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Our Family
Kim Tortoriello
We welcome Kim back from maternity leave. This fall The Tortoriello Family welcomed Violet into the world.
Director's Corner
Dan Courter, General Counsel
Dan Courter
As state and federal audits continue to become more of the norm than the exception, we would like to suggest that the best way in which a school district can be properly prepared for such an event to pay close attention to documentation mandates of the Medicaid rules. MSB attempts to maintain current information on its website as to regulatory requirements as to maintenance of referrals for services, credentialing requirements, consent requirements and the like. Read more.
Hot Topic - Audit Results
  1. Audit Issue - Handwritten Changes: A reminder that ALL handwritten changes to Medicaid documentation logs must be initialed.
  2. Quarterly Progress Notes Due for Related Services: All Related Services (Speech, PT, OT, Counseling, Nursing, etc.) require quarterly progress notes in order to be billed. Progress notes are due at the end of each marking term (quarters or trimesters) and can be recorded on the Related Services documentation log, a separate note or letter, or marked on the IEP Goals and Objectives pages. Read more audit results.
State-Mandated IEP forms 
New State-Mandated IEP forms must be used as of January 1, 2012 - Revision of State Form 5b and Addition of Form 5c. MSB has updated Adori to reflect these changes. Read more.
Adori Update  
Child Count Changes - Early Childhood Education Environments

The Placement Category in Student Details has been updated with the new 2012 categories for the Early Childhood Educational Environments. Read more.