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School Bells Will Be Ringing Soon
Lions Roar as the Class of 1965 Turns 65
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   SCHOOL BELLS Will Be Ringing Soon


School is just around the corner. Regretfully, most of the summer with vacations or staycations have passed. Be determined to carry your new de-stressation practices into the new school year. Lots of fun activities can still lie ahead. Never-the-less everyone is preparing for the new school year. Teachers are getting themselves and their classrooms ready for the oncoming school year. Parents are feeling the pressure of getting new clothes for the kids, school supplies and, in many instances, paying tuition, etc. for their kids. Read More... 


Lions Roar as the Class of 1965 Turns 65
A group of classmates from South Fulton High School's class of 1965 celebrated turning 65 this year at an annual picnic in College Park, Ga. This class is proud of celebrating the unique double of being in the class of '65 and turning 65 this year. Sandra Bridges Elder, President of the class said that there will be a year long celebration featuring activities which include 3k walks, picnics, and church gatherings. The group's members are very active and some are still working. The coordinating group of Sandra Bridges Elder, Ella Barnes, Harriette Steadman, Susie Barber and Jessie McCoy led an outstanding event.

The TAPA exhibit at the  
2012 Annual
Licensed Professional
Counselors Association - GA 
June 8-10, 2012 
Presented Dr. Thomas A. Parker's  
"Self Love-Self Care: A Stress Reduction, Relaxation and Sleep Aid CD"
Ain Daughtry and Johnnie Jenkins 
Self Love-Self Care Display
*CDs were sold at special conference rate* 

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