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Nov 6th is a time for choosing. EVERY VOTE COUNTS.     

At this stage, our singular focus is getting rid of the corrupt, constitution-and-America-hating Obama administration. We did what we could in the primary process to push our principles, and it has made candidate Romney stronger for it, bending him in the "right" direction. 
Now it's time to pry Obama out of our hijacked Executive Branch. 

Don't forget the words of Andrew Breitbart at CPAC 2012, barely two weeks before he died:

"You want a unity speech? I'll give you a unity speech. I don't care who our candidate is. I haven't since the beginning of this... ask not what the candidate can do for you, ask what you can do for the candidate! And that's what the Tea Party is. We are there to confront [the radical left] on behalf of our candidate! I will march behind who ever our candidate is. Because if we don't, we lose.

There are two paths! There are two paths! One is America, the other is Occupy! One is America, the other is Occupy! And I don't care, and along the way... I've realized over the last three years that the Republican Party and the conservative movement is not what ABC, CBS and NBC put on the screen. They try to portray you in the worst possible light... and when I travel around the United States meeting people in the Tea Party who care - black, white, gay, straight - anyone that's willing to stand next to me to fight the progressive left, I will be in that bunker, and if you're not in that bunker 'cause you're not satisfied with this candidate, more than shame on you - you're on the other side!"

Let's win this election, and then we'll focus on holding Romney's feet to the fire.  The Tea Party isn't going anywhere.  We're here to hold BOTH parties accountable!  


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Vetting Obama: What The Media Doesn't Want Voters To Know

Obama Marxist

Beyond the spin and the polls, Obama turns out to be a classic Chicago machine pol who thrives on rewarding himself and his friends with the spoils of public office, and who uses his position to punish his enemies.  Read More >>
2012: A Choice Between Liberty & Tyranny
Which path will we choose? Will we choose individual freedom and the free market? Or will we choose socialism and a culture that expects government to take care of it? These are not pastel colors or shades of gray. These are two distinctly different choices with two distinct destinations. Read More >>
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Ronald Regan: A Time For Choosing

There Are Two Paths


Introducing the Oregon Tea Party FREEDOM BUS! 
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Thanks to all of our good, decent and principled supporters of the Oregon Tea Party, the OTP bus is now spreading the message of limited government, fiscal responsibility and free market principles throughout Oregon.  

Your support, contributions, and donations have made this possible.  Your continued support means everything!

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