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We hope you enjoy reading about the highlights of Evergreen Habitat for Humanity this month.  As always we greatly appreciate your support of our affiliate where we continue to build safe and affordable housing for our hard working, low income families.  If you would like to find out how you can help, please visit for more information.

Jatskovski Family Selected for Evergreen Habitat for Humanity Home Project in 2010

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 (L to R back row first - Alina, Natalja, Dmitri, Aleksandr, Larissa, Mark and David)
Editor's Note: This is the second part of a two part series introducing our new families who have been selected to receive 
our next two Habitat homes.
Early each morning you will find a long line outside the bathroom door at the Jatskovski's residence. The large family with two parents and five children share the cramped four-bedroom apartment which makes it challenging for Aleksandr, 52, to get ready for his job as a packer for the Northwest Pipe Company. 
The family who originally came from Narva City, Estonia arrived in the U.S. in 2004. Natalja Jatskovskaja, 46, a stay at home mom, and their children Larissa, 16, Dmitri, 14, Alina, 12, Mark, 9, and David, 6 all live in Vancouver.
When asked what they would like people to know most about their family, Aleksandr describes the group as a hard working and happy


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Board Elects New Member in February
Jennifer Ramsay
Jennifer Ramsay was elected this month as the newest member of the Board of Directors for Evergreen Habitat for Humanity (EHFH).  Jennifer will be concentrating her efforts on the land acquisition and special events committees.
As a Builder Specialist for Stewart Title, Jennifer has been involved
with EHFH over the past four years participating in the annual Golf Tournament and Raising the Roof fundraisers.  She is also actively involved in the Building Industry Association, the Vancouver Chamber of Commerce and Clark County Area Realtors.   A resident of Vancouver since 1987, Jennifer earned her BA degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in
Project Manager Eva Cobb Reflects on the Benefits of Volunteer Service at EHFH
Eva PictureEva Cobb knows exactly what it takes to build houses for Evergreen Habitat for Humanity (EHFH). She worked as a volunteer Project Manager from February until September of 2009 on both Rebecca Cramer's and Kelly Coleman's houses.
"In project management you have to decide what is the most important, such as time and money.  It's a lot of planning, but if you plan well, things go smoother.  With Habitat you want to go in sequence," 
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2010 Family Selected
Jennifer Ramsay Elected to Serve on EHFH Board
Volunteer Update: Eva Cobber Talks About Her Habitat Experience
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Jatskovski article continued
family whose dream has come true.
"The day we found out we were selected for our Habitat house, it was both a relief and a comfort," Aleksandr said.
Their journey began last fall, when Nadia Kutyreva, their friend from church, told them about Evergreen Habitat for Humanity's (EHFH) program and also attended the homeowner's orientation with them.
"They were applying everywhere and put on waiting lists for years.  Once I got the flyer, I encouraged them to apply and helped them with every step," Nadia said.
They were excited to apply since their living conditions made it impossible for them to do things together such as eating dinner at the same time around a single table.
"The apartment is very crowded and cold. The plumbing is old and the pipes froze and flooded the closet where the water heater is.  Heat is included in our rent and is set at a low temperature that we can't regulate," Aleksandr said.
In addition to these many problems, the apartment complex is also located on a busy main road.
"There is no safety; there is a huge parking lot with no place for our kids to play here.  Our kids dream of living in a house.  If not for this program they wouldn't live in a house."
According to Aleksandr the hardest part of the EHFH program was waiting after each step of the process to see if they would move on.  When they found out that they were selected for a home visit they were so happy.
"Finally we realized that we have a hope."
Aleksandr said that their home visit included the family selection committee asking questions, thoroughly checking everything, documenting the problems, measuring and taking pictures.
On the day they were notified they were one of the families selected Natalja called Aleksandr at work and he said that "the work went better that day."  Nadia was the next phone call since she helped them along the way.
Currently the family has been working toward their 600 hours of sweat equity by attending homeowner educational sessions and working at the Habitat ReStore.  Aleksandr is also looking forward to the construction process as he has previously done framing work.
When asked what they look forward to when they move into their new Habitat home, both Natalja and Aleksandr agree that Christmas is the holiday they will enjoy spending with their family the most and having that sense of ownership.
Now that this family is moving forward with the process the advice Aleksandr would give future applicants is simple and heartfelt.
"I would encourage people to apply and to have hope, this is a super program."
Ramsay article continued
marketing from Washington State University Pullman in 1999. 
According to Jennifer, bringing all of her experience to this new role seemed like a good fit when she was approached last December to serve on the board.
"My feeling is that I am in the building industry and it is important to be involved. Evergreen Habitat for Humanity truly needs support from the community; we need our partnerships, donations and volunteers as it is vital for our survival as a non-profit organization."
Jennifer said that the thing she would most like to accomplish during her term as a board member is educating the public and business community about EHFH through various events as well as to clarify any misconceptions.
"Houses are not just given to people; they have to work for them.  In helping Evergreen Habitat for Humanity we are helping those that are less fortunate and giving them the opportunity to make a better life for their families and create a better community as a whole."
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Cobb article continued
Eva said.

According to the Vancouver native her job included organizing the work and following the master plan.  She was in constant communication with Larry Scherer, the volunteer construction manager, and made him aware of upcoming inspections, continuously watching when the work was expected to be done.  She also coordinated when volunteers and donated materials were expected to arrive at the site.
"I really enjoyed getting to see a slice of the construction industry," she said.
Eva was previously employed as an IT Project Manager for Hewlett Packard and first met Kristina Aitchison, EHFH's Executive Director, during that time. Their paths crossed again in 2007 at Leadership Clark County where Kristina discovered that Eva had extensive planning skills.
"Project management is taking bigger challenges that require more thinking and breaking it down into smaller pieces," Eva said.
Last year Eva received her certification for project management.  According to Eva project management works well with every type of degree or industry.
"Everyone has a little project management in them, in decorating you don't put up the drapes before you paint."
Eva said she really enjoyed volunteering at EHFH and working with Site Supervisor Bernie Lewis and Larry. She is now using those project management skills for her current employer.
"It was really a good learning experience for me."