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 VT Community Email | June 30, 2011 


Dear MSB Community,  


As we are now at the end of the school year, please review the following and provide the necessary documentation to Kelly Bilodeau at MSB:

  1. Last term progress notes for Related Services (Speech, OT, PT, Nursing, Counseling, etc.). If you are a Case-e client, progress notes can be entered in Case-e.  Click to read more.
  2. Verify current provider licenses (OT expires May, Special Educator June and PT September) and send updated copies to MSB.
  3. Send new and updated IEPs along with applicable amendment forms. If you are a Case-e client, we will be able to pull approved/activated IEPs from the software.
  4. All service logs up through the May/June billing period. 
  5. Watch for new state form changes for 2011-2012 - IEP Blue Forms, Eval Pink Forms, and the Personal Care Verification form. 
Have a great summer!

If you have already reviewed and provided MSB with the necessary information, please disregard.   


Thank you,


Kelly Bilodeau

Claims Analyst

p. 800.618.3111 x106

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