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Choose your own special

place of relaxation.  Whether it is on a mountain top, an ocean shore, a beautiful sunset or whatever is your

special place of relaxation.

You can choose to reduce

your stress during lots of your endeavors.


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 Dr. Thomas A. Parker

The Stress Rejecters Nation 


The Stress Rejecters Nation was conceptualized and established to provide an organized, consistent supported effort for members as they build personal resources that help reduce stress, cope with

stressors and help other stress rejecters who are negatively impacted upon by pressures related to relationship issues, work situations, holiday pressures and stress related sleep issues (difficulty falling asleep or returning to sleep). Our mission is to assist SRN members in their commitment to reduce stress through membership support and facilitate a change in attitude about the power to reduce individual, community and society stressors. Let's do something about stress instead of resign ourselves to constantly saying, oh, what a stressful day I had. Go ahead and take back your power to be more relaxed and less stressed and fearful!


SRN Friend Support Program  


We have launched the SRN Friend Support Program in an effort to join people from near and far to share their stress reduction tips, inspirational stories of overcoming stress and help others on their journey to manage stress and live happier, healthier lives.  If you would like to participate, visit us online for further details!   

Member of the MonthSRN Member of the Month


In my day to day endeavors, it is very important that I have and engage in a system that allows me to reject stress before it incorporates itself into my thinking processes and consequently affect my behavior and work. As a psychiatric nurse, people trust me to take care of their mental and sometimes physical health. Consciously rejecting stress demonstrates my desire to be the best that I can be and stay worthy of the trust my clients, family, and friends place in me. Teaching, guiding, and encouraging others to live their best life requires me to "practice what I preach". I believe you can't give what you don't have.   Read more... 

FamilyIt's Summertime! What does that mean for parents? 


School is out and the children are home for the summer!  Although this is an exciting time for children, the next few months can bring about stress for parents.  Who will care for your infants and/or toddlers?  How will your high school graduate adjust to college life?  How will your finances be affected by summer camps and college tuition?  Follow us Facebook and Twitter to join this discussion and share your insight! 


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Father with childrenHappy Father's Day!


Does he really want the old standard tie or just dinner? Tell him you love him and want him around for a long time to come. Help him learn to de-stress with the ultimate relaxation CD featuring Intra Muscular Tension Control and invaluable stress reduction techniques he can use for a lifetime. Get him a copy today of "Self Love - Self Care: A Stress Reduction, Relaxation, and Sleep Aid CD."

Surprise him with his very own Stress Rejecters Nation t-shirt so he can proudly wear it around the house or at work!  Read more...

Upcoming Events

  • Interviews with stress reduction experts! (Stayed tuned for further details). 


"The path to a more relaxed life is yours to choose whenever you decide, without a doubt, to be more in control of your life's experiences".

Dr. Thomas A. Parker, LPC, CPCS


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Dr. Thomas A. Parker, LPC, CPCS

Stress Rejecters Nation

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