Spring 2011  
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Device Value Dossiers
Company Leadership Measurement / Credo Survey
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Our awareness this spring season has certainly been focused on the earthquake and tsunami in Eastern Japan. We send a message of solidarity and support to those involved in rebuilding, and remain hopeful for the future. 

In this issue of Information to Insight, we introduce 2 service offerings, 3 outreach programs and 4 new team members. For more information, please contact us at info@junicon.net.

The Junicon Team
Value Dossier Development

In general and across almost all geographies, we see increasing pressure to prove cost effectiveness of medical technologies. Health economics is coming into more prominence in medical device selection worldwide.

The fundamental economics of running a hospital means that more and more, purchase decisions for medical devices are coming under scrutiny. There is greater oversight by hospital management and value analysis committees, and clinicians may not be able to select their preferred brand.

Device companies are adept at feature and benefit selling, and are used to dealing with KOLs who have enormous personal decision power. There has been an abrupt realization that conventional sales tactics alone won't work any more.

In this context, medical device companies are being challenged to justify premium prices and are getting strong push-back from purchasers as well as pressure from knock-off competitors.

In our Value Dossier offering, Junicon conducts exhaustive analyses of clinical literature, tying evidence of outcomes to price. Our tools enable a client to go into a hospital and make the best possible arguments given the outcomes and the health economics. Armed with these tools, our clients have the best possible opportunity to justify premium pricing to non-clinical stakeholders.

Junicon excels at this type of study because we have a unique combination of strengths. We understand the business and marketing issues that clients face and we understand health economics and how hospital management evaluates medical technology. We also have the epidemiology and biostatistics capabilities that enable us to search, review, summarize and interpret an entire body of literature accurately and effectively in the context of the health economics and business issues, generating powerful and enduring tools for our clients.

Credo/Leadership Surveys

Many companies have Vision Statements or Credos targeting leadership in a particular healthcare market space, and require concrete measurement to bring their ideals into action.

Junicon's system measures not only customer requirements and perception of leadership vis-a-vis company ideals, but also enables early identification of product and supplier selection trends and vision into the future market landscape.

The major components include:
  • Measure leadership relative to several key customer benefit statements or insights
  • Identify where the client leads and lags competitors
  • Prioritize and develop internal competencies to deliver on proven customer requirements
  • Track changes in customer perceptions over time and link to ongoing purchasing behavior

Junicon's analysis and advisory includes:
  • Measuring mean rating scores and distributions and comparison of results using chi-squared and t/z-tests
  • Defining the relationship of leadership score to recent/future purchasing behavior using regression models
  • Developing detailed analyses of the main strengths and weaknesses of each competitor driving customer satisfaction and leadership scores
  • Advising our client on ways to improve perception of leadership and influence purchasing behavior

The keys to Junicon's success in this program include our ability to accurately interpret voice-of-the-customer input, our background in solid statistical analysis and our experience in advising improvement initiatives to worldwide clients.


In 2010, Junicon, together with Education Without Borders (ESF), supported a series of activities for children and adolescents living on the street in the Dominican Republic. Efforts focused on strengthening the educational offering and the "accompaniment" of the children, both in a physical and emotional sense, to the different educational spaces provided by a local NGO counterpart.

Specifically, the following activities took place:
  • Visits by local NGO staff to children living on the street in Santo Domingo in order to identify common points of reference and understanding
  • "Literacy and Leveling" sessions to measure and improve reading, writing, and mathematical capabilities and link these skills to positive attitudes
  • Sports and recreation sessions with training exercises and games
  • Wellness education focusing on the dangers of drug use and the importance of developing identity and solidarity
  • "Christmas-on-the-street" celebration

Junicon will support ESF again in 2011 on a new program to expand public library offerings, improve the quality of public education and preserve the minority Quechua culture in the Apurimac region of Peru.

Junicon has also formed a new ongoing relationship with Hope International Development Agency to help young men and women from underprivileged Indigenous People's tribes in the Philippines obtain higher education and bring development programs back to their villages, ending the cycle of discrimination, servitude and poverty.

In another charity initiative, Junicon staff is supporting on an individual basis 10 students in a school in a small community outside of General Santos City in the Southern Philippines.


Students being supported by Junicon Staff in Southern Mindanao
Junicon's Growing Global Team

Our growing business enables new roles for existing team members and opportunities to expand our team.
Tricia Chirumbole AaronPic

Born in the US, Tricia earned a BS in Psychology with a Math Minor from The University of Pittsburgh and spent a number of years immersed in the worlds of behavioral health and social services. Returning to her entrepreneurial roots, she went on to complete an MBA in social enterprise at The George Washington University in Washington DC.

During business school, Tricia spearheaded the development of a social enterprise called Investors Without Borders. She spent the next three years leading volunteer consulting projects in Ghana & Liberia West Africa geared toward growth-oriented small businesses and financial institutions. During this time, Tricia also traveled to Nigeria, Kenya, and Ethiopia working with banks and microfinance institutions.

Tricia has recently returned to her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, where she is continuing her work with Junicon, focusing on secondary and primary research in healthcare IT markets. Outside of work, Tricia can be found dancing, turning unsuspecting baked goods into health foods, devising travel plans, and working on the development of community projects.

Kent Hamilton AaronPic

We are pleased to announce that Kent Hamilton has come on board to work with the Junicon team. He brings a wealth of market research and consulting experience across a broad range of industries and methodologies.

Kent has an engineering degree from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the University of Arizona. Based in Tucson, Arizona, Kent is an avid baseball fan and amateur brewer.
Emilie Mougin AaronPic

Emilie was born in Marseille and lived in the South of France before her move to Barcelona.

She graduated from IPAG Business School in Nice and earned a Masters in International Management from EADA Business School in Barcelona. Emilie has studied in three European countries--France, Spain and the UK--and is fluent in French, Spanish and English.

Emilie has a passion for artistic gymnastics (Team Champion of France in 2000 and 2001), traveling and Latin American culture.

Frank Metzger PhilippPic

Born in Michigan, Frank spent the early years of his life in Colorado and Oklahoma before his family settled in the Phoenix metro area. He graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and began work as a medical insurance biller. After moving to Tucson, Frank went to graduate school at the University of Arizona and earned a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology.

At Junicon, Frank works on research and health economics projects, and leads an excellent team of researchers with experience in epidemiology.

Frank volunteers with the Social Violence Research group at the University of Arizona, and spends his free time brewing beer and searching for the perfect chicken wing.

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