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The Art of the Staycation
MOM: Dionne Henderson
Worth Mentioning: Stress in the Airline Insdustry II

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   The Art of the Staycation:    

Embrace Your Summer of De-Stressation   



 Kick off your summer of de-stressation by creating your own tranquil and relaxing space. If for some reason you cannot travel, be creative in selecting your "Serenity Place(s)".   We have come up with a "His" and "Hers" suggestion list to place you in the mindset to create your own serene space.   





Member of the Month
Dionne Henderson

Stress rejection is critical in my life. In the past, competing obligations were the perfect storm leading to the accumulation of unhealthy stress. Therefore, one of my highest priorities for several years has been the adoption of SRN's tools. The many roles I have chosen, both personally and professionally, lead to an ongoing myriad of corresponding responsibilities. My full and active life continues to provide many sources of potential stressors. Participation in SRN techniques remains an important aspect of my mental, physical and spiritual well-being. 
My original motivation to be actively involved in stress rejection was simple: I wanted to maintain the highest level of health that was possible for me to achieve. I realized that my happiness was my responsibility. Stress was my joy killer. Rejecting stress became my personal and professional declaration against negativity. It was a commitment firmly planted in the soil that was my search for contentment. Since then, I've learned that by pursuing SRN methodology, I am not only choosing the highest and best life for myself, but for all of the others that depend on me.
If I am not actively involved in stress rejection, I am actively involved in managing the sure and negative effects of stress.


* Worth Mentioning *  
Stress in the Airline Industry II


In the April issue of Serenity Pathways, an article was written about Stress in the Airline Industry in which a number of airline employees from pilots to flight attendants showed that they were under significant stress and should not have been working with the public. Add American Eagle Airline employee, Jose Cerano to that list. His behavior caused passengers to make video recordings and complain about his treatment of passengers on board a plane that was waiting to depart.  Read More... 



- Dr. Thomas A. Parker, LPC, CPCS


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