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SWCC thanks the U.S. Department of Energy, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, and other sponsors for financial assistance they have provided to SWCC to assist with the start-up of the small wind turbine certification program.
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August 2011


Larry Sherwood

We're ready! With our Certification Commission, governing Board, organizational structure, operating policies and procedures, and staffing fully in place - and an enhanced website geared for consumers online - the Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC) stands ready to review turbine testing results and able to issue full certifications. We are all set to begin creating consistent consumer ratings and aid incentive programs in qualifying turbine models.  However, SWCC is still waiting to receive the first complete application packet in order to fully certify the first turbine. Out of the 27 turbine models now under contract to pursue certification under the SWCC, 12 have either started or completed testing.


Recently SWCC awarded Conditional Temporary Certification status to 3 turbine models previously certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme in the UK. These turbines now must meet a few additional requirements of the AWEA Standard when submitting an application package to SWCC for evaluation.


As a way to accelerate public disclosure of testing status, SWCC's Board has created a new Limited Power Performance Certification option for applicants to certify power curve results before duration testing is complete. SWCC reminds applicants on appropriate uses of the SWCC mark and logo, and encourages funding agencies, consumer advocates and other stakeholders to continue pressing manufacturers for independent certification results.


As always, I'm available if you have questions or comments about SWCC activities.


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Larry Sherwood
Executive Director

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Turbine Certification Update   

To enhance reciprocity between small wind certification programs in North America and the UK, SWCC has executed an agreement with the British Board of Agrément (BBA) similar to agreement with BRE Global announced in the last newsletter.  SWCC is also negotiating an agreement with another certifying organization for acceptance of work undertaken as part of the review of applications.


Because of these agreements, SWCC awarded Conditional Temporary Certification (CTC) to the following three turbines: the Evance 9000, the Evoco 10kW, and the SWWP Skystream 3.7.  Each turbine model was previously certified to the Microgeneration Certification Scheme in the UK.  Each has a few additional requirements to meet when submitting an application to become fully SWCC certified.


With two recent additions, the Proven 11 and Proven P35-2, a total of 27 turbine models are now under contract to pursue certification under the SWCC, 12 of which have either started or completed testing. Updates will be made to SWCC's applicant table as each turbine reaches key milestones in the certification process.  

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SWCC Creates Limited Power Performance Certification Option

Recognizing that small wind incentives are often based on power performance ratings and estimates, SWCC's Board of Directors recently approved offering a new optional service to applicants of "Limited Power Performance Certification" for small wind turbine models that have completed power performance testing in accordance with SWCC and requirements of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). While power performance field testing can be completed relatively quickly, the duration test takes much longer to complete.


The current economic climate has impacted market conditions for small wind turbines and with state incentive programs in a state of flux, the SWCC's new optional power performance-only certification status is a way to provide more information to policy makers and consumers in a timely manner. However, if full SWCC certification is not granted within an 18-month period, SWCC limited certification of the turbine's power curve and annual estimated production terminates. Details are described in section F.5 of SWCC's Certification Policy (pages 8-9).

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CA and NJ Incentive Program Updates

The California Energy Commission has released new draft Emerging Renewables Program (ERP) Guidelines, to be presented at a public workshop on August 3. CEC is soliciting comments from interested parties by August 12, then will schedule the guidelines for approval at an upcoming Business Meeting before lifting the hold on the ERP.  


New Jersey lifted its temporary hold placed on small wind rebates approved under two existing programs, but only for a selected group of turbines. The hold was not lifted for three previously eligible turbine manufacturers. Customers, installers and rebate recipients with active rebate commitments were mailed a notification letter on May 5, 2011 informing them of their specific wind project status.  However, New Jersey's temporary hold continues for all new wind rebate applications regardless of manufacturer. 

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Authorized Use of SWCC Trademarks and Certification Marks 

The SWCC Trademarks are owned and controlled by SWCC, which retains the sole and exclusive rights to use these marks.  No individual, business, or other organization is permitted to use any SWCC Trademarks.


Qualified SWCC Certification Holders that have satisfied all certification requirements, and have been granted full certification by SWCC, are permitted to use the SWCC Certification Marks.  SWCC Certification Marks must be included on certified small wind turbine product labels, consistent with the requirements of SWCC Trademark and Certification Mark Use Policy Section III.E.  In addition, the SWCC Certification Marks may be included on a Certification Holder's advertising and business materials, and may only be used in conjunction with the small wind turbine product certified by SWCC.  The SWCC Certification Marks may not be used to indicate that the Certification Holder, i.e., individual, business, or organization, is certified by SWCC.


Permission to use the SWCC Certification Marks does not allow a Certification Holder to use the SWCC Trademarks.  SWCC certification applicants are not permitted to use any SWCC Certification Mark.


For specific information explaining the proper use of the SWCC Certification Marks, please review the SWCC Trademark and Certification Mark Use Policy on the SWCC website or contact the SWCC Executive Director.


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SWCC Website Update

SWCC has completed a major upgrade of its website.  The new design is more user friendly, has many new features, and, of course, looks fabulous.  The new site includes sortable listings for certified turbines and pending applications. Listings can be sorted based on application status, date applications were submitted, when testing began, when certification was granted, certification number and manufacturer/turbine.  Also included in the new design are links to recent press coverage of SWCC, as well as recent presentations at workshops and conferences.  In addition, the entire site is now searchable, and includes a glossary as well as links to incentive programs and information. The website was designed to give consumers, applicants and stakeholders a more robust set of resources to aid in the development of the small wind market. Check out the new design at http://www.smallwindcertification.org.


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