Happy Holidays!

Evette Rios

I am THRILLED that Christmastime is almost here, yes, I get a little stressed out like everyone does about getting gifts for everyone on my list, but I LOVE the feelings of togetherness of warmth and of charity that we all feel this time of year.

But, stress-out-not! I will be sharing with the Today Show, gift ideas for all of the active folks on your list tomorrow, Friday, December 10th, tune in at around 8am if you need some gift ideas! I will also be giving away some of the gifts on my facebook fan page
so log on to enter!

Wishing you and yours all of the peace, love and prosperity of the Holiday season!

Muchos abrazos,

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I have been a blogging machine on Rachaelray.com  trying to answer all your holiday related questions. Here are some of my favorites that I would be THRILLED to have you check out!

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Do you have enough stamps to send off your holiday cards?


When you buy stamps from the US Postal Service, always:

1. Bring a book and give yourself an extra 2 hours to stand in line.

2. Buy the FOREVER stamps, what is great about these guys is that you can use them regardless of what the postage rate goes up to! So no tacking on those pesky 2 cent stamps when the rates go up!

I LOVE these Holiday Evergreen stamps designed by artist Ned Seidler


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I will be BACK on the TODAY Show on December 23rd with some Last Minute Run out and get 'em gifts that are sure to please!

So if you have any gift ideas you'd like to share shoot me an email!

Easier than a Gingerbread House try this house made of Chocolate!

I LOVED making this project! Kids LOVE gingerbread houses BUT I guarantee you that they will love this even more, and they are so much easier to make, you just use Large Hershey's chocolate bars!

Check out the 3 part video series that I did with Better Homes and Gardens Magazine on You Tube on how to construct, add curb appeal and decorate your chocolate houses with a bunch of snacks and candies from your grocery stores candy aisle!  Just the cutest!

Video 1:
Construct Your Chocolate House

Video 2:
Curb Appeal for Your Chocolate House

Video 3:
Add Your Finishing Touches