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-From the President
-Local Consensus Meeting Nov. 3 on National Education Study
-New Member Orientation Scheduled
-Register for LWVTN Fall Conference
-Preview of Gerrymandering
-Encourage Area Students to Take Part in Redistricting Contest
-Important Land Use Updates
-Still Time to Register for Oct. 24 Women's Economic Summit in Nashville
-LWVKKC Rep Participates in Second Congress on Women's Equality in Chicago
-Community Schools Moving Ahead

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Rikki Hall

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Kelly Pemberton 
Casey Self
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CALENDAR of Meetings and Events



October 19-November 3:

Early Voting  

October 20:

Preview of Gerrymandering 

October 25:

New Member Orientation 


November 3:

National Education Study Local Consensus Meeting 

November 8:

City and Special Senate Election  


December 15:

Bill of Rights Day  


January 21: 

Senate Breakfast 


February 6:

Last Day to Register to Vote 

February 14:

League Birthday Party and Priority Setting Meeting 

February 15-28:

Early Voting 


March 6:

Presidential/County Primary 

March 8:

International Women's Day 

March 13-19:

Sunshine Week 


April 10-16:

National Volunteer Week 

April 22:  

Earth Day 


May 15:

Annual Meeting 


June 4:

Happy Hour 


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From the President

Jamey 3

The League is not satisfied!  We are not satisfied with low turnout in elections.  We are not satisfied with the new state Voter ID law throwing up barriers to voting.  We are not satisfied with the state redistricting process taking place behind closed doors as it has for decades. 


Here are some facts to inspire us: Did you know the Virginia League took on their state redistricting process and in partnership with others, led Virginia's Governor to approve a new bipartisan redistricting commission?  Had you heard that the Oregon Leagues lobbied for mail-in voting and turnout climbed to over 75%?  And did you know that several state Leagues are joining up to repeal restrictive Voter ID laws? 


Our local League is taking our dissatisfaction and turning it into action- always with a firm grasp on the facts.  You'll see many opportunities for action and education coming soon.  First is a preview showing of the movie "Gerrymandering" on Thursday, October 20 (see below) for our members' benefit, before our public showing next month.  We are partnering with the State League in a redistricting contest for students of all ages-- with cash prizes.  We'll be talking to the Election Commission about registering all our eligible students to vote and to train students as poll workers for the general election. In the spring, we intend to lead trainings on running fair candidate forums and being a forum moderator. 


Want to join in?  Look for your new League directory and calendar in the mail soon. It comes with an interest survey. Return that survey and we'll help you find the best fit for your interests and time.  There are so many options this year!  And for new members-or even not so new- read below about our League Member Orientation on Tuesday, Oct. 25 at the Tea Room at the Gallery at Western Plaza.  Everyone is welcome. 


-- Jamey Dobbs, President  548-0818


Local Consensus Meeting Nov. 3 on National Education Study

LWVKKC members once again have the chance to participate in the League's process of forming a national League position. Join us November 3 to discuss and take a vote on issues for a new position on education. We will convene November 3 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Girl Scout offices located at 1567 Downtown West Blvd. 


We hope you'll all join us for this opportunity to take part in a process that exemplifies the nonpartisan process that makes the League such a powerful and respected organization.   


New Member Orientation Scheduled
The League is hosting a much-needed new member orientation on October 25. If you're one of our new members who wants to meet people and learn more about our organization, or a not-so-new member who would like to help us welcome others, please join us.

The Orientation will be from 5:30 to 8:30 at Tea at the Gallery, located at 4501 Kingston Pike in the Western Plaza shopping center. We hope to see lots of new faces!

Register for the LWVTN Fall Conference 


There's still time to register for the 20011 Fall Conference, which is being held this year in Chattanooga, TN on October 22-23.  They are both half-days. 

We are excited to have two State Senators, Bo Watson (R-Hamilton County) and Andy Berke (D-Chattanooga) give talks on Saturday afternoon. You'll meet League members who share a passion for political life from Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Hendersonville, Johnson City and others. It's truly one of the best learning experiences for a League member, even for one afternoon. 

No experience necessary!
  Only $35 for one or two half days.  Carpooling and scholarships available. For further details, including registration and accommodations, visit the state League's website here.  


Saturday Highlights: (1:00-5:00 pm)
    "Selection Method Of Appellate Court Judges" - Senator Andy Berke
    "Key Legislative Issues For 2012 And Personal Hot Topics" -Senator Bo      Watson
    League Lobbyist Overview of 2012 - Stewart Clifton
    Happy Hour 5:30-6:30, followed by dinner on the town!


Sunday Morning Workshops: (9:00-12:00 am)
    "New Photo ID Requirements To Vote- What They Are Exactly and How 
      We Can Help All Voters Get In Compliance"
    "Forums-How To Phrase Your Questions And How To Ensure All        
      Candidates Attend"

Join us for a Preview of Gerrymandering 

Gerrymandering Poster 

Join us for a free preview of the film Gerrymandering on Tuesday, October 20, from 6:30 to 8:00 at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Church (2391 Kingston Pike). We'll have half an hour of networking and a chili/soup supper staring at 6:00.


The League of Women Voters of Tennessee wants citizens of this state to understand the inequities of our state redistricting process and how it undermines our democracy. Every ten years, boundary lines of all elected officials are redrawn to reflect changes in population and to allocate populations fairly between the districts. Knox County is a leader in making this process open and transparent.  Unfortunately, at the state level, the politicians of both parties have for decades undermined the fairness and transparency that is necessary to achieve true democratic representation. 


To draw attention to state redistricting, Leagues around the state are showing the movie "Gerrymandering", a nonpartisan look at the majority of states whose process is controlled by partisan interests, with interviews of people across the political spectrum. This is a preview showing for members and friends, to be followed with group discussion. A larger public showing is planned for a later date.  We will be joined by guests from members of the national nonpartisan organization Demos, who are in the area gathering data for a national study.  We are seeking soup or chili cooks to bring a pot to share.  Call Jamey at 548-0818 if you can help and RSVP to 896-9197 to help plan for food and to let us know if you need a ride

Encourage Area Students to Take Part in Redistricting Contest


Please encourage your area middle school, high school and college students to enter the contest to redistrict Tennessee to reflect the 2010 census. $4,000 in awards among the best grade grouped entries of maps for Tennessee's nine U.S. tnCongressional Districts, the State House Districts and the State Senate District maps. The project can be accomplished in four or more hours using the free software. The deadline is October 24.

Go to for details or
contact Mary Headrick at 865-992-1965 or if the internet site leaves unanswered questions.   

Important Land  Use and Environment Committee Updates   


- City Council and County Commission should be scheduling votes on the Hillside and Ridgetop Protection Plan in the coming week. Keep an eye on your email for alerts letting you know when your attendance is needed.
- Also of concern are two road projects in Blount County, the overbuilt and wasteful Alcoa Highway bypass and the sprawl-inducing extension of Pellissippi Parkway to Highway 321. We will let you know if and when public participation opportunities arise related to these projects.

Still Time to Register for Oct. 24
Women's Economic Summit  in Nashville


NBC's Jean Chatzky; Kathy Hannan, KPMG National Managing Partner of Diversity and Corporate Responsibility; and House Speaker Beth Harwell are the keynote speakers for the annual Women's Economic Summit. The theme is the "chronic gender discrimination" in Tennessee and paths to effect change through both the public and private sectors.


Registration for the daylong event is at

LWVKKC Rep Participates in Second Congress on Women's Equality in Chicago


A national effort to gain equality for women on five fronts held a second congress in Chicago on October 12. The League of Women Voters is a national ally to the initiative, known as Vision 2020. LWVKCC 1st VicVision 2020 logoe-president Susanne Dupes traveled to Chicago to participate in the event, along with Patricia Pierce and Yvonne Wood, Tennessee's two official delegates.  Pierce was the keynote speaker at the LWVKCC 2011 annual meeting in May and shared information about the Tennessee effort to increase the number of women in senior leadership positions, particularly on corporate boards.


Vision 2020 has five national goals, one of which is to have a record turnout of women voting in the 2020 election, the centennial of the 19th amendment.  Look for a "She Votes" campaign in partnership with Rock the Vote.  Other goals deal with pay equity, education, and workplace policies. 


Women across the nation can support the effort now through membership on one of three levels: $20.20, $202 or $2020.  Each level includes a Vision 2020 Equality Pin and the monthly newsletter.  Other details about the benefits and about Vision 2020 are available on the website at  

Community Schools Moving Ahead


The League of Women Voters is an important driver of a Community Schools movement in Knoxville that aims to see schools connect dynamically to their communities and improve learning.  Whether you call them Community Schools, Full Service Schools or Community Learning Centers, the League is supporting the expanded use of schools and hiring resource coordinators that can pull together nonprofit partners and all kinds of resources during and after school. 


In 2004, I coordinated a study of Community Schools that resulted in our League's current position, which supports the expanded use of school buildings for after-school child care, family serv
LWV Pres participates in Community Schools visit
LWVKKC President Jamie Dobbs participates in Community Schools site visit

ices, lifelong education, recreation, civic events, and many other uses.  In 2008, we successfully advocated for the inclusion of Community Schools pilots into the Knox County Schools (KCS) 5 Year Strategic Plan by hosting a meeting with Superintendent McIntyre and key KCS staff.  KCS is supporting a privately funded pilot program at Pond Gap Elementary and participates in a roundtable of agencies hosted by the United Way to improve collaboration.  I serve as secretary.


Just last month, I represented the League in a group of 20 community leaders, including Superintendent McIntyre and Great Schools Partnership president Buzz Thomas, who traveled to Cincinnati for a site visit of their  Community Learning Centers.  Cincinnati's schools are achieving national prominence for turning some of the worst performing schools into the highest performers in the state of Ohio.  Some have fully functioning health and dental clinics, which receive Medicaid reimbursement and pay for themselves.  Another school in an area of high poverty, Oyler Elementary, has the largest mentoring program in the nation.  Cincinnati aims to turn all its schools into Community Learning Centers. Read two News Sentinel articles by Lydia McCoy, the reporter who documented our trip (Sept.18-19).


Dr. McIntyre is hosting a follow-up meeting to debrief and assess community interest in moving toward some version of Community Schools, on Monday, October 24.  Look for an update in the next Voter.  Also look for a discussion of KCS charging higher fees for use of schools, one of the options proposed for cost-cutting in the upcoming KCS budget.

-- Jamey Dobbs, President,


Contact Info
League of Women Voters of Knoxville/Knox County
P.O. Box 31825
Knoxville, TN 37930-1825