MSB Community Email | May 14, 2012


5/14/12 Release Notification


MSB will be performing a software release on Monday evening, 5/14/12, between 6pm and 7pm, EST. The following items will be covered in this release.

New Product Names and Logos


All MSB products have been updated to reflect the new product names, Adori and Lumea.  Adori is MSB's IEP Management product, formerly known as Case-e.  Lumea is MSB's Medicaid Billing solution formerly known as Waypoynt.  The former X Logs Service Documentation Module is now known as the Sessions Module.  The new names have been implemented throughout the Adori IEP Module and Lumea Sessions Module. 


Deleted IEP Recovery

MSB recently released functionality that allows deleted IEPs to be recovered for up to 90 days following deletion.  Upon release, some users were still able to see the IEPs even after having been deleted.  This issue will be resolved in this release.  If a user deletes an IEP in error, contact MSB Customer Care for assistance with recovering that IEP. 


New Download Functionality for Progress Reporting

Like other areas of Adori, the Download button is now available in Progress Reporting.    Use the Download button if you wish to save a copy of the document to your hard drive or perhaps to send it to someone else.    The download button also provides an alternative to the Preview/Print button for those users in Safari 5.1 or later who have issues opening Adobe PDF documents in the web browser.  In those cases, you can download the PDF document to your computer and open it outside the web browser.


Notifications in Lumea

The same Notifications functionality users know in Adori will now be available in Lumea, as well.  For those not familiar with it, the Notifications feature can be accessed through a new navigation button with an exclamation point.  This system distributes notifications to other Lumea users from MSB as well as the district.  Click on this link for instructions on utilizing Lumea's Notification system.





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