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Stress and the Airline Industry
Crisis in the Classroom: "Teachers Under Stress"
People in the Spotlight Under Stress: Mini-Stress Analysis Demi Moore's Turmoil
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          Stress and the Airline Industry 


The airline industry has had its share of stressed out employees in the past couple of years. Within the last two years, an American Airlines flight attendant had to be restrained during a flight because she expressed her fears about the plane going down. A Jet Blue flight attendant had a "melt down" and altercation with passengers, and on March 27, 2012, a Jet Blue pilot, Captain Clayton Osbon seemed to have had a panic attack aboard a flight. He had to be restrained and hospitalized for medical evaluation. Video taken by a passenger captured him saying, "I'm so distraught".



Crisis in the Classroom: "Teachers Under Stress"   

 By: Ain Modeira Baderinwa (B. Annette Daughtry) 

Thirty years ago, the public school system was an excellent place to work. However, amid reports of teachers suffering from depression, breakdown, and suicide, teaching is now rated one of the most stressful occupations in the United States and abroad (Hill, The Observer, 2008). The teaching profession has undergone dramatic changes in these 30 years as it has become a progressively demanding profession. The impact of these demands on teachers and students are underestimated by those individuals and groups that implemented the changes.

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People in the Spotlight Under Stress: Mini-Stress Analysis
Demi Moore's Turmoil           

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The turmoil surrounding Demi Moore has captivated America for a number of months. How did she experience Hans Selye's three stages of Stress? She is a beloved American actress and probably could be called a princess of Hollywood. America has adoringly followed her from the early years of her career through her marriage to Bruce Willis, the birth of their children and ultimately her relationship and marriage to Ashton Kutcher.

Demi's growth in movies, traversing through the world of Hollywood and being an A-list actress were all experienced as she went through the ALARM stage of stress.The RESISTANCE stage of stress for her featured coping with being married to and raising a family with Bruce Willis, one of Hollywood's true superstars. But that life style proved to be extremely challenging. Eventually, even the love of two kids could not keep them together.  

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* Worth Mentioning *
Two National Basketball League sports stars in the spotlight are suffering from predictable stress aided injuries:
Jeremy Lin (Linsanity) of the New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose.


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