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-From the President
-Annual Fall Gathering
-New Land Use and Environment Committee
-League Partners with WATE
-Join a Committee
-Younger Crowd Hosts Forum
-Action Alert
-LWVTN'S Reading Retreat
-Money Matters

LWVKKC Board of Directors 

Jamey Dobbs

1st Vice-president:
Susanne Dupes 

2nd Vice-president: Barbara Nicodemus

Lisa Bogaty

Stephanie Matheny 


Laura Cole
Rynn Dupes
Mary English

Rikki Hall

Mary Headrick 

Kimberly Lauth
Kelly Pemberton 
Casey Self
Tammy Sommers 

Welcome New Members!


CALENDAR of Meetings and Events



August 6:   

LWVTN Reading Retreat 

August 19:  

 Naturalization Ceremony   

August 26:  

Women's Equality Day

August 29:

Last Day to Register to Vote 


September 7-22:

Early Voting 

September 17:  

Constitution Day

September 20:

Fall Gathering 

September 27:

City Primary 


October 2:

Observer Corps Training

October 10:

Last Day to Register to Vote 

October 11:

Voter Forum

October 19-September 3:

Early Voting 

October 28:

Halloween Happy Hour


November 3:

National Education Study Local Consensus Meeting 

November 8:

City and Special Senate Election  


December 15:

Bill of Rights Day  


January 21: 

Senate Breakfast 


February 6:

Last Day to Register to Vote 

February 14:

League Birthday Party and Priority Setting Meeting 

February 15-28:

Early Voting 


March 6:

Presidential/County Primary 

March 8:

International Women's Day 

March 13-19:

Sunshine Week 


April 10-16:

National Volunteer Week 

April 22:  

Earth Day 


May 15:

Annual Meeting 


June 4:

Happy Hour 


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From the President

Jamey 2122100

Are you ready for the local election season?   Well, as a member of the League, you can say more Knoxvillians are ready because of you!   


For starters, our Voter Service group has organized a televised City Mayoral forum with WATE on September 6.  Next, we have a Voter Guide for the mayoral primary in the works, and we are collaborating the Knoxville News Sentinel on candidate information.  We are soon registering voters at UTK Welcome Week at the invitation of student leaders.  Are you feeling the pride of membership yet?  If not, keep reading.


Voting IDs are the hot topic this month and I encourage you to read down to Mary Headrick's account of last Saturday's Reading Retreat on Voter Law. We had an amazing turnout of regional election officials, party members, and League members, and all left knowing we have a big job to do to inform our voters. No other organization is making that kind of impact.  We'll post the materials to our website this week.
Being a League member is incredibly meaningful and energizing, and most of all, important to maintaining a working democracy in our hometown.  It's also a great way to network and meet people.  And of course those networks are one of our most powerful assets.  A good way to stay networked and meet the great people coming into the League is to drop by the Fall Gathering on Tuesday, Sept. 6 at 6:00 pm at Blount Mansion.  Don't worry, we'll introduce you!  Look for more details below. 


Please share stories of our work and our website,, with your friends and colleagues and let's keep the list of accomplishments growing!     


-- Jamey Dobbs, President  548-0818


Join Us at Our Annual Fall Gathering
Blount Mansion

You are invited to join us on September 20th at 6:00 p.m. at Blount Mansion for a chance to kick off our League year with a bang. Come see familiar friends and meet new ones too.



As usual, this event will be a potluck, so come bring some food if you'd like, take a free tour, and get a taste of what we hope to accomplish this year.


Our New Land Use AND ENVIRONMENT Committee  

The Land Use Committee has recently been changed to encompass other important environmental issues of local interest. This committee will be co-chaired by new board members Mary English and Rikki Hall. Our aim is to keep watch on local land-use decisions as they relate to the League's policy position, alert members when letters, calls or attendance might be necessary, and to identify trends or issues that call for study.


Our first goal, however, is to determine which members wish to be included in this committee's activities. We want to create a mailing list dedicated to land-use and environmental concerns. At the board retreat, we reviewed the membership list and identified members we believe have an interest in our committee. We will invite them personally to be included on the list, but anyone who wants to be included should feel free to contact me at


Land Use News


City Council and County Commission agreed to meet jointly to iron out issues with the Hillside and Ridgetop Protection Plan. Steve Joiner from Lipscomb University was hired by the Cornerstone Foundation to facilitate four meetings, two of which have transpired without significant discussion of the plan itself. Jamey Dobbs and I met with him August 9 and expressed the League's support of the plan as well as concerns about how a good process has been derailed since the task force handed its work over to decision makers. The next opportunity for League action will likely be when these meetings have concluded and the legislative bodies again take up the plan.


The new South City Sector Plan, which incorporates the South Waterfront and Vestal Site Improvement plans as well as recommendations from the Urban Wilderness Corridor initiative, has been completed and is moving through the approval process. It is the first sector plan to include green infrastructure recommendations. It also recommends town center development along Chapman Highway in the vicinity of Moody and Young High Pike and higher density uses between the river and Martin Mill Pike.


Diversified Scientific Services, Inc. of Kingston has applied for a 10-year renewal of its solid waste permit. A pre-application public meeting in March drew no attendance or comments. Another meeting will be held Sept. 12 at the Kingston Community Center. DSSI processes hazardous and radioactive waste for storage and has been operating since 1989.


Air contaminant permits are being sought by Rocket Oil Company for a new Weigel's gas station at the intersection of Chapman Highway and Boyd's Creek Rd in Seymour, by Kellems Recycling Systems, Inc. for a mulching operation in Alcoa, by Hardwoods of Morristown, Inc. for a wood coating operation and by Knoxville-based Manufactured Methane Corporation for a landfill-gas power generator in Church Hill near the Virginia border.


Kimberly-Clark Corporation has applied to renew the major source air pollution permit for their Loudon Mill tissue and towel plant. Public notice was given on June 30, marking the beginning of a 30-day period for citizens to request a public hearing. TDEC mandated that K-CC run an ad in the Loudon County News-Herald once between August 1 and 7, just after the 30-day period ended.


In order to compensate for impacts from widening State Road 30 in Athens, TDOT has proposed enhancements and restoration along six segments of Oostanaula Creek and its tributaries, including construction of a demonstration wetland beside the E.G. Fisher Library, installation of cattle-exclusion fencing and establishment of vegetated buffers. To satisfy remaining obligations from the road widening, they will also purchase 911 mitigation credits.


Rikki Hall, Co-chair of Land Use and Environment Committee   

League Partners with WATE for Forum WATE


Be sure to watch the WATE/League of Women Voters KKC Mayoral Voter Forum from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. on September 6th, or come and attend the event in the main auditorium at West High School. We'd love to see a large turnout of League members and friends. The forum is open to the public, and doors open at 7:00 p.m. Members of our Voter Services committee are meeting weekly with WATE staff to organize the televised event. 


Members of our Voter Services committee are meeting weekly with WATE staff to organize the televised event which will cover a broad range of topics relating to the City of Knoxville's future. WATE's Gene Patterson will moderate the forum at West High School. Questions, which will span a broad range of topics, are being gathered in advance and will be chosen jointly by WATE and League representatives.



Questions are also being solicited from citizens, so be sure to submit your own by the deadline of August 31. To submit questions of your own, email,  post questions of the WATE Facebook page ( , or tweet your question to WATE's Twitter account, @6News, with the hashtag #VoV.

All candidates have agreed to participate and are being asked to agree to League guidelines in order to participate.  League members will work the event to ensure that LWV forum protocol is followed.  If you would like to help us on the night of the event, please email Kelly Pemberton at

Susanne Dupes

Join a League Committee        


We need help! Our League is a very active and exciting organization. With so much going on, any contribution, no matter how small, helps immensely. Explore your interests by joining one of our committees!   


  • Communications

Become involved with media relations, social media, and member communication.  Contact Casey Self ( 

  • Development

Help the League with fundraising. Contact Jamey Dobbs ( 

  • Membership

Play a role in recruitment as well as welcoming new members into the League. Contact Tammy Sommers (  

  • Special Events

Help to plan and coordinate events such as the Fall Gathering, Christmas Party, or workshops.  Contact Jamey Dobbs (  

  • Voter Services

Assist with voter registration, candidate forums, and voter guides. Contact Kelly Pemberton ( 

  • State Action

 Keep track of state legislation and how it relates to our local League.  Contact Mary Headrick (  

  • Observer Corps

Be part of one of our League's strongest assets, and help make sure our local government is transparent. Contact Barbara Nicodemus ( 

  • Citizen's Academy

Help to organize a project for our League in the spring in which we will be educating local citizens about how our county government functions.  Contact Rynn Dupes ( 

  • Naturalization

Come participate with the League in welcoming new citizens to our country at local naturalization ceremonies. Contact Jamey Dobbs (   

  • Land Use and Environment

Help to protect our local environment and to educate others. Contact Mary English ( or Rikki Hall ( 

  • Education

Join with other members to help take a look at education issues and how they affect our community. Contact Jamey Dobbs (    

  • Voter Participation Study  

Be a part of the group that conducts one of our annual studies, focusing on local voter participation.  

  • Childcare Study  

Help to study and revise our current position on childcare. Contact Jamey Dobbs (    


For further information, contact League President Jamey Dobbs: or 865-548-0818.



Knoxville's Younger Crowd Hosts Forum


In a great show of bipartisan professionalism, The Young Professionals of Knoxville, Young Professional Democrats of East Tennessee, Knox County Young Republican Federation, and Knoxville Overground are working together to host a City of Knoxville Mayoral Forum on Tuesday, August 30th at the Knoxville Museum of Art. LWVKKC has been asked to serve as consultants and to present information on how city government works. The groups were interested in holding a forum to address issues important to Knoxville residents under 40. Attendees can submit questions at the welcome table.

Attendees will also have a chance to gather information on their own, as the bottom floor of the KMA will house informational booths from candidates for City Council, State Senate, and City mayor. Representatives from several political parties will also be in attendance.

The event will begin at 7:30 p.m. with a presentation by LWVKKC. The mayoral forum is scheduled for an 8 p.m. start. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. They welcome all citizens to attend, regardless of age  


Casey Self 

Action Alert! 

Observer Reports are for Viewing  


Joint Hillside Ridgetop Protection Plan Committee, City/County Joint Redistricting Committee, Board of Education, Metropolitan Planning Commission, City Council and County Commission, what do they all have in common?  All these bodies are making decisions that affect our community.  All these bodies are dealing with issues that are directly relevant to League positions.  All these bodies are being observed by members of our Observer Corps with reports posted on our website,

Our Observer Corps reports are an excellent way to keep up with community issues.  Our observers are hard at work, going to meetings and writing reports.  Support our efforts for transparency and accountability in local government by reading our Observer Reports.  Already this year, we have reports covering meetings by 13 different public bodies posted on our website.  These reports are easy to access. Just go to our homepage and click on View Observer Corps Reports.

Follow your interests and observe our elected and appointed officials in action. We will train and support you.  Our next Observer training is scheduled for Sunday, October 2nd 3-5 p.m.  If you would like to become an observer, sign up for training or have any questions on what we do, please contact me, Barbara Nicodemus, at or 865 805-1091. 

LWVTN's Reading Reatreat  

 Reading Retreat 1

On August 6, Mary Headrick, Jamey Dobbs, Barbara Nicodemus and LWV members from Nashville, Johnson City, and Oak Ridge attended our first state sponsored League Reading Retreat to study new voting laws. League Members were joined by Director of Elections Mark Goins, Rep. Bill Dunn, and Rep. Dennis Powers, as well as County Directors from Anderson and Union Co., an Election Board member from Loudon, members of both Republican and Democratic parties, and Brenda Wynn, Legislative aide to U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper to discuss this new election law and others.  


Goins said, "The intent of the photo ID legislation is to prove you are who you say you are.  A government-issued, photo ID with your name satisfies as proof of identity, even if that ID has expired.  A state or federally issued photo ID, such as a DOE employee badge, a gun permit, a VA card, a passport or a photo Drivers license from any state satisfies the requirement.  The key is that the ID be issued by a state or the federal government and that it contain a photo with the voter's name."  The new law excludes a college photo ID as photo proof of identity for voting.    


The 2011 GReading Retreat 2eneral Assembly ended with twenty new election laws. Some voters may have a new polling place as a result of redistricting based on the 2010 Census results.  If a voter's polling place changes, the Election office will mail a new voter registration card to the voter.  Additionally, a new 'anti-nepotism' law will stress an already under-supplied population of poll workers.  If you, your friends or family can serve as a poll worker, please call your Election Office and volunteer.    

The office of the Secretary of State has launched a voter education effort.  Information is available at the website   Voters can also visit the web site or call their election office to update their address.The LWV website will post reading materials from the retreat to our website very soon.

Mary Headrick 

Money Matters    


As of August 1, 2011, LWVKKC has 178 members, meaning 156.5 'units' of payments" to the national organization.  Of your $55 regular membership, $30 goes to LWVUS.  This is known as your PMP or "per member payment." Then $18 goes to LWVTN (over half of which pays our lobbying consultant) and $7 stays with LWVKKC for its operating budget.  For student/limited income members and household members, we send $15 to LWVUS and $9 to LWVTN.  We subsidize limited income memberships to pay the full rate with our own funds


Fortunately, our members generously donate to our operating costs and projects.  The following table reflects our final financial status through our year end, 6/30/2011.  (Remember that our Annual Meeting treasurer report is submitted prior to end of the fiscal year). 


Principal Items



Petticoats Income



Petticoats Expense



Net Fundraiser Gain









Total Donations









Paid From Donations



Note that $425 in PMP payments came from donations by others, an amount nested within General Donations of $1642.  Note that our members kindly donated $3827 to our general operating and education funds and that we raised $2734 with our Petticoats Fundraiser.  Additionally, we received
$14738 in "In-Kind" donations from individuals and businesses (such as sponsors for space, ads, radio, printing for Petticoats).  Many, many thanks to our generous cash and in-kind donors.

You can target donations, meaning if you wish to contribute to the LWVTN lobbyist fund through a portion of your LWVKKC donations, you only need to say so on your check or attached note.   LWVTN hopes to increase lobbying consult services.  Our members are the actual citizen lobbyists, but we need help to track Bills & committee movement. 

Mary Headrick 

Contact Info
League of Women Voters of Knoxville/Knox County
P.O. Box 31825
Knoxville, TN 37930-1825