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Greetings and Welcome to the Weekend!

Congratulations on making it through another "challenging winter".  A wild ride from the lightning snow storm in Chicago to the Winter Nor'Easters to the Superbowl snow fest in Texas - it has been a thrilling but tiring season.  Now, we can be renewed and refreshed with more sunlight, fewer layers, beautiful blooms, fresh air, outdoor sports and planting the seeds for our creative success.  Please sit down in a bright spot, get comfortable to read and reflect.  Spring is 2 weeks away - what will be blooming in your creative garden?

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Head In The Right Direction


Change your thinking and change your life - easier said than done so here are some solid and sturdy mentors who can get the motivational message across.


Quote from Jim Rohn:  "Profits are better than wages"!


Mr. Rohn talks about the power of part time - he himself has a fascinating story.  Learn how concentrated efforts can plant seeds that will bear fruit creatively and monetarily.  We can squeeze our efforts like a deeply squeezed orange produces a full glass of juice!  Commit to 15 minutes of self improvement reading a day and a hour of self promotion per day and see instantly the results you get. 


Check out podcasts from Jim Rohn on iTunes - only $1.99 for a wealth of content!


Suggested Self Improvement Reading: 

 The Slight Edge by Leo A.Weidner


One concept alone from Mr. Weidner has alterned my approach to everything.  He says we can either "react" or "respond" to any given situation.  Our emotions drive us to react but we can acheive, accomplish and problem solve by responding.  This is very basic but very deep.


Suggested Self Promotion: 

Decide what is the most fascinating/interesting fact about you as an introductory attention getter...find a way to incorporate that into your pitch and promotional material...everyone has a story...what is yours?  Make yourself memorable and effortlessly indispendible in under 90 seconds.  Script this out and prepare it.  


Or..simply commit to 2 contact exposures a day - 2 cold calls, 2 inquiry calls, 2 warm calls, 2 follow up least 2!


Please share your committments and success with me at




o. MoVibe Mic Picks - USB and Boutique!

Meteor Mic

Here's a do-it-all USB mic from Samson that's as well-suited for studio recording as it is for mobile work.   This mic looks cool, performs well and is doesn't create the plosives that many USB mics do.  It's affordable and available here:  Jason Koons at Sweetwater is my guy and can help you if you need it. Email him at


For those looking to upgrade to a boutique mic or for audiophiles looking for another treat - may I suggest the Peluso? Peluso has an exciting line of Tube, Ribbon and Solid State mics, all are individually hand-crafted in their Floyd County, Virginia Lab. I was delighted at how much warmth and mid tones I heard from the 24-47 model (even compared to my beloved Neumann). Learn more about these mics here:

Peluso Mics



4 Steps to Client Closure
We know we have a great talent, a good product, an interesting offering and we simply need to get that message across.  Here are The 4 C's for Client Closure:
1)  Capture - their attention
2)  Connect - on a personal and ethical level
3)  Communicate - listen to their needs - offer specific help
4)  Close - exceed their expectations and keep the relationship alive!
Get the nutrition your brain and body needs in 1 glass - 70 healthful ingredients specifically designed to boost metabolism, increase mental and physical endurance, stave off hunger and give you a youthful glow.  It's a real ego boost to be told I look half my age.  The compliments are rolling in and results are evolving.  Since drinking Shakeology, my daughter told me that I am like "a new mama with no more biggie belly".  Check out this simple to make, delicious to drink and effective shake!
For other fitness info and programs, please visit;


Irish Beer
May ye have food and drink, a soft pillow for yer head...
And may ye be forty years in heaven before the devil knows yer dead!  Slainte!


Moneen Daley Harte (3 Irish names make for 3 times the guilt and Guinness) VoiceOvers

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