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 Tiger Woods

People in the Spotlight Under Stress:  Mini - Stress Analysis 


Tiger Woods is a living, world renowned golf legend. He has been in and out of the spotlight since he was a child. Has stress finally taken its toll on him? Hans Seyle's research in the 70s led to the conclusion that there are stages individuals go through with stress. Those stages comprise what he called General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS). The stages are 1) Alarm featured by the fight or flight reaction, 2) Resistance characterized by a marshalling of personal, physiological, psychological and other forces to cope with the stress, and 3) Exhaustion illustrated by the breakdown of personal forces often experienced as the body reacts with sickness or injuries.  Let's take a look at the very public figure, Tiger Woods Read more... 

SRN Friend Support Program  


We have launched the SRN Friend Support Program in an effort to join people from near and far to share their stress reduction tips, inspirational stories of overcoming stress and help others on their journey to manage stress and live happier, healthier lives.  If you would like to participate, visit us online for further details!   

Renee ReidMember of the Month


Working as a speech pathologist is labor intensive and requires vigilant attention to detail while multitasking. My clientele ranges between infants who are born with feeding issues to geriatrics who are unable to communicate or chew and swallow a regular texture diet. When a mother is unable to feed her newborn, when a child is a reluctant communicator because of an articulation or language disorder, or an adult is unable to express his or her wants and needs or eat with his or her family there is extreme stress, anxiety and isolation for the new parent, student, patient, and caregiver. The joy of living we often take for granted returns when: a mother is able to give nourishment to her newborn without his heart rate increasing; a child is able to communicate and understand academic and social language; an adult can express his wants and needs and eat with his family. 

SRN StandStress Rejecters Stand


In future editions of Serenity Pathways, you will have the opportunity to submit topics and ask for feedback or submit articles about how you cope with certain challenges in your life. Share information on how you minimize your anxieties and stressors. Stress Rejecters input is always welcome.  Share information on what seems to help at home and work and make things less hectic. Recruit more stress rejecters whether or not they are members of the SRN. As a SRN member you have the right to encourage No Stress Zones or Less Stress Today Hours at home and on the job. The SRN also will have available certificates of Proclamation Against Sustained Stress  (PASS) to hang prominently at home and in the work place. Request your No Stress Zones or Less Stress Today Hours and PASS certificates.  The certificates will be another visible sign to encourage family, work, and community commitments to less stress and the process of moving stress out of daily life activities. Share with others how you are demonstrating your commitment as a Stress Rejecter.

 Make your response to this monthly e-letter a part of your fight against stress with your member participation. Your comments, member articles, Member of the Month suggestions or nominations, or other suggestions, etc. can be sent to: 

Thanks for your commitment to increase our tranquility.


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