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ERP: A Potent Weapon to Fight the Economy
Clouds Not in the Forecast for Some CFOs
Unplugged is Unacceptable for Many CFOs
Young Turks and Technology: What You Should Know
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More than 40,000 Microsoft Dynamics GP Customers understand how the software makes them more efficient.  Want to see how?  Click here to watch.
Conexus SG Implements
 CRM Online
This video will provide a navigation overview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online via the Outlook client and Internet Explorer Web Browser.
Workspaces in Excel
Workspaces refers to grouping of Excel workbooks so that we can open them with a single command.  Learn how here.
Long Hours at Work Harm the Heart
 People who work 10 to 12 hours a day are 56% more likely to develop heart disease or have a heart attack than people who work less than 10 hours, according to Marianna Virtanen of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.
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eNewsletter August 2010

There are two announcements I'd like to make:
Check Out Our New Website: We have rolled out our new Conexus SG website. Check out the new look and feel at! Additionally, we have added ReQlogic Requisition Management to our services, and we have added several new relationships to our Partner page.
Sign up for our next Webinar "GP 2010: Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade" on September 22nd at 10:00a CST: Many companies like to wait for the first service pack to come out before even considering an upgrade. That should be coming up shortly for GP 2010, so now's the time to start thinking seriously about upgrading. This webinar will not only cover new features, but we will also discuss the effort involved with the upgrade process. Click here to register.
Enjoy the rest of your summer, and contact us with any Dynamics needs you have.

Warmest Regards,
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Eric Holleman
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ERP: A Potent Weapon to Fight the Economy
In these tough economic times, companies are scrutinizing every single aspect of operations to unearth new ways to cut costs and improve efficiency. But cuts alone won't cut it if you want to survive and thrive. It seems counter-intuitive, but investing in automated enterprise resource planning (ERP) could in fact help you achieve the efficiency and agility that enables you to ride out the recession - and be ready to hit the ground running when the economy rebounds.
Click here to read a compelling rationale for investing now, including 30 specific ways Microsoft Dynamics will impact efficiency, productivity, compliance, and more. 
Clouds Not in the Forecast for Some CFOs
Your mother always warned you about following the crowd: "If all your friends jump off a cliff, make sure you don't jump too" or words to that effect.  It seems some CFO's are remembering Mom's advice and resisting the siren song of the cloud, or SaaS (Software as a Service). But why?
Click here to find out the top five reasons some small and mid-sized firms are not following the herd to cloud computing.
Unplugged is Unacceptable for Many CFOs
When is a vacation not really a vacation? When you're a CFO, that's when. A recent survey of 1,400 CFOs revealed the not-so-shocking truth: senior finance executives never really unplug from the office, even on vacation. Why has checking in with the office during time off become so commonplace? Has the instant access of today's technology forever ruined a day at the beach for CFOs?
Click here to read the full survey results, and see how you measure up to the new breed of workaholics. (P.S. If you are reading this on vacation, you may be a workaholic!)
Young Turks and Technology: What You Should Know
When it comes to technology, the younger generation has high expectations. They want to work on computers they like, using applications they like, and if their employer doesn't provide preferred technologies, they won't hesitate to use their own devices or download what they want from the Web.
So says the report "Millennials at the Gates" which looked at the computing habits of 400 14 to 27-year-olds and concluded that prospective employers should recruit and hire young talent with eyes wide open.
Click here to read a summary of this fascinating report, and find out what IT managers should know about supporting this new workforce without compromising enterprise security.

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