Bin There, Recycled That - October 2010  
(If stress is garbage, I've...)
Bin There, Recycled That!
Non-toxic tips to recycle your stress, reduce negativity, and repurpose your life.
 Food for thought:
"Do Lipton employees take coffee breaks???"

Recycling the decade:
October, 2000 ~ October 2010

Dear Readers,
This October is an anniversary month and year for me. As I begin an extreme website makeover, ( I've assessed formats, graphics, templates, and blah, blah, blah. Our web designer's staff critiqued my website logo, questioning the relevance of the umbrella and raindrops. I've never shared this story publicly, but in a world where we're all clawing through life to find more joy and less stress, perhaps you deserve to read my story behind the homepage logo. It was self-expression. Period. I had depression/anxiety for years before I was diagnosed.Ten years ago, I began treatment - okay, medicine. I improved so gradually, I hardly noticed until I realized that dread and sad were becoming less familiar emotions. In October, 2000, I reconnected with a humorist speaker-friend, Karyn Buxman, on a random phone call, after not talking to her for 10 years. Coincidence? More like serendipity. She led me to World Laughter Tour training and without a lot of hilarious details, Jeff and I started our business, Try Laughter! Inc. in March 2001. The logo significance? The raindrops represented my years of tears (as in "sniff, sniff"). They turned into laughter as they hit the umbrella and splashed UP. A bit of a schlocky story? Perhaps, but my logo reminds me that I KNOW what it's like to feel down so low, you cry over not finding a parking spot. You worry your kids will only remember you as a sad mom. Now, I relish the humor of daily life, because I know that most humor comes from pain. It's a therapeutic tool we all so desperately need to take seriously. I'm undecided as to whether the logo will stay or go. In any case, it's time to refresh the theme, which requires less interpretation. And now you have the reason why October, 2010 is a milestone for me. Or shall I say, "A smilestone?!" 'Bin there, recycled that!


Thank you for tolerating my sad-to-glad story and for your acceptance. I have vascillated as to share or not to share, or if this is TMI. But when Sally Poole guides me, I try to pay attention! Since I'm feeling brave, I decided to share. Please know that I do not advocate meds in every case of depression. There're many causes...some temporarily resolved. Take a hard look at this question: "Do you have any joy in your life?" If the answer is a resounding, "NO!" then get serious about resolution. I recommend talking with loved ones* first, professional talk therapy next. There are many options. Not all are costly. l'd go weekly, but as I became healthier, other people needed my seat more than I did, so I moved on.For those who are suffering - at any level- take action soon!

*Note: loved ones don't have to be relatives.

"Trusted one" is more accurate.

When the kids get hurt at college: sequel

Thanks to so many of you who inquired about Nick's stapled head. (September issue). Ten days later, he let me know that our friend, Jamie, a nursing student, was on his way to pick him up for removal.
"Where's he taking you, Nick?"
"To his truck."
"He's removing them in his truck??? I hope he uses clean tools!" I said, envisioning jumper cables and an oily rag.
"Mom," Nick scolded, "he's ALMOST a nurse!"
This past week-end, while visiting my kids, we had breakfast on the way to the walk-in clinic. I wished they'd offered two-for-one office visit fees that day, for my son was in one room (Strep) and my daughter in the procedure room with glass in top of her foot. (Note: do not wear flipflops to the bars. 'Nuf said.) She is not a good patient when it comes to blood, so was quite nervous. Imagine her additional stress, then, when the doc entered the room and said, "So we need to clean that lip up do we?" Korey looked at me wide-eyed and I told the doc, "Uhhhhh, it's her foot." 
"Ooops!" she said and backed out, "Wrong room!"   I was thinking that maybe we would've been better visiting Jamie-Almost-A-Nurse, in his truck!

If you liked this issue of 'Bin There, Recycled That', please pass it along to another prospective reader who might enjoy/need some humor. And remember,
Your comments and stories are always encouraged and welcome. Share the humor. Thanks for stopping by today!


My favorite Halloween Costumes and Why:

"Come as you are"
I donned hair curlers, cigarette butt, noxema, robe, slippers, and hairy legs and off to work I went.  It was so easy to be ugly, it was frightening. The downside? A friend gave me a ride to work that day and that was the LAST time he offered!


"Freudian Slip"
I wore a lab coat, embroidered, "Dr. Sigmond Freud" and a half slip underneath.
Disappointment was that NOBODY got it! Except for Larry, who had been in my high school psychology class.


"Adult Pumpkin"
A college instructor made us make our own costumes. I loved my pumpkin suit, because I could eat SO much candy and it never got tight!


"French Flag"
Each of our french friends at the U of I are going to dress in one of their flag's colors with a wig to match. They've promised pictures. So next month, VOILA! I will share!


Favorite Halloween Memory:

At age 4, our daughter, Korey sprouted chicken pox on the afternoon before Trick or Treating. Jeff gave our friend, Brett, $20 with instructions to buy  candy. He brought her a HUGE stash and delivered it in a cowboy hat and neckerchief. It was reverse trick or treating and she didn't know the difference!


What I hated about Halloween?
When my mother made me wear a coat over my tutu. Grrrrrrrr. Way to throw water on the fire, Mom!

Most unfavorite treat received as a kid...
Peppermint hard candy. Are you kidding me? Were you so lazy, you forgot to buy at the store and took these off your coffee table? Might as well have given me Halls.


Other hated candy...

When our neighbor threw an apple into the bag. Since when is fruit candy?


What is your favorite costume or memory???
Happy Halloween!


Fun Fact:

Did you know that just recalling a funny or pleasant memory can inspire endorphins to surge through your body?

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As I write this issue, it is Halloween in two days. This was almost as good as Christmas, to our kids! Adults, don't be put out by all the interruptions when that ding dong door bell boosts you out of your Lazy Boy. Just give those kiddies something GOOD! Like chocolate! No Starlite mints. Got it? If you have to leave the house, do what I did one time: offer self-serve candy. I just put the bowl on the porch with a note that said, "Help yourself. Be back soon!" Must've worked, nobody egged our house that year!  Enjoy the goblins. No apples either.

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