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  Treasure the Summer's Fun-Filled Activities


     There is sadness in the air near the end of summer. Another year's sanctioned play period is about over. No longer will you hear the joyful noises of kids (young and not so young) playing in the pool, playing softball and getting ready to play miniature golf. But hold on, you do not have to be saddened. The weather surely invites you to engage in more outdoor activities. Continue to de-stress using a variety of activities but, more importantly, learn to totally enjoy your activities and carry those memories on through the fall and remainder of the year.


"De-stressation is a process you can control."


Dr. Thomas A. Parker, LPC, CPCS


As a child you were told to stop, look and listen when approaching traffic or the street. That age old advice, slightly altered can do wonders for your stress reduction. You can work so hard to make things happen that you are easily blinded to your rising stress level until something major occurs. STOP. There are signs when you are overly stressed. Recently, two friends had a similar experience. They forgot or "lost" very valuable items like laptops and wallets. Fortunately, after relaxing a little and then re-tracing their recent activities in a more relaxed state, they were able to locate and retrieve the items. LOOK. Read More...
Spotlight on Stress Rejecters in Action

Photo Credit: TAPA Pictures
"Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day."

     The SRN's Spotlight on Stress Rejecters In Action is on Ricky Hamilton. Ricky fights stress by fishing. He says that "when he is fishing every little problem floats away" from him. The SRN interviewer and camera caught up with Ricky at a resort on Hilton Head Island where he was leisurely fishing. He was enjoying himself and looked so relaxed the automatic question was how do you reject stress? The automatic answer was through fishing. Ricky is a father with two adult children and two younger children. He takes great pride in how he advises and mentors his children and others. His greatest accolades come from his profession as a master chef in Las Vegas where he feeds the homeless. He gets great satisfaction out of the meals he prepares and serves to the homeless. His recipes and skills make meat so tender it just falls off of the bone and he has been commended repeatedly about how he meets the needs of a large number of people. Thank you Ricky for the great work you do and for sharing your secret for finding serenity.

Photo Credit: TAPA Pictures
"When he learns to fish he can see himself relaxing for a lifetime"

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