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Talk about a heat wave! In NYC the mercury has     risen to 100 degrees, and we are all trying to find ways to keep cool.


Well, have I got JUST the thing to help you out! Tomorrow on the The TODAY Show I will be showing you some of the top Beat the Heat summer toys that are priced just right and are guaranteed to keep you cool, no pool required!  


Tune in and let me know what you think! 


 Muchos abrazos,





I am about to launch into full on wedding planning mode! As most of you know Stephen and I have officially engaged, and we are ready (well, almost) to take the next step. We went last week to look at wedding locations in Puerto Rico so that my Abuela and other  relatives can make it and so that Stephen's family can experience first hand where I came from! 


So far our two contenders are both spectacular locations that are both elegant and filled with Old World charm:


El Conventoin Viejo San Juan



The Horned Dorset Primaverain Rincn



Any wedding advice, dos and don'ts  would be so appreciated. We'll need it!


I will be BACK on the TODAY Show tomorrow with some ways to beat the summer heat. It should be a BLAST! There will be actual, live kids there playing with all the gadgets and gizmos and getting thoroughly SOAKED, and hopefully not soaking me in the process!


If you are in front of your TV at 8:00am EST Tune in!


Now I have to find some waterproof mascara.... 


Woo Hoo!

Finally, I have a website!!!    

It's in it's beta stage, I guess that means that it's a rough draft of what is to come, but I would LOVE for you guys to take a look at it and let me know what you think!  




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