Inc, in Meriden, CT. I co-coordinate the Pharmacy communications and patient assessment courses and serve as a faculty advisor for a group of students. It seems that Marissa is fortunate to have Lambs wherever she goes!   (ed note: Marissa's name was inadvertently misspelled in the last issue -- our apologies for this error)


Alessandra Baran, Alpha alum, gave birth to Olivia on November 29, 2011. Alessandra was also the recipient of the Young Pharmacist of the Year award from the Massachusetts Pharmacists Association. She has had a very busy, but successful, year!  


Jenny Brandt, Xi alum, was recently featured on the CBS Evening news, discussing the current drug shortage crisis. Jenny did a great job conveying a very important message to the viewers.


Amanda Didas,  Alpha alum, gave birth to twin girls, Melanie and Maeve, January 27, 2012. Amanda reports that they were the best birthday present that she ever received!


This summer, the Alpha Beta Alumni Chapter will mark the one year anniversary of the reactivation of their chapter. They have been a busy bunch since reactivating -- a UCONN football game (complete with tailgating) and working on an alumni pamphlet for collegiates to introduce them to alumni life. They also plan to host an educational/professional program for the collegiates and start a Convention Fund for them as well. Keep up the good work, ladies!


Wedding bells were ringing for Mary Durante, Alpha alum, on September 25, 2010. The lucky groom is Michael Karigianis.


The Phoenix Metro alums recently met for lunch. Kathy Huff reports that 4 different colleges and 5 practice sites were represented in this group! Kathy says it can be challenging to live and work in an area that does not have a local pharmacy school, but these sisters sure do know how to network and get together!


Judy Glaskin, Alpha alum, is now living in Bristol, Rhode Island and is working for the Providence VA Medical Center. I'm sure there are some Xi sisters in the area who can tell her all about Rhode Island!


Amanda Mytkowicz, Alpha alum, moved to Evanston, IL and completed her residency training.


Jessica Rourke Panico, Alpha alum, gave birth to Nolan Michael on October 4, 2011.


Emily Starenchak, Alpha alum, married Timothy Adamy on June 17, 2011. They honeymooned in St. Lucia.


LKS dessert reception 2009A funny thing happened at BINGO......


Patti Kienle, Eta alum and Past Grand President, was recently visiting Florida at her timeshare in Orlando. One of the daily activities is Blackjack. While Patti does not fancy herself to be a gamer, on this particular day she was the big winner! She won a $5 gift certificate for the lounge and in Patti's words, "We're talking some big money here"! Another guest from the resort was the other big winner for the day and Patti struck up a conversation with him.


The usual small talk started the conversation (where are you from?) and when he told Patti, she replied that she had visited several hospitals in his area due to her work. Of course that led to the question about what type of work she does, etc, etc. This man then said that his wife is a retired pharmacist! About that time, she walked into the lounge and Patti asked, "Wayne State?" since they were from the Detroit area -- Yup! Patti asked, "LKS?" -- Yup! And guess what t-shirt Patti was wearing -- her shirt from the 2011 meeting with the LKS Convention logo on it! She was amazed!


By the way, this pharmacist's maiden name was Barbara Gill. If you know Barbara, let her know that you read about her -- you just can't get away from the fabulous Lambs of LKS!

Lambda Kappa Sigma is an International Pharmacy Fraternity, founded in 1913, and is dedicated to developing the intellectual, leadership and professional skills of its members needed to maximize their potential and strive for their personal best.

LKS promotes professional growth through educational programs which enhance professional development in the field of pharmacy, with an emphasis placed on Women's Health Issues.

The Alumni Newsletter is published at least four times a year. You are warmly invited to submit personal and professional updates, new story ideas, photos, etc to Chris Grass, Grand Vice President for Alumni and editor of the alumni newsletter.


Chris Grass

Grand Vice President for Alumni
Lambda Kappa Sigma Pharmacy Fraternity


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