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Symptoms & Effects of Stress

Special Relaxation Place

Choose your own special

place of relaxation.  Whether it is on a mountain top, an ocean shore, a beautiful sunset or whatever is your

special place of relaxation.

You can choose to reduce

your stress during lots of your endeavors.


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 Dr. Thomas A. Parker

The Stress Rejecters Nation 


The Stress Rejecters Nation was conceptualized and established to provide an organized, consistent supported effort for members as they build personal resources that help reduce stress, cope with

stressors and help other stress rejecters who are negatively impacted upon by pressures related to relationship issues, work situations, holiday pressures and stress related sleep issues (difficulty falling asleep or returning to sleep). Our mission is to assist SRN members in their commitment to reduce stress through membership support and facilitate a change in attitude about the power to reduce individual, community and society stressors. Let's do something about stress instead of resign ourselves to constantly saying, oh, what a stressful day I had. Go ahead and take back your power to be more relaxed and less stressed and fearful!


SRN ChildStress reduction is an everyone thing!  


It's never too early to help your children learn how to manage stress and frustrations.  Even "little people" experience frustration every day, learning to do the things that we take for granted like reading, writing, tying a shoe or riding a bike!  Remember, the way you manage stress   will affect the way your children manage stress.

SRN Member of the MonthSRN Member of the Month


Rejecting stress is essential to my life and

has beenfor several years. Life experiences

have motivated me to find the answers. Due

to the fact I was under daily stress being a

caregiver for my husband, before his death,

for 7-8 years I faced daily more stress than I

could manage at that time. Just previous to

this occurring I was under 9 years of stress

dealing daily with a son using drugs, and his

death. I know what stress is, and I also know the results from being stressed for years. I

was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, which I feel was created because of the stress I was experiencing (and in fact two doctors told me I had no reasons for the cancer except for the extreme stress). Read more... 

StressThe Epidemic of Stress


Stress has taken on epidemic proportions. It is the experience that everyone has often during the day every day. It is invisible yet we can all recognize it. When there is mental or physical anguish caused by threatened, perceived or anticipated occurrences that have caused or could cause harm to an individual or others of concern to the person experiencing the physical or mental anguish, the result is stress.  Read more... 

Emergency Symptoms & Effects of Stress


The symptoms of stress vary from individual to individual in intensity and manifestation according to the situation and how the individual interprets the importance or gravity of the situation(s).  The easily identified emotional reactions and heightened sensitivity in given situations is nature's way of helping each person prepare for unforeseen or anticipated danger. Physicians report that over 80% of patients say that their problems are caused by stress or stress is a strong contributing factor. Read more...

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  • Success Tele-seminar on 4/30/11! Click here for more information!
  • Interviews with stress reduction experts! (Stayed tuned for further details). 
  • SRN Friend Support Program Sign-up Information! (Stayed tuned for further details). 


"The path to a more relaxed life is yours to choose whenever you decide, without a doubt, to be more in control of your life's experiences".

Dr. Thomas A. Parker, LPC, CPCS


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Dr. Thomas A. Parker, LPC, CPCS

Stress Rejecters Nation

110 Habersham Drive

Suite 114

Fayetteville, Ga. 30214


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