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In the SpotlightEducator in the Spotlight


Mrs. Ethel Puckett

Recently, Becky Harman Worthington was chatting with me about Mrs. Winn's 100th Birthday coming up. For those who do not know her, Mrs. Winn touched many lives in Citrus County through education. Becky is her niece and was also in Education in Citrus County for many years. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to honor Mrs. Winn by having her "In the Spotlight". Thanks to Becky, we have a wondeful story and pictures of this admirable woman that educated many of us through the years...



Laura Lou Tolle Fitzpatrick



Mrs. Ethel Puckett Winn will turn 100 years old on January 7, 2012! She has spent her life in service to the children of Citrus County as teacher, principal, substitute, and adult school administrator.


Click here to read more of the story in the August Archive Blog 



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 Tuesday, August 2nd

We will be sporting our Back to School clothes and our backpacks during the Backpack Parade thru the Village. The Shoppes are going to help us stuff the backpacks! Hope to see you there. Contact April at SuGaBuG Kids at (352) 563-0650 if you are coming so we can be prepared for all the children attending.

 Saturday, August 13th


Market Day with Art is adding treasures to

our 2nd Saturday Event. We are looking for antiques and vintage collectibles to compliment

our artists and crafters.

Market Day Vendor
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Summerscapes Pottery & Metal has joined the Heritage House. Also she will be doing plants and produce starting on Market Day with Art and Treasures on Saturday, August 13th.




Lynn Coker from Just A Cupcake will be sampling Stonewall Kitchen products again. Salsa's, sauce and specialty jams and jellys.


For more information,

call (352) 564-1400.


MezMerEYES (Optical Express from the Mall) will be giving FREE VISION SCREENINGS on Saturday, August 13th from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.


 Look for the

Crystal River



It's National Eye Exam month and what better way to celebrate than with a new pair of glasses and clearer vision."


For more information, call (352) 795-2020. 


Also on Saturday, August 13th

Market Day with Art & Treasures


For more information,

call SuGaBuG Kids at (352) 563-0650


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Just A Note... 




Let us help you plan your group day trip. Please call (352) 564-1400 and ask for Laura Lou Tolle Fitzpatrick.



A big "THANK YOU" to everyone who participated, attended, and helped organize Shark Frenzy!! We couldn't have done it without you!!


August is upon us and with it "the most wonderful time of the year" (for parents), it's back to school time. Finding everything you need for your student can seem like an endless parade from one store to the next. If your student is an athlete, let us help. We have everything they need for football, soccer, baseball, and more!! Check our large selection of Letterman Jackets, the perfect accessory for your awards. Shop online too at


Summer isn't over yet, check out our new line of croakies, so you'll never wonder "what happened to my glasses?" again. We have also added Tan-Thru polos. They offer sun protection while giving you the tan you've always wanted, no more "farmer's tan!" Stop by to check them out and grab yours before they're gone!


For more information, call (352) 563-2200.


~ Brian and Penny DeBusk




Cafe on the Avenue

is now delivering lunch to businesses within a 10-mile radius.

Call (352) 795-3656

for more information.


~ Tracy Carver







Click here to learn more and to open and print your checklist. 


For more information, call (352) 563-0650.


~ Henning and April Winkel

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For more information, call (352) 563-2582.




Stan Soehlman is Back!


For reservations to see Stan,

call (352) 795-3656.




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Heritage Village Walking Map


 "Whether Crystal River is your home place or you're traveling through, we encourage you to include Heritage Village as a stopping place to relax and unwind during your daily travels near or far. For the traveler, we know your Journey is not complete until you've  found that Unique treasure that represents the memory...our goal is to make sure you find it here at one of our many specialty shoppes".
What more can you ask for...a sense of Yesterday, with an Artistic Flare of today's Market, all for you right here at "The Shoppes of Heritage Village".

 Antique Truck

 Once you turn off of US Hwy 19 in Crystal River onto North Citrus Avenue and see our old red "Classic Antique" truck, you'll know you have arrived. 


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