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Dr. Thomas A. ParkerMany people around the world are engaged in raising the awareness of stress and involved in the anti-stress movement. The month of November is the most noted extended period of planned anti-stress activities. The United Kingdom celebrates a National Stress Awareness Day on November 2th each year. Their national awareness day has been celebrated for 10 years. In an interview with Studio Talk TV, Dr. Cheryl Rezek, consultant and clinical psychologist and Karin Mochan, editor of Benhealth magazine cited that Over 12 million people in the UK have to go to the doctor for stress related issues and over 10 million working days are lost wherein workers report that they have to miss work because of some stress related issue. It is estimated that businesses in the UK lose over 26 billion dollars due to stress. Read more...

Stress Release Oasis


Life is filled with stressors and challenges that can elicit Default Emotional Responses (DERs). The most common combinations of emotional and physical responses form stress. The Stress Release Oasis page offers various short messages, affirmations, videos or inspirational short stories and that can help one create and build defenses against stress as the reader(s) find a much needed respite from many of life's challenges in that oasis. On this page, you can also ask the Stress Rejection Doctor questions related to stressful situations disrupting your life style. Please send your questions and contributions to Your input will be included on the Stress Release Oasis page; the SRN page specifically dedicated to helping its readers build their resistance to stress. Please take a moment to visit the Stress Release Oasis and relax! 



E.M. Parker's Created Work Stress Oasis  


Here are a few things that I surround myself with in my office to keep me sane...( by E.M. Parker)


African Violet:  My favorite flower.

Unicorn:  A gift from my sweetie to remind myself that I can work magic.

A mule:  Sometimes, when I'm angry I turn the hindparts towards my doorway and it makes me laugh.


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People in the Spotlight Under Stress: Mini-Stress Analysis - David Stern, Commissioner of the NBA

David Stern, Commissioner of the National Basketball Association seems to have gone through the General Adaptation Syndrome (Alarm, Resistance and Exhaustion stages of stress- see July issue on Tiger Woods). For the last year he has been in the Alarm stage while anticipating the fact that he would lock out the players and hear lots of negative things about himself, the players and the game. 

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microphoneStress Rejecters Speak
Send in your methods of fighting stress, suggestions for Unsung Heroes Who Fight Against Stress, and other comments and suggestions to

Tiffiny Hughes-TroutmanDr. Tiffiny Hughes-Troutman - Part II


Serenity Pathways Interviews


Dr. Tiffiny Hughes-Troutman, Licensed Psychologist

Associate Director

Morehouse College

Counseling Resource Center 


"The path to a more relaxed life is yours to choose whenever you decide, without a doubt, to be more in control of your life's experiences".

Dr. Thomas A. Parker, LPC, CPCS


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