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Bikes in Bloom
by Edie Bennett (Pickers & Peddlers)
My daughter, Colleen and I took a road trip last summer to western New York where we spent 10 days wondering through and exploring many small towns and villages. During our first weekend there, we visited the Antique World Flea Market in the town of Clarence which is a huge event held on Sundays throughout the year. Because the flea market is so big, we decided to make a return trip the
following Sunday and then wonder through the town after. A wrong turn during our "wondering" put us on a street with display after display of beautiful bikes decorated in different themes with beautiful flowers. Each display had a plaque or small sign announcing the business name or family who lived there.

On that day, I didn't realize we had wondered upon "Bikes in Bloom" until I returned home to Florida and did a little research on the internet because I was so taken with the beauty of the displays. It was amazing to me that businesses and families joined together to transform a small town. Shortly after I started working on opening Pickers & Peddlers, I shared with Laura Lou Fitzpatrick about what I'd seen and that was all it took because she took off with the idea!


Thanks to Laura Lou presenting the idea to the Citrus County Chamber, we now have "Bikes in Bloom" in Crystal River. The event is small this year, but still very exciting for our community. Not only is it a community beautification, it also allows everyone to become familiar with our local businesses and at the same time enjoy seeing the talent that is so abundant in our small community. I'm amazed at the diversity of the displays in Heritage Village alone and how each one represents the theme of the shop.


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Manatee Toy Co.

The Cotton Club  
La-Te-Da Boutique 352-563-2572


The General Store


All About Nature

SuGaBuG Kids
Pickers & Peddlers 

Wine & Tea Bar
MaryBeth's Bridal 

Just A Cupcake
Bakery & Cafe
(352) 601-1556

Art Gallery
Willow's Creek
Secret Garden





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 Friday, April 13th & Saturday, April 14th



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Market Day with Art is adding treasures to

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Hot Heads! The Art of Hair, Etc. is NOW LOOKING for HAIR TECHNCIAN to join our team and FULL-TIME NAIL TECHNICIAN. Please contact Yvette (352) 302-8847 or email in private


Hot Heads! The Art of Hair, Etc. Inc. has successfully served Citrus County for 21 years. We are located in the beautiful downtown Shoppes of Heritage Village. Hot Heads is currently looking to expand our design team of Hairstylists and Nail Technicians. If you are looking to make a change or jump on our team of professionals please contact us now. We welcome you to stop by, call, or you can email in private at! Salon number is (352) 563-0068 or Yvette S. Baldner (352) 302-8847!


We have a beautiful upbeat outgoing and comfortable atmosphere.


GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE which has lead us to 21 years of SUCCESS!!!


~ Yvette Baldner

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 "Whether Crystal River is your home place or you're traveling through, we encourage you to include Heritage Village as a stopping place to relax and unwind during your daily travels near or far. For the traveler, we know your Journey is not complete until you've  found that Unique treasure that represents the memory...our goal is to make sure you find it here at one of our many specialty shoppes".
What more can you ask for...a sense of Yesterday, with an Artistic Flare of today's Market, all for you right here at "The Shoppes of Heritage Village".

 Antique Truck

 Once you turn off of US Hwy 19 in Crystal River onto North Citrus Avenue and see our old red "Classic Antique" truck, you'll know you have arrived. 



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