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Tom and Janet
Tom and Janet at Machu Picchu
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At our very core is our passion for planting churches deep in the jungles of the Amazonas. Everything we do; mission trips, water projects, economic development projects and training are small pieces that enable our team of dedicated Peruvian leaders to take Gods word where it has never been spoken before. You can be a part of this team by praying, going or giving. Get connected with what God's doing...............

We are still working to build up our support level. Please prayerfully consider being a part of what God is doing in the Amazon by becoming a monthly financial supporter.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at 360.510.1563 or the address below. You can e-mail us at the link below too.
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Lost but not Forgot....
Greetings and Blessings!
As you read this it may be a bit of a shock that we were stranded 390 miles deep in the jungle with no fuel and needing 190 gallons more to get back to the beginning of the only road that leads to an airport and our ticket home.....

We had planned on having a canoe with a peci-peci bring fuel to within 40 miles of our destination, but once we discovered that we were in trouble, we had to get a hold of the crew in that boat and have them bring the fuel all the way to our location. If not for the fact that the shortwave radio wa
The river leading to Dos de Mayo
Dos de Mayo
s working in Dos de Mayo, we wouldn't have been able to do so... ...We wouldn't have starved but we would have missed our flight possibly. 

The whole issue was caused by the boat owner who had never been to Dos de Mayo. Even though this guy is the director of tourism in the area and has many boats taking people all over the river. Needless to say when I went into rescue mode I was up-set.  Never again will I hire a boat and let the control of our logistics get out of my hands.

Our ability to mobilize our team in Santa Rita to transport fuel is what ended up saving our butts. When we radioed Santa Rita they purchased every gallon of fuel in town and loaded up a borrowed canoe and peci-peci and headed off for a difficult journey. They ran the fuel up river for two days to meet the fuel boat that we turned around from Dos de Mayo to intercept them and then turned around again to meet us at check point 4, about 100 miles round trip. These guys busted their humps to get us fuel to get out of the jungle. 

So we loaded fuel in Dos de Mayo, intercepted the second canoe 150 miles down river with the first canoe, had it turn back around to meet us at the 100 mile point. We then transferred that fuel while floating down the river, then ran down 100 miles to San Jose to pick another 80 gallons that we had arranged to have dropped off by the ferry,.

Our Rented Boat
Dos de Mayo
Thankfully this September we will finish our boat project. With the new motor we will have a range of 600 miles, and better speed. That will allow us to reach deep in the jungle PLUS maintain control over our fuel and logistics.

New lessons every trip.

Even with our issues we were able to treat 116 people with our medical team. The team worked through heat and bugs, never uttered a work of complaint. When we were stranded and had to bushwhack the last mile, only thing I heard was"Wow, an adventure jungle hike!"............ More on the Medical Mission Here
Medical Team at Work
Dos de Mayo

Look For the Paper Version!
Dos de Mayo
 This next week I will produce a paper version and get it in the mail. There will be much more detail on our medical team and our team that did the seminar at Santa Rita. You will be amazed at what God is doing in the jungle. Let me know if you don't get my mail version...you will want it!!
Huge Needs
Over the next 6 months we will be starting the school in Santa Rita for Pastoral accreditation, finishing our boat project, taking in the portable sawmill and 22kw generator and drilling wells for clean water. We will sponsor the next "Amazon Mission Festival" and be leading over 1000 people in bible study, family roles, compassion evangelism and we need your help.

Currently monthly giving is around 3500+ and we need to get our monthly support base up to 10,000 per month to be able to move forward with what God's doing.  That support base covers our staff in Peru, the church plant efforts, the maintenance of the ministry center, Logistical support for our 9 Peruvian partner churches, the maintenance on our two boats, generators and two guest houses. The office and staffing in the USA, and our cost of mailings and communications. BUT we can't do it without your help. You can hit the donate link or contact us by mail or phone.If every name on our mailing list helped it would be just 24.90 per month each; knowing only half will help that's less than 50.00 per month each to radically alter the lives of 1000's of people on the upper Amazon.
Buy a Horse and He Got a Chicken!
Dos de Mayo