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We hope you enjoy reading about the highlights of Evergreen Habitat for Humanity this month.  As always we greatly appreciate your support of our affiliate where we continue to build safe and affordable housing for our hard working, low income families.  If you would like to find out how you can help, please visit for more information.
Meet a 2011 Partner Family
The Cabrera Family


From right: Lucrecia, Champ, Tyce, Cristino, Ky and Ritaciah.

Cristino Cabrera, his wife Lucrecia Tudela and their four children are looking forward to a fresh start.

 A little over three years ago, Christino left his job as a police officer in the Mariana Islands and moved his family to the Pacific Northwest so that the family could help care for Christino's ailing mother.

Since that time, Christino, his wife and children, Ritaciah; 11, Champ; 8, Ky; 6 and ten-month-old Tyce have built a life in Clark County. Christino now works to ensure the safety of the medical staff and patients as a security guard at Southwest Medical. Christina and Lucrecia want to reestablish their life in this area; an area that they feel provides educational opportunities for their children as well as good access to medical care.

"We feel that Vancouver is a good place for our kids. Our goal is to still be living here in five to ten years," Cristino told Habitat. 

 The Cabrera family continued  


Message from Kristina Aitchison


Kristina Picture

This newsletter marks the changing of the guard at Evergreen Habitat. I am moving on to new things and am pleased to announce the hiring of Josh Townsley as our new executive director. New leadership brings new ideas, new energy and I look forward to seeing Habitat grow under his enthusiasm.


This is also a time to look back at what we've accomplished under my leadership. After a few years of no building before I came, I am thrilled to think that, this year, we may build four new homes including one Women Build and a green Living House. This is possible because of the hard work of our board, our volunteers and our staff. Even I could not have dreamt this big just three years ago.


Kristina Welcomes New E.D. continued 

vanhousVancouver Housing Authority Donates Build Site to Evergreen Habitat




Roy Johnson of the Vancouver Housing Authority with Evergreen Habitat's Kristina Aitchison and the City of Vanocouver's Peggy Sheehan.


The Vancouver Housing Authority (VHA) donated a build site to Evergreen Habitat for Humanity. On Wednesday, February, 16, 2011, the VHA transferred the title of the lot to Evergreen Habitat for Humanity at the Title Transfer Ceremony at the location of the property, 1027 W 39th Street, Vancouver, WA 98660.


The single-home build site was purchased by the Vancouver Housing Authority in partnership with the City of Vancouver.The VHA purchased the site using a Neighborhood Stabilization Grant (NSP) from the City of Vancouver. 


 NSP is a federal stimulus fund program developed to redevelop land that has been abondoned or foreclosed. NSP properties must be used to help low-income families.


 The site was contributed by the Vancouver Housing Authority as a way to enable the Habitat for Humanity affiliate to provide more permanent housing to families in Clark County. 


"We at VHA are very happy to participate in a process that resulted in a donation of land to Habitat for Humanity.  Evergreen Habitat for Humanity is valued as one of our many community partners in addressing affordable housing needs," said Roy Johnson, Executive Director of the VHA.


Evergreen Habitat is grateful for the contribution that will allow the affiliate to realize its goal of providing more homes for Clark County families. 


This donation comes just in time for Evergreen Habitat as the affiliate plans to "build out its current land base, this year, with the completion of the Patten Park development," as Kristina Aitchison, executive director of Evergreen Habitat for Humanity said. "We are thrilled to receive this generous contribution."

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Meet a 2011 Partner Family
Message from Kristina
Vancouver Housing Authority donates build site to Evergreen Habitat
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The Cabrera Family continued 

The family's goal is simple; however the practice of living comfortably and safely can be a challenge for a family of six sharing a two-bedroom apartment. Currently, the four children share the master bedroom while Christino and Lucrecia take the smaller room.

"Pretty soon, the children will be too old to stay together in the same room.  Our daughter is getting older and needs a space of her own and some privacy," said Lucrecia.

The family is eager to start construction on their new Habitat for Humanity home this spring.

"When we attended the dedication for the 2010 families in December, our daughter was disappointed that we weren't starting construction right away", said Cristino. "We're all very excited to have the opportunity to work with Evergreen Habitat and all of their volunteers."

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Message from Kristina continued 


As I reflect on the great experience I've had at Evergreen Habitat, I realize that it was all possible because of the phenomenal support I received from these three groups. Our board is passionately dedicated to our mission of building houses for people who desperately need them. Our volunteers are tireless in their devotion to getting houses built. And our staff,  which was just me and a part-time clerical assistant when I started, has grown both in size and ability to support the expansion of work.


We've all become better fundraisers, better organizers and better builders. The heart of the organization that drives us to succeed was there all along and I am proud that I was able to nurture Evergreen Habitat into the strong organization that it is today.


While I may not be continuing as a staff member at EHFH, you'll still see me as part of the Women Build and I am really looking forward to our 20th Anniversary Celebration, the Tool Box Bash (mark your calendars for June 25!). Thank you so much for all your support and the many wonderful wishes you have sent my way. It has been an honor and a blessing to be part of Evergreen Habitat.


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