Bin There, Recycled That - The Stress That Almost Stole Christmas 2010  
(If stress is garbage, I've...)
Bin There, Recycled That!
Non-toxic tips to recycle your stress, reduce negativity, and repurpose your life.
"We've got
 one shot at this holiday."

 Jeff White - 12/21/10
December 17 - 20
Inspirational start to the holidays, as we 
attend Jamie's nursing school graduation. Kudos to a great guy, who at 36, goes from bodyguard to personal trainer to RN. 
December 18-20:  Korey and I devour Chicago in bites of great food and entertainment: Nutcracker Ballet, House of Blues Gospel Brunch (Amen!), and wine on the Hancock's 96th floor. We manage to not get tossed out of Barney's department store, where I try to find one item under $300, but cannot. We pretend not to care because Chicago is magical at Christmastime, at any price!
December 21, 2010

2:41a.m.:  A gaggle of giggling girls inhabits our home. I bury my head under four pillows in search of sleep, bless their little night owl hearts. They knock on the bedroom door to announce:
"The dishwasher is leaking into the basement!" Since Jeff was at the duck camp, I shot out of bed to find dishwasher water everywhere. I've seen weaker fountains in Rome. I killed the water source and began mopping. I think Sears has hacked into my dishwasher and injected a virus. Otherwise, why would this happen four shopping days before Christmas? I also think the magic of the holiday is over. Some ceiling tiles are ruined, but are replaceable. Thank God for the night owls or the damage would've been horrendous. Later, I ran errands on very little sleep and came home to a second dishwasher gusher. This defies reality, because the water was off. The devil dishwasher is possessed! 37 heavy, wet, beach and bath towels later, I resort to prayer that the flood is over.  
December 22nd: Today my goal is to visit relatives' homes with empty washing machines, so I can do laundry. Otherwise, Nick will be skiing next week, in Colorado, commando! Brrrrrrrr! Back at the White house,
the Rug Doctor and I suck up endless water. I'm sure ours is the only home in the western hemisphere running a dehumidifier - on the first day of winter. And while I truly want a new dishwasher, I don't want one for Christmas. Appliances are like underwear. You want functional pieces, just not gift-wrapped. I vacillate between being frustrated with my aging home, my hunting husband, who is coaching me by phone, when I wish he would just come yank the water lines out of the sucker! I sense he is attempting to teach me, yet, another lesson, called, "Coping 101."

He reminded me last night that I can be "Bummer Bobbe" over the matter, but we have just ONE (1) shot at this holiday. I can ruin it or deal with it. I know what I need to do, but even being in the humor business, sometimes, it's hardest at home.

Big picture time: In my mind, I know this is an operational problem, not an emotional one, or medical. Oh, how much worse it could've been with out the night owls! And one day, I'm sure we'll laugh at this. However, if Jeff remind
s me one more time, that the worst that can happen this holiday is I have to do dishes by hand, I'm going to  beat him to death.

Wishing you waves of holiday happiness this season, flowing like the fountain from my dishwasher! Now, where are my rubber gloves?


I'm calling it a night, because I'm too tired to get out a thesaurus.
                    Tim Siedell
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Now, a shiny, new year awaits us. At the grocery, the candy aisle is transformed for Valentine's Day, which gives me hope that Easter and spring are nearer! Hmmmm, how can I improve my life in 2011? I know what it is. Oh, sure, the usuals: intense fitness spurts, save more, sleep more, and more water intake. But my real goal is to tackle the piles of files and loose papers as I realize every mess in this house is mine. I grimace when I think of the time Korey asked me where a certain paper was. I replied, "In my office."
She retorted, "Mom we're trying to figure out which room in this house ISN'T your office!" Maybe this is the year I can organize myself. It is my perpetual challenge. I'm not lazy, just hurried. Baby steps can make my 'Pile Management' manageable. Good luck with your own 'piles', whatever they are. Be kind to yourself this new year!
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