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Don't Forget St. Patrick's Day
is on Friday, March 17th
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From the Desk of Laura Lou Fitzpatrick...

The "Village People" are at it again... We have decided to participate in "Relay for Life" by forming a Heritage Village Team. Mary Beth O'Steen, from The Bridal Shop & General Store, has kindly offered to be our Team Captain. Putting our thinking caps on, on how to raise money for our team, we came up with "Shop Hop" Heritage Village as our first fundraiser.


Here's how to get Hoppin':


Pick up a walking map ($1.00 donation) at any of the following Village Shops:


Pickers & Peddlers, SuGaBuG Kids, Heritage House, La Te Da, Cotton Club, Manatee Toy Company, Aardvarks, Just a Cupcake, Back Porch Garden Wine & Tea Bar, General Store, Café on the Avenue, MezMerEYES, All About Nature.


Proceed to "Shop Hop" by getting map stamped at each participating Heritage Village shop on map. You have from March 1st through 31st to accomplish this task. When map is complete, turn in at Heritage House and pick ONE GREEN EGG from many. Some having ONE FREE chance, up to the LUCKY GREEN EGG having TWENTY FREE chances. These chances will go into the drawings of your choice! ***ONLY when you turn in completed stamped map are you eligible to purchase additional multiple chances for ONLY $1.00 per chance.



If you are unable to "Shop Hop" at Heritage Village, but would love to participate in our drawings (by donating to "Relay for Life, Heritage Village Team) you are still able to participate. Stop by any of the participating shops and donation $5.00 per chance for the prize at their shop. If you would like donate towards "friends of the Village prizes" visit their store or Heritage House is taking donations for them as well.


I hope you will support this cause by "Shop Hopping" Heritage Village!


All proceeds from "Shop Hop" goes to "Relay for Life," Heritage Village Team... Now... Let's Get Hopin'!


Have a Hoppy Day!


Laura Lou Tolle Fitzpatrick

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Shoppes of Heritage Village 
Be sure to visit the following links to the Shoppes of Heritage Village.
 You can also follow the link to the Shoppe's Website for further details

Manatee Toy Co.

The Cotton Club  
La-Te-Da Boutique 352-563-2572


The General Store


All About Nature

SuGaBuG Kids
Pickers & Peddlers 

Wine & Tea Bar
MaryBeth's Bridal 

Just A Cupcake
Bakery & Cafe
(352) 601-1556

Art Gallery
Willow's Creek
Secret Garden





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 Upcoming Events Calendar 

 Saturday, March 10th

& March 24th


Market Day with Art is adding treasures to

our 2nd and 4th Saturday Event. We are looking for antiques and vintage collectibles to compliment our artists and crafters.

Market Day Vendor Information & Application 


Every Second Saturday



 Everyone is welcome

to join us at

Pickers & Peddlers

 to set up on

Second Saturday Treasure Sale

on Saturday,

March 10th.


Click here to open and print application...


For more information, call (352) 897-7013. 

Friday, March 9th


Saturday, March 10th

& March 24th




Jerri Lawrence Acree will be here to sign books and pass out freezer pops both days at SuGaBuG Kids.

Please read the "Just A Note" section

below to read about Jerri.

For more information, call (352) 563-0650.

Saturday, March 24th

Just A Note... 




You Don't Need To Have

Luck of the Irish to $ave!!


Stop in and ask about "The Letterman Club", it's a great way to save on all of your sports equipment and apparel needs!


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Custom Embroidery:


We offer custom embroidery on a wide variety of products. Stop in and let us help you design your one-of-a-kind logo. We now offer Custom Patches!! Do you or someone you know need just a few patches? Stop by and see our friendly staff, they are ready to assist you!!!


For more information, call (352) 563-2200.


~ Brian and Penny DeBusk








February 2012 - Citrus Springs, Florida - Who knew what kind of games, mischief, and downright fun the food in your freezer has when you're not looking! In a box of Popsicles, Green is usually the last one to get picked. They need something to do while waiting for their turn. What better way to pass the time then dancing with the Girl Scout Cookies, playing ring toss with the Toaster Strudels, or hiding from Texas Toast. That's just some of the fun the green Popsicle has in this hilariously funny children's book "Go for the Green" written by Jerri Lawrence Acree and cleverly illustrated by Ed Velez. This wildly creative book will make you laugh and feel good at the craziness that lurks behind the freezer doors. This is the first book from the series "Life Behind the Freezer Doors."


Jerri Lawrence Acree is a single mother raising her two children, one with special needs. Jerri has been writing since she was a child and has now decided to put her books "out there" for all to enjoy. "Having a son with Down Syndrome has taught me a lot of things. But I think the four most important lessons in this life are, humor, passion, compassion, and lots and lots of love. All of which I put in every one of my books!"


For more information, call (352) 563-0650.


~ April Winkel



Monthly Specials

For more information, call (352) 563-2582.







Call SuGaBug Kids (352) 563-0650

for more information.

Heritage Village Walking Map


 "Whether Crystal River is your home place or you're traveling through, we encourage you to include Heritage Village as a stopping place to relax and unwind during your daily travels near or far. For the traveler, we know your Journey is not complete until you've  found that Unique treasure that represents the memory...our goal is to make sure you find it here at one of our many specialty shoppes".
What more can you ask for...a sense of Yesterday, with an Artistic Flare of today's Market, all for you right here at "The Shoppes of Heritage Village".

 Antique Truck

 Once you turn off of US Hwy 19 in Crystal River onto North Citrus Avenue and see our old red "Classic Antique" truck, you'll know you have arrived. 



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