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July 27th 2010's Quick Cool Downs!

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Hope you have been enjoying a splashy summer and some well deserved down time with the ones you love!  Please let me know some of your summer highlights if you get the chance.
My kids Ian and Ava have been enjoying some magical moments under the stars catching fireflies, diving in the pool, taking nature walks and enjoying some philosophical talk.  When they are laughing, smiling and their expressions are light, we know we're doing a good job.
Summer time and the living is somewhat easier...but we still have to be clean, clear and cool to service our clients.  I'm sharing some of my favorite tips for staying cool at the mic.
Make those deadlines then hit the beach - see ya there!Perkins Cover
Stay Cool During Steamy Summer Sessions

by Moneen Daley Harte


Cool Out!

apple with water drop



Beat the heat (and the jitters) during these steamy summer sessions by making sure you're well hydrated and nourished.  Remember, heat, humidity, exercise and diet all affect your level of hydration and stamina. 


Before your summer recording session (on or off site), please consider these essentials:


  • A protein based breakfast at least an hour before taking to the mic.  You need the fuel to think, feel and DO the job.  You need the time to digest so that gorgeous microphone is not picking up some unattractive digestive noises.  Be mindful if you're hungry, the mic will pick up your grumbles!
  • Drink 8-12 oz of water (room temperature) 90 minutes or so before recording and continue to hydrdate during recording.
  • Have a chilled (not frozen) watery acidic fruit on hand to clean away mouth noises.  Strawberries, watermelon, cantelope and the ever popular Granny Smith apples (green ones) are great.  The green apple has a high acidity level that cleans away mouth noises from dryness and residue each and every time!  I never record w/out thin slices of green apple on hand.
  • Allow an extra 20 minutes of composure time before your session.  Run cold water over your wrists (specifically where your veins are).  This cools the blood instantly and circulates it around to cool your system. 
  • Finally, if you get the script prior to taking to the booth - make some quick script preparation decisions.  For instance, what is the overall attitude of the script? Sincere, sarcastic, endearing, threatening?  Focus on this greater attitude first then the details of who you are and who you're talking to will fall into place more naturally.

   Have a great session!


Please let me know if these were helpful.




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