Bin There, Recycled That - November 2010  
(If stress is garbage, I've...)
Bin There, Recycled That!
Non-toxic tips to recycle your stress, reduce negativity, and repurpose your life.
How full was I after Thanksgiving dinner? I was so full,
I couldn't even swallow my calcium pill.

(Cool Whip meets my required daily minimum needs, doesn't it?


My obituary may read many things: mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, friend. But it will never read "kitchen goddess."

The dinner more stressful than Thanksgiving was
the night our kids came home from college (the Friday before). They were hungry for a home-cooked meal. (Even mine!) Pot roast and mashed potatoes were requested. I considered the crock pot as my M.O., but Jeff said oven - baked is tastier. I told Tim, the meat manager, I needed roast for 4 very hungry people. Nick said, "Make a lot of it." Tim cut 4lbs. of roast for us. I looked at the massive amount of meat, and recounted mouths. Actually, there would be just 3 of us...Jeff was hunting, and so the 4th - Jenna, a guest - doesn't eat beef. Considering nutritionists recommend 4 ounces per serving, I should have plenty of beef, don't you think? My mother's mantra was well ingrained in me, "NEVER, EVER run short!" The real challenge, however, unfolded when I had to get this meal on the table.
5:45pm-Leave work, go to store, get movies
7:00pm-arrive home, unload groceries, preheat oven, pour wine.
7:30pm-kids arrive (hungry).One hour before ETA. Nick asks, "Ready yet?" Ha. Roast barely permeates the air.
8:00pm - kids have consumed, taco dip, chips, and pound of shrimp (intended to be Jenna's entree...oh well). Refill wine.
8:15pm-when kids are distracted, I pull meat out and slice the raw hunks down so they might cook quicker.
8:30pm-kids ask if they have time to unload the car. (Absolutely! Unload it. Wash it. Dry it. Fold it. Next load.)
8:45pm-Warm the bread, toss salad, pour water, bake noodle casserole, steam carrots and potatoes, drain the pineapple, and beat the dog. I mean the mousse.
Wipe my brow. No more wine.
9:15pm-Dinner is served! I sit in amazement and break into song and dance. "I did it! I did it! I really, really did it!" The kids stare at me, as in, "What's the big deal?" They were just happy to eat. I was proud. And drained - moreso than the pineapple. Too tired to watch the movie. And next time, I'm using the crock pot. So there.  

Signs the apocalypse is near...
  • Sara Palin confuses North and South Korea. (And this woman wants to be president? Good grief.)
  • Willie Nelson gets popped for pot. Come on Willie. You're too old to be that stupid. 
  • Korey and Bobbe went duck hunting .


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As I write this issue, all signs point to giving (more) thanks for things. I say, "Start small!" For example, I am thankful every time...
  • I bake cookies and they aren't burnt on the bottom.
  • Lily waits for me to get out of bed, with her tail and smile. (She does too smile.)
  • Dad calls me, "Babe."
  • Mom tells me I look nice.
  • our angel- neighbor, Jill, lets Lily out, unplugs the coffeepot, and bakes us dinner rolls!! Please  NEVER move!
  • Jeff remains calm upon learning I have destroyed the current U of I football tickets.
  • Jim & Linda share their home when we visit our kids.
  • neighbor John mows and mulches our leaves. Twice.
  • I serve food and someone besides the dog actually enjoys it! 
  • I wash gobs of laundry. It means my kids are home! 
And I'm VERY thankful for my newsletter readers.
You all ROCK!

Hope your Turkey Day was full of blessings,
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