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March 2012  

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Upcoming Events
Eat in Accordance with Spring!
New at TLC: Tea & Finger Rollers
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Upcoming Events

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  • April 13th 2nd Friday Lecture on the Chinese Channels/Meridians!  Join us for our free 2nd Friday Lecture on April 13th!  Friday April 13th, 7-8p. TLC in the blue room. Free and open to the public. Refreshments provided.  
  • Private Tea Sessions!    Looking for a way to nourish and replenish yourself? The Light Clinic has the perfect answer! Give yourself the gift of relaxation and nourishment through the experience of tasting some of the finest and most rare teas in our collection. An intimate tea-tasting journey to nourish your soul! Private tea sessions by appointment only at The Light Clinic. Contact Emaline at or call 502-330-4233 for an appointment. $150 for private sessions (minimum 1 person, maximum 6 persons).
  • Taiji Quan (Tai Chi)  Classes                                  Taiji Quan is a Chinese internal martial art that focuses on physical and spiritual cultivation through movement. A strong workout, but one that will not leave you feeling drained. No previous experience necessary.                      Classes every Tuesday 6:30 - 7:30pm in the Blue Room.               It is free to drop in and check it out. If you decide to enroll in the course it will be $35/month ($25/month student rate). 
  • Yi Jing II                               Yi Jing II Mastery Course is scheduled for Sunday April 15th from 1-5p at TLC. Yi Jing I required. If you missed the Yi Jing I class and would like to be part of the series please email Emaline at or call 502.330.4233 to be updated on future classes.

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In this issue, join us for private tea sessions, Taiji (Tai Chi) ongoing courses, and our 2nd Friday Night lecture April 13th on the Chinese Channels/Meridians! 
In this newsletter, we would like to offer some tips on how to eat in accordance with the season of Spring, and also share some new products! Please read on for more!
 Spring, and the best foods to Eat! 

In the Western calendar, Spring begins on the spring equinox, which every year is on March 19th, 20th or 21st. This year, the spring equinox (also known as the vernal equinox) was on March 21st. On the first day of spring night and day are each approximately 12 hours in length. The Sun rises in the morning exactly due East and sets in the evening exactly due West. (As an interesting side note, in the Northern Hemisphere the actual time of equal day and night occurs a few days before the spring equinox).  
In the Chinese Calendar, the beginning of Spring is earlier. It occurs at the beginning of the Chinese New Year, on February 4th, and the Spring Equinox is the middle point or peak of spring. Thus, we are far into spring, and boy can we feel that here in Kentucky!
Seasonally, the earth provides different foods for us to eat, and as a general rule of thumb it is good to eat whatever the earth grows in the season.
In general, the Chinese suggest eating warmed, cooked foods for easier digestion on the stomach. They say eating and drinking cold things is like throwing cold water on a fireplace before you are about to start it-it doesn't work very well! Instead, you should warm up the furnace (the stomach) with warm foods. This opens and prepares your organs for optimal digestion. This process is seen easily in Japanese cuisine-though they often eat raw foods for their main course they always start with a warm soup, and drink warm tea throughout!
For spring, the Chinese say to eat what is in season, and that means more fresh, light foods for the spring! This is the one time of year the Chinese agree with eating salads and raw greens. But always remember to add a little warmth to the salad like toasted walnuts or smoked salmon. It is also good to incorporate some sour foods like lemon (salad dressing or lemon-honey-ginger hot water) to balance the season of spring. Spring has a very up and out energy, while sour foods have a down-and-in motion (thinking of how the lips pucker if you eat a straight lime). Peppermint tea is also good if you are getting sinus congestion. If you are going to eat cheese, try more fresh light cheese like ricotta and mozarella, and of course this is a great time for the greens that grow in your garden like asparagus and spring greens! 
Eating in accordance with the season will help you feeling healthy and happy and the heat begins to warm your body!
New at TLC: Peppermint Tea & Finger Massage Rollers

peppermint tea

Delicious, fresh peppermint tea. Perfect warm or iced!

Massage Ring
Chinese Acupressure Massage Ring. Stainless steel, circular shaped with triangle spikes. Roll up and down the fingers to improve circulation, stimulate the skin, tendons and bones. Good for arthritis, numbness, joint deformation, cold hands and more! One size fits all.

$5.oo + tax 


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