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Joyce S. Kaye
The Computer Spirit
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Joyce S. Kaye, MSW,
The Computer Spirit (known as The Computer Therapist in a prior lifetime), is a computer geek and people-person who understands business and computer applications and thrives on the challenge of communicating that understanding clearly. Specializing in Constant Contact e-newsletters and "living" WordPress websites, Joyce brings her creativity, love of people and Spirit*, and computer expertise together to empower individuals and assure them they are not alone. 
sidebargodword * Read a little bit more about Joyce's meaning around such words as Spirit, God, The Presence.
Our Philosophy
"Give a person a fish
and they eat for a day.
Teach a person to fish
and they eat for a lifetime."
- Old Chinese Proverb
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We're here to empower you - not just get a website or e-newsletter done.
We work with clients one-to-one, host computer labs where learners can work interactively on computer projects, teach workshops, and facilitate project teams.
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Interactive, hands-on marketing workshops to empower you and your business to provide value and grow relationships.  
- Get clear about you and your marketing 
- Create simple WordPress websites 
- Publish your Constant Contact e-newsletter

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Constant Contact Partner
The Computer Spirit is proud to be a Partner (aka Solution Provider) of Constant Contact.
This makes me more connected to Constant Contact, receiving information and offers I can pass on to my clients.

Inspiration and Contemplation
Inspiration & Contemplation
"... Prayer is not a matter of words or of outer forms. It is a matter of consciousness, of concentrated, rightly directed, spiritually oriented positive thinking." - Eric Butterworth, Discover the Power Within You - A Guide to the Unexplored Depths Within
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The Computer Spirit is thrilled to have been named a Constant Contact All Star once again for the year 2011!
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Vol. 1, Issue 8  |  August 2012
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We are now in the second week of Rog being back on board full-time as my business partner - and it's been wonderful!


We work so well together, and inspiration continues to pour through us in ways to be of service and help others awaken, even if it appears in the guise of empowering folks to build their own website or publish e-newsletters.


And, speaking of e-newsletters, we are so excited to be putting together hands-on, interactive workshops focused on getting your message out via e-newsletters. Read more below. Also, we're going to bring all of our "Websites and Coffee" gatherings to Phoenix! So if you're in that area, check in regularly on that ever-evolving website to see when and where we'll be... how wonderful with our living WordPress website we can quickly update content as Spirit guides us in the re-tooling of our offerings, and we can stay in touch with you!


Truly, every activity and coming together is an opportunity to connect and wake up. I am grateful for my husband, life partner, and biz partner Rog to be traveling on the journey with me. He makes my life rich, filled with growth opportunities, and adventure; and, in turn I am able to bring the accumulation of all that to those I meet along the path, like you.



Joyce's signature 

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Channels to Spirit

"...to put aside our own desires,... to offer someone a helping hand. In this... we find happiness. And we find God. For in helping others, we open a channel to Divine guidance." - In God's Care, January 30

How many channels to God* are there? - Let me count the ways:

- Helping others
- Praying
- Blissful rainbow Meditating
- Blessing others
- Singing
- Composing
- Playing a musical instrument
- Painting
- Sculpting
- Writing
- Laughing
- Inspiring others
- Hugging
- Loving
- Caring

...the list goes on and on.

How many channels to God are there? I am limited only by my imagination, by myself. For God is in me, through me, around me, and everything is a channel to God when I so choose.
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General Computer

Windows 7 Libraries 
Windows 7 libraries One of the new features that came out with Windows 7 was the "Libraries" item that shows up in Windows Explorer. It is a feature that can be quite confusing.

Libraries are not folders.

So what is a Library then? It's a collected view of one or more folders and their contents.

Learn more about libraries to determine if you really want to be using them or not.

Manage Outlook Messages Using Rules
Did you know that you can have emails automatically moved into a specific folder upon their arrival? This is but one example of an Outlook rule.

A rule is an action that Microsoft Outlook takes automatically on an arriving or sent message that meets the conditions that you specify in the rule. You can choose many conditions and actions by using the Rules and Alerts Wizard.

Rules fall into one of two general categories: organization and notification. The Rules and Alerts Wizard contains templates for the most commonly used rules.

Learn more about rules, including how to create, then run them.
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e-Newsletter News  

News CCworkshopsAddition to Our Repertoire
I have such fun with e-newsletters, think they provide much value for staying connected and growing relationships, and rave about them regularly. So I'm thrilled that we're creating another workshop series to help you in your efforts to keep in touch and build relationships.

We'll be offering the first "Intro to e-Newsletters" gathering on Friday, September 7th, in the Sedona area. We're still in the process of working out the details for the series, so check back regularly on our website for more info.

Did You Know...
... you can sign up for a free 60-day trial use of Constant Contact email marketing? Play around, have fun, and send REAL e-newsletters to grow your relationships. Click here for details and/or to sign up, or contact me via email or phone (928.301.7292).
... if you're having trouble with your Constant Contact e-newsletter or account, you can contact me? I'll provide some quick help at no charge. And, if you don't mind, I'll tell you how you can get even more help from me - also at no charge!
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Website Development/WordPress
Quick WordPress Tips   


Insert/edit link Inserting/editing a link to another post or page within your site
Rather than typing in or pasting the URL at the top of the Insert/edit link window, go to the lower portion of the window and select the post/page directly from the list provided.

Not only is this a quicker and more efficient method, but it also prevents typo errors resulting in incorrect links.

Activating Multiple Plugins
Not all plugins are compatible with one another and when that is the case, havoc can result. For instance, having more than one plugin for text widgets activated can result in one of them not working properly, while on its own, it works beautifully.

Avoid complications by activating one plugin at a time and checking elements in the back end as well as view the site to see that all is looking and functioning properly. If all is well, then move on to activating the next plugin, and go through the same routine.

If upon activation something is amiss...
Newsletter - Dance Drop Shadow Image
Newsletter - Dance Drop Shadow Image
I cannot believe Labor Day is just about here! Where did the summer go?

Well, wherever it went, I hope you have fond memories of it - and trust that the days ahead will be filled with even more fun, more love, more peace, and more joy!


Yours in Spirit, 
Joyce's signature

Joyce S. Kaye
(AKA The Computer Spirit)
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bottomgodwordJoyce "came to believe" in a Higher Power about 22 years ago.  Thanks to hearing the novel idea that one could choose their own concept of God, and the workings of synchronicity, Joyce embarked on a new way of thinking, a new way of living, a new way of being in the world and with others.  Since that time of commencing her conscious spiritual journey, she has endeavored to remember The Presence in all that is, all whom she meets, and all that she does - including working with others and their computer projects!

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