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We love those little leprechauns but...


hatWe're great believers of luck, but we also believe the harder we work  the more luck we'll have.

That's why we never count on luck. We plan well, work hard and save our pennies to achieve success

We have an awesome responsibility everyday - treating the wastewater of 2.5 million residents of Orange County. And we are proud of the job we do everyday for you.


Do you know what 2 flush?


What 2 Flush icon

Know what should go down the drain that is sewer safe


It's simple, the toilet is only meant to flush the three P's - pee, poop and paper. Human waste and toilet paper should be the only thing going down the toilet. Unfortunately, over the years, people have turned the toilet into a trash can. From medications and sanitary products to deceased pet fish and cigarette butts. If it fits, people flush it. Flushing these types of items down the toilet causes home pipes to clog, wastes water (up to 5 gallons of water every time you flush), and most importantly can have a huge impact on our sewers and our ocean. 


Help us by learning more about our What 2 Flush campaign at or 

OCSD wins 
prestigious award  
larry award
The Orange County Sanitation District continues to gain recognition for its Fuel Cell Demonstration for Energy and Hydrogen Production with an award on February 13 from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA). 
NACWA awarded OCSD with its National Environmental Achievement Award recognizing this high-profile, cutting edge project that converts renewable gas from wastewater treatment to electricity, heat, and hydrogen in a highly efficient and clean stationary fuel cell. While other agencies have fuel cells that produce electricity and heat, this is the first "tri-generation" system to produce electricity, heat and hydrogen. 
The harder we work, the luckier we are


mike final
Mike Haworth
Plant Operator of the Year

Just like NBA legend Larry Bryd, we have a theory that if you give 100 percent all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end.


On Saturday, February 25, the District won three awards at the California Water Environment Association Santa Ana River Basin (SARBS) annual award dinner.  


Mike Haworth, a 22-year employee, won Operator of the Year. The District also received the Engineering Achievement Award for P2-66 Trickling Filters.


The last award won by the District and Malcolm - Pirnie/Arcadis was SARBS 2011 Research Achievement Award for our engine emissions control demonstration project.  As winners, they are all in the running for the state-level awards, which will be presented at the annual conference in mid-April. 


Well done is better than well said

In February, the District received another 'AAA' rating from Fitch Ratings.


The AAA bond rating is the highest rating available. It means we can get the best deals when financing capital projects and that helps us save you money.  


Fitch's assessment "reflects the district's essential role as the wastewater service supplier to a large service area of 2.5 million people, strong financial performance, good rate flexibility and a large but manageable capital plan. The rating also reflects the district's continued successful implementation of its upgrade to full secondary treatment, which is ahead of schedule for the December 2012 requirement under its consent decree. The district provides wastewater service to the northern and central portions of Orange County. That's about 80% of the county residents." 
Just another way that "We're here for you!"
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Do you know what 2 flush?
The harder we work the luckier we are
Well done is better than well said
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