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Spring 2011


Welcome to the new look of the Lambda Kappa Sigma Alumni Newsletter!

I hope that you are as excited about this issue as I am. I hope that you enjoy the pictures and the exciting new format. I'd like to know what you think. E-mail me with your comments!  And, learn more about LKS by clicking on the colored text!

Christine Grass
I am a Lamb for Life!

Chris Grass
Grand Vice President for Alumni 

2011 Annual Convention: 
Have you hugged a Lamb lately?

Detroit 2011One of the highlights of any Lambda Kappa Sigma meeting that I enjoy most is seeing sisters reunite! There is nothing like seeing the smiles on the faces of Lambs as they greet each other. Whether it be the first time, or a friendship that spans many years, the love between sisters is genuine. It never ceases to amaze me how Lambda Kappa Sigma sisters can span the distance of time with just a smile, a hello and a hug. This is the power of sisterhood.

When was the last time that you attended an LKS Convention? Are you an annual attendee? If so, then you already know just how great our meetings are. If you have never attended, or if it has been many years, I encourage you to attend this year's meeting in Detroit, Michigan. The professionalism of the Fraternity has never been more evident - we have outstanding continuing education, nationally respected speakers and the most intelligent women pharmacists on the face of the earth (well, I am biased).

The bonds of sisterhood have never been stronger either. Members have been using their bonds of sisterhood to network throughout the world.

It's hard to go somewhere in the United States, and even the world, without finding the impact of an LKS sister. We are clinicians, professors, researchers, authors, managers, specialists, staffers, owners and even volunteers. We are the face of pharmacy!

Mark your calendar now for July 27 to 30, 2011 as the Sisters of Lambda Kappa Sigma make their mark on the profession. And just so you don't think that we are all business, there is plenty of fun scheduled too!

LKS shoesAnother benefit to going to convention is seeing LKS wearables from throughout the continent!.  The shoes featured in the this photo are proudly owned by Diane Mulvey Shehata of Alpha Theta Alumni Chapter.

She gets many compliments on them and lots of questions about where to get them. Diane had these shoes custom made over 20 years ago, so she doesn't really have a source to pass along to you. You will just need to admire them from afar - or up close if you come to convention!

Alpha Beta Alumni Chapter Reactivates!

With a lot of hard work, a desire to gather together as sisters, and an opportunity to rediscover friendships, the sisters of Alpha Beta have reactivated their alumni chapter.


After many years of seeing declines in the number of alumni chapters, we are seeing a growing interest in sisters desiring to re-form alumni chapters.


An alumni chapter doesn't need to be large -- you just need a desire to join together and support our profession. Contact Alumni Supervisor, Mary Meredith or the LKS website for more information about activating a chapter in your area!


A Healthy Tip!fruits and vegetables

Here's a healthy tip for you and your patients!  According to a recent news story, if you eat more fiber, you may live longer!


A new study, in the Archvies of Internal Medicine, indicates that there is a link between high-fiber diets and lower risks of death - not only from heart disease but from infectious and respiratory illnesses as well.


The average American eats only about 15 grams of fiber each day. That is much less than the current daily recommendation of 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men.


In this study, people who met the guidelines were less likely to die during a nine year follow-up period than people who ate the least amount of fiber.


As pharmacists, we are uniquely positioned to assist our patients with healthy dietary choices. Pass this information along to your patients! 

This issue's Lamb question
blue hair lamb 
Just who are these Lambs and why does one of them have blue hair?
These Lambs are Carrie Molesa and Christine Perry. Carrie and Christine are alumni members. These lambs like nothing better than to get together and share good times!
Carrie lives in Detroit, Michigan and has been a Regional Supervisor for LKS chapters in the Midwest. She is a graduate of Ferris State Unviersity and works at Detroit Medical Center.
Christine, who is doing her best Katy Perry impersonation, lives in Fairhaven, Massachusetts and is a Pharmacy Recruiter for SuperValu Pharmacies. Christine has served as a Regional Supervisor too, and has also served LKS in many other capacities, including Grand President. You may also be able to note from this picture that Christine is not afraid to do something out of the ordinary to show her love and support for LKS!

Women's Health Issues
teal ribbon 
This article is a continuing commitment by Lambda Kappa Sigma in promoting health and well being among women.
Ovarian Cancer is the 2010-2012 Women's Health Issue. Lambda Kappa Sigma proudly supports women in pharmacy. As leaders in our profession, and as supporters of women everywhere, we have been spotlighting women's health issues for many years. Over the years, our topics have highlighted many health issues that occur primarily in women.
Ovarian cancer accounts for three percent of all cancers in women. In the United States, it is the ninth most common cancer among women and is the fifth leading cause of cancer-related death among women.
The 2010 fall issue of the Blue and Gold Triangle featured an article by Dorathea Andrews, the WHI chairman. You can look forward to more news about this important health issue in future LKS publications.
In your pharmacy practice, you may encounter women with ovarian cancer. As a pharmacist, patients view you as a trusted source of advice. While many women will get the majority of their information from their physician, patients will also have questions for you.
There are many valuable sources of information that you can refer your patients to. Here's a list of some excellent resources:
Patients will often use the internet as a primary source for health information. Patients are often quick to believe everything they read on the internet or are eager to look for miracle cures. As a pharmacist, you can help your patients evaluate the information that they find on the internet, as not all of it is factual or reputable.
Cancer affects more than just the patient who has it. This is an illness that often affects an entire family. Does your hospital or pharmacy chain have a support group for cancer patients and their families? You can be a great source of referrals for programs of this type.
Be sure to attend Lambda Kappa Sigma meetings and read our publications for more information on ovarian cancer. You can also help chart the course for future Women's Health Issues topics.
Danger in a Can!soft drink can
As pharmacists, we always seem to be on the run!  Whether you are a recent graduate, a new mom or a mom of teenagers, we often seem to be on the go and just one step ahead of what we need to be doing.
As professionals, we often feel stretched to the limit and frequently low on energy.
It's not unusual for people to turn to caffeine for a pick-me-up. Caffeine has been around for many years and is available in many different beverages. Many of you reading this can't imagine a day without caffeine!
In recent years, there has been a proliferation in the variety of types of energy drinks available. They are quite popular among teens and young adults.
Medical professionals report seeing an increased number of caffeine overdoses in recent years. Children and teens do not tolerate caffeine as well as adults do. This jolt of caffeine may be enough to cause rapid heart rate, palpitations, nausea or feelings of lightheadedness. One of the concerning factors is that people often don't consume just one energy drink -- the thinking is that if one is good, two (or even more) is better. Sometimes these energy drinks are consumed along with alcohol, further compounding this problem. Add this to the fact that these drinks are marketed to a younger population and you can see trouble on the horizon. While there is nothing illegal about these beverages, their improper use can have some unintended consequences.
Whether you are that newly graduated pharmacist, working hard at a residency, a new mom, needing some extra energy to make it through the day with an infant, a mother of adventurous adolescents or even a veteran pharmacist, tired after many years of working in the profession -- be sure to use caffeine containing energy drinks appropriately. They can perk up your day -- or they can mean a trip to the emergency room!

Upcoming Events!

westin book cadillac hotel

  Lambda Kappa Sigma
  2011 Annual Convention
  Detroit, Michigan
  July 27-30, 2011
This is our premiere event, so you won't want to miss out. If you haven't been to a convention for a while, this is the time to come. There has never been a more exciting time to be a sister of LKS! 
Do you have news?

   Do you have interesting news about a Lambda Kappa Sigma sister?

   Do you have photos?


News about members is always needed. 


Please send your photos and news items to Chris Grass, Grand Vice President for Alumni.

Do you have qurestions about LKS?

Our Executive Director, Joan Rogala, can help you!

You can reach Joan at 1-800-LKS-1913. Joan is a Certified Association Executive and has been managing the business aspects of LKS for 18 years. She can answer just about any question that you might have, but if she can't, she will know the right person for you to contact!

ΛKΣ (Lambda Kappa Sigma or LKS) headquartered in Muskego, WI is an inter-national pharmacy fraternity founded in 1913 by Ethel J. Heath and eight other female students at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy.


It was created to promote the profession of pharmacy among women and advance women within the profession by developing its members as individuals and leaders through the support of fellow members while encouraging a high standard of professional ethics and scholarship.


LKS is the oldest and largest professional pharmacy fraternity for women in the world. Lambda Kappa Sigma has initiated more than 30,000 members and currently has 44 chartered chapters. LKS also has 36 chartered alumni groups internationally. 

Lambda Kappa Sigma is dedicated to developing the intellectual, leadership, and professional skills needed to maximize the potential and strive for the personal best of its members. LKS promotes professional growth and its educational programs enhance professional development in the field of pharmacy, with an emphasis placed on Women's Health Issues. Continuing education credits are also available. LKS promotes academic growth, scholarship opportunities are available through the LKS Educational Grant Program.

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