Oregon Tea Party                                                                                                July 2012


The Supreme Court decision on Obamacare made one thing absolutely clear: it is up to We The People to defend our liberties and stop the relentless assault of government on our unalienable rights. 


It won't stop with the 2012 election.  We have a lot of work to do to roll back the century of "progressive" encroachments on our liberties that led us to this point.  


Our freedoms will never be safe until we've eliminated the 16th Amendment and every unconstitutional department, agency and program that doesn't fall under the specific, enumerated powers granted by our constitution.


But first things first...right now we need a clean sweep of Obama and the Democrats in November and a repeal of Obamacare! 


NOW is the time to get informed and join the fight with the great local groups and resources featured to your right. We can't afford any benchwarmers this election...we need EVERY patriot in the game.   Are you in?  


Oregon Tea Party

The Oregon Tea Party PAC expressed disappointment in the Supreme Court ruling on the individual mandate portion of President Obama's healthcare law, but noted that this is merely the first step in the process of full repeal of this onerous bill.  Read More >>   

Dictator-n-Chief Now Ruling By Unchecked, Unconstitutional Abuses Of Executive Power

If America wanted to be ruled by an executive who could bypass the legislature and write or abolish laws by decree, we would have stayed with King George. Read More >> 
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