Oregon Tea Party                                                                                            April 2012

Oregon is ground zero in the fight for individual liberty against the power and corruption of the STATE and the biased leftist media lies and propaganda.


OTP are the toughest Tea Partiers in the Nation. The truth and liberty are our weapons to fight for our country, state, and principles. We are today's patriots. We must stand up and fight for all we believe in loudly and proudly to inspire others. All is at stake!   


Join Oregon Tea Party for our 4th Anniversary Tax Day Tea Party Celebration featuring special guest, James O'Keefe. There will be food, drinks, and music by singer/songwriter Brian Futch. 


Tickets are $20.00 in advance online, $25.00 at the door.  All proceeds go to Oregon Tea Party PAC to help fund our activities in this very important election year. 


Each paid admission will receive 2 drink tickets to sample some of the best local Oregon Beer & Wine, as well as complimentary non-alcoholic drinks and food. 

  • Food, drinks and socializing with fellow Patriots 
  • Oregon Tea Party Chairman John Kuzmanich on 2012 plans
  • An acoustic performance by singer/songwriter Brian Futch 
  • Tea Party retrospective video featuring Oregon highlights 
  • A tribute to Andrew Breitbart
  • Special guest, James O'Keefe 

We look forward to seeing you there!  


Oregon Tea Party

Obamacare Reaches The Supreme Court

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Why Our Founders Gave Us A Republic, NOT A Democracy

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