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October Greetings from Cowlitz Title!
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Tis the Harvest Season...  Save the Date!


Bianca Lemmons

     It's officially fall, which means the kids are back in school, the leaves will soon be bringing us the beautiful colors of the season, the jack-o-lanterns will light up our doorsteps, and the holidays will quickly be upon us!  Yes, the holidays! 


     But here at Cowlitz County Title, it's our favorite time of year to show you, our loyal customers, how much we appreciate you and your business.  This year we will be hosting our annual Harvest Open House on Friday, November 18th, from 4 to 7 p.m., so be sure to join us.  More information to follow at a later date!


     In the meantime, make sure to drop by our office on Halloween -- we'll have treats (no tricks)!  And please enjoy a few "Marginal Comedy" clips of possible CCT employee Halloween costumes, below.  Happy Halloween! 




Desperate to not be outdone by Bianca's "Black Swan" costume, Escrow Assistant Theresa Byrd takes flight in her "Bjork Swan Dress."
Title Officer Jason Hanson might win "Scariest Costume" as he re-enacts the Jack Nicholson part from "The Shining."  "All work and no play makes Jason INSAAAANE!"
The Man.  The Legend.  Terry Woodruff IS Evel Knievel.


Channeling true facets of her personality, Pam McCormick borrows a fluffy cat and rearranges the office as Martha Stewart.  "It's a good thing." 
Team Cowlitz County Title
Team CCT Rocks the TRCS Golf Tournament!

trcs golf trnmt

On September 24th, Cowlitz Title was a proud sponsor of the Three Rivers Christian School golf tournament at the Three Rivers Golf Course.  The CCT team was comprised of Terry Woodruff, Theresa Byrd, Bianca Lemmons, and Arlene Reynolds, who won the LONGEST DRIVE!  Go Cowlitz Title, and go TRCS Eagles!    


kevincCongratulations, Kevin Campbell!

Congratulations to Kevin Campbell who will be the new Owner/Broker of the Longview Windermere office.  We wish Kevin the best of luck in his new role!


Introducing Cowlitz Title's Smart GFE Calculator!

gfecalcLenders, if you need a fee quote, you can now obtain a written GFE fee quote 24/7 by visiting our website at www.cowlitztitle.com.   If you would like to utilize this service, please contact Bianca Lemmons at Cowlitz Title via e-mail to obtain a login code and password, or you may login as a Guest to check it out!

The Power Of Language: 5 Wicked Words That Are Sabotaging Your Success

Would you believe that the words you use actually determine whether you succeed or not? Language shapes how we experience the world.  Click here to read more... 

Sales Tip of the Month:  Try Saying "Thank You!"

A man got up and offered his seat to a woman on a bus. She fainted. When she recovered, she said "thank you." The man fainted. We are in the business of asking people to do things. We must be in the business of saying thank you each and every time, and one of the best ways is in writing. Notes, letters with copies to the boss, passenger letters to airline CEOs (not customer service managers), are all tools of the salesperson's trade used to rise above the competition. They not only compete with us, our product or service, but also compete for the time and attention of our customers. Our time is as valuable as anyone's time on earth, so there is no need to scrape and bow thanking people for their time. For their consideration, yes; for their help in getting to see someone, yes; for an order, yes.  


People want to be appreciated for their efforts; so little appreciation is given and so much is desired and needed you can provide a great and needed service by being the supplier of choice. It is a big deal to say thank you, and those who do it well, who do it often, and who do it consistently, seem to be rewarded with more than their share of big deals.


I am glad you are reading this. Thanks.

Market News
The New Real Estate Boom:  Rentals 


Home prices and sales may be flat, but the rental industry is booming.  The percentage of renters is on the rise, the number of households is increasing, and more Americans are downsizing, all of which point in a single direction:  rents are on the rise.  Read more... 


The Future of Manufacturing


If we assumed that our competitive advantage, as a nation, was being compromised by the off-shoring of our manufacturing we would be missing the larger point. Whether we manufacture in the U.S. or in China (or anywhere else), the pressure to reduce labor costs is the same. Read more...   

MBA Statistics
Rates and Trends


The Mortgage Bankers Association application statistics can be an interesting picture of what's going on in the real estate market.   Click here  to view some of the most recent graphs.


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Happy Birthday To You! 

October 1st:  Judith Boughton, Pacific NW Realty
October 2nd:  Kathleen Harris, CB Bain
October 2nd:  Diane Crockett, Fibre Federal Credit Union
October 2nd:  Dean Gehrman, John L. Scott
October 2nd:  Nita Rudd, Cascade Title
October 4th:  Terri Sharpe, CB Bain
October 4th:  Lindsay Farber, Cascade Title
October 5th:  Sabrina Flores, Umpqua Bank
October 6th:  Kristin Cheatley, Windermere
October 6th:  Wade Bejcek, Regal Mortgage
October 8th:  Brigit Faber, Auditor's Office
October 8th:  Sue Shetler, RE/MAX Premier
October 8th:  Pat Rodman
October 10th:  Sherrie Anshutz, RE/MAX Premier
October 11th:  Jessica Baker, CB Bain
October 12th:  Kathy Hanks, Cowlitz County Treasurer
October 16th:  Jennifer Argyropoulos, The Advisors
October 18th:  Emily Wilcox, Auditor's Office
October 19th:  Shirley Little, John L. Scott
October 20th:  Stacey Ferrell, John L. Scott
October 21st:  Sonja Denson, Windermere
October 25th:  Theresa Campbell, Cowlitz Title
October 27th:  Kelly Williams, Rodman Realty
October 31st:  David Thelin, CB Bain


Have we missed your birthday?  Please contact the office of Cowlitz title at 423-5330 to get you added to our birthday list.  

cartoon sept 2011

"The best way to predict your future is to create it."

~ Unknown 

stats sept 2011

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