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Simple and Straitforward Successes!October 18, 2010
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3 Quality Leads and 3 Quick Closes!
Shocking Studio Snafu!
Relative Humidity Levels
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Hope this finds you feeling vibrant and excited about all kinds of fall projects.  It's a motivating time of year to nestle into new routines and gather those proverbial nuts for the coming winter. 



Speaking of nuts, the MoVibe studio has been nutty busy with corporate and private projects and a renovation including a new Whisper Room!  I've been playing with microphones in studios for 25 years and I'm as giddy now as I was at 19...maybe giddier...certainly goofier according to my kids! Photos to come! 


This nutty theme wouldn't be complete without a squirelly story - wait until you hear about this shocking snafu from a major market recording studio!  And, the interesting make good that followed.  Please read on and please keep in touch with your activities and successes! 






3 Quality Leads and 3 Quick Closes!

Thank you for letting me share an interesting morning of leads and closes.  I'm telling these stories as they are humble reminders how simple and straitforward business should be.


Scenario 1: A lawyer was simply looking for a quote on a telephony job.  I checked out his website which was put together well and commented on that with my quote...along with a custom demo. He mentioned I was the first to respond so I knew he appreciated promptness. He wanted some feedback on the script.  I could have cringed thinking this was just a price sniffer but offerered a few (not all) of my suggestions. He was so pleased with the speed and quality of my responses that I got the job he originally offered plus two more for other international businesses he had.  Reminder to me and you:  providing a quality response and servicing the client is what we do...and when done with integrity, it will always win us work!


Scenario 2:  A graphics company was looking for a quick recording for a start up project.  They came by way of referral so I put them on the top of my list and made them a priority with a custom demo and response.  Their resonse was "wow" at the speed and quality of the spec but had some issue with the emphasis on one word of one of the prompts...but very nervous to say so.  I simply told them it was my job to give them precisely what they wanted and that I welcomed critiques and comments.  They were so relieved (apparently burned by uber sensitive talent in the past), they hired me on the spot.  Turns out they have an e learning project to record in the fall...and they'd like to use me.  Reminder to me and you:  It's not ourselves we're's the product, service or organization.  Our egos need to take a back seat to what the client needs and wants.  If we do, they'll want mo'!

Scenario 3: A dormant client came back from the walking dead...I was tempted to hide from the requested work thinking it was not likely to be too much or too good.  Turned out to be 500 voice promts with regular updates.  Reminder to me and you:  Don't judge. Ever.

Shocking Studio Snafu!Shocked

A major market recording studio with multiple locations in top ten markets failed to provide a simple phone patch during a session I was directing with an emerging talent.


The fee that was charged was above rate and what they were pulling off as a phone patch was a speaker phone.  Shameful.  After a direct conversation with myself and the talent, the studio manager rightfully refunded the money and offered a free hour in one of their better equipped primary studios.  Good.  But what's better is the engineer in the lesser satellite studio was so embarrased by the situation, she privately gave the talent contact info at two regional studios that will lead to more work...and new friendships. 

Relative Humidity

Please remember that a humidity level of 35% or so will keep your nasal passages and vocal folds moist.  Anywhere between 30 and 50 % RH (relative humidity) is good for healthy breathing.  If you have a cough or cold, increase to 70-90%.


It's well worth it to keep a humidifier going and monitor your RH!

Thank you for spending your valuable time with me.  Was it helpful to you?  If there is a topic you'd like covered or a question you have, please email me at
Happy 40 Something to Jack!
Talk about SCARY?!?!  Directing your own husband...which I did twice this month...Jack looks happy, doesn't he?
Happy Halloween!

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