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Spring 2010 Newsletter for All Blessings International
Transition to All Blessings International, Inc.

We are absolutely thrilled to formally announce that Kentucky Adoption Services is transitioning to our new name - All Blessings International, Inc. For the past couple of years we have realized that our name was not accurately conveying the full scope of our services and mission.

We are launching our new website: www.allblessings.org

We hope you will like our updated look!
Update on Haiti by Diana Boni
Lucy and I visited Haiti in late April, along with my eighteen year old Haitian born son, Garlise.  This was my first trip to Haiti since the devastating earthquake of January 12th, and Lucy's second.
Seeing the devistation firsthand.
Haiti Trip April 2010
Amazingly, daily life goes on much as it did before.  They have lost homes, friends, and family, but they had so little to begin with that the resilient Haitian people are able to go on among the rubble.
Lucy and I visited various facilitators and orphanages to learn the current state of adoptions in Haiti.  One of the main messages they all shared is that the need for qualified families is greater than ever.  There are thousands and thousands of children in need of permanent, loving families.
The qualifications for families to adopt from Haiti are:
  • Married/cohabitating for 10 years
  • parents 35 years or older
  • no more than three biological children (of both parents) living in the home
  • Single women
  • Age 35 or older
  • No more than three biological children living in the home
 Occasional exceptions are made for couples married cohabitating 10 years with one parent under 35 and documented infertility.  The children are infants through age 12, with sibling groups and twins in need of families too.  Referrals are made by ABI staff.  Each part of the process has been tested and proven functional by our coworkers in Haiti, but we do not yet know how long it will take to process a complete adoption case post-earthquake.  Prior to January 12th, families with birth children waited an average of 18 months from the arrival of the dossier in Haiti and a referral to travel, and those with no birth children in the home waited at average of 15 months. Families should be prepared for longer waits.
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Orphan Walk 2010
Orphan Walk Logo

All Blessings International, Inc. (ABI) invite you to participate in our signature event, the 2010 Orphan Walk. The first ABI sponsored Orphan Walk occurred in 2009 and raised over $6000 in orphan assistance. These funds helped children to be fed, clothed and cared for overseas. Until there are no more orphans our fight will never end. Unfortunately, due to the ravages of disease, natural disaster and poverty the number of orphans is increasing worldwide! With your help we can make a difference in the life of an orphan. We hope you will join our efforts through All Blessings International's (ABI) 2nd Annual Orphan Walk.

The Orphan Walk is a team event that brings attention to orphaned and abandoned children around the world and raises funds for the ABI's humanitarian aid, education, advocacy and adoption services. It is a fun, outdoor fundraising event where teams take turns walking or running around a track and participate in a variety of team events.  

You or your team will be joined by others July 23rd at the Apollo High School Football Field from 6pm to 12 midnight. 

To register for the event go to the Register Now! link below. This will take you to our registration page, where you can sign up to sponsor a team or walk as an  individual.

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Thank you for supporting the Krispy Kreme Fundraiser
ABI would like to thank Karen Vincent, Dawn Woodruff and Carried Clements for their hard work putting this fundraiser together. ABI was able to raise close to $350.
Thanks to those who purchased doughnuts and those who sold them. Every penny raised will help ABI with their missions. 
Welcome Home!
Jason & Danielle welcomed Naomi from the US.
Keith and Angela welcomed Asia Grace from China.
David and Amy welcomed Charlotte from Haiti.
Steven and Amanda welcomed Joshua from Haiti.
Steven & Mendy welcomed Paxon from Haiti.
Jason & Jennie welcome Josie from Haiti.  
Grant & Cassie welcomed Addyson from Korea.
Mark & Laura welcomed LiAnn from China.
Chris & Bridget welcomed Benjamin from China.
Terry & Lisa welcomed Leah from China.
Kevin & Karen welcomed Ian from China.
Jeffrey & Kari welcomed Jacob from the US.
Justin & Lia welcomed Wesley from the US.
We praise God for each of the miracles that he has bestowed upon our ABI families. We pray that God continues to bless our ministry and each of our families.
Mexican Orphans Help Haitian Orphans
Carlos knitting for Haiti
Hogar infantil
It takes one to know one and some orphaned, abandoned and homeless children of Mexico are thinking of the orphans in Haiti!  When the youngsters of Hogar Infantil (www.hogarinfantil.org) in Chiapas (Mexico's southern-most state) heard about the plight of the children at Bresma, they wanted to help.  They know how it feels to be in need and they're eager to share with others.  (Hogar's motto is "A Place of Sharing". )
With the help of two visiting volunteers, they launched a fundraising campaign of their own design.  They knitted winter scarves and hats and sold them in the town square.  (It gets cool in their mountain valley.)  Since they live on a working farm, they raffled off a pig and a goat.  And since their farm home has a big patio and dining hall, they organized a Valentine's Day dance and sold tickets to the public.  After three months, they tallied their profits and found they had raised $620 to send to the Bresma orphanage!
These wonderful children have their school pencils rationed out to them and live in no-frills housing.  But they know their education and their home comes through the charity of people who want to share.  They're eager to pass the favor along and pass their good fortune along to children who have less - unimaginably less - than they do.  And they're happy to know that Bresma and All Blessings International are helping to make that connection and will put their donation to good use!
Welcome Jenni!
Jenni Ramsey.
jenni ramsey

All Blessings would like to welcome Jenni Ramsey to our staff. Jenni will be working in the position of Missions and Outreach Coordinator from her home office in California. She comes to ABI with a wealth of experience in missions as she has served as mission director at her church for 13 years. Jenni has been married to Mike for fifteen years and they have been blessed with two sons, Jordan and Aidan.  They are currently waiting to adopt their third child through international adoption. 


When asked why she wants to work in adoptions she answered:  ""In addition to my new role as the Missions and Outreach Coordinator for All Blessings International, I have been blessed to serve as the Missions Director at our church in Southern California for over thirteen years.  It has been a privilege to travel and minister in thirteen countries and I love to see how God's Spirit is moving throughout the world.  He truly is the defender of the orphan and the Father to the fatherless.   My heart has always been broken for abused and abandoned children and our church has partnered with orphanage ministries throughout the world for many years.  Our family became open to adoption through our own journey of infertility.  We were also touched by the miracle of adoption when my husband's sister adopted in China.


I am passionate about leading short-term teams and absolutely love what I do.  Jesus told us to go and take the gospel to the nations in Matthew 28 and that is exactly why I love to go.  Every trip is life changing, although painful and challenging at times.   It is good to leave the comforts of home, and travel to minister to 'the least of these.'  God's heart is for the orphan and He blesses those who give to the poor.  I am honored and grateful to work for an amazing adoption agency that ministers to adopting families, and also advocates for the needs of orphaned and forgotten children who may never have a 'forever family'."

His Hands His Feet Mission Trips 2010
In keeping with the Lord's calling to serve the Least of These throughout the world, ABI's mission team division, His Hands His Feet, has scheduled a number of mission trips to several countries for the remainder of the year.
El Salvador - July 10-17
We currently have a team of 10, but space is still available.  We will be ministering at two different orphanages in the San Salvador area.  Trip cost is $2,000/person.
Guatemala - Sept 16-21
Space is still open.  We will be ministering at a village clinic as well as a GT Mission Trip 2009children's home.  Cost is $2,000/person.
Haiti - late fall 2010 or early 2011
Dates for this trip have not yet been decided. Please contact ABI if you are intersted in taking a short term trip to Haiti in late 2010 or early 2011. The primary purpose of the trip will be bulding projects and ministry to orphans.
If you are interested in participating in any of the above mission trips please contact our Missions and Outreach Coordinator Jenni Ramsey or contact the office at 270-684-2598.
Thank you !!!

On behalf of the staff and board of directors of ABI we would like to thank all the named and anonymous donors who have provided their generous support of this organization and our relief fund for the Haiti Earthquake victims. To date, we have received over $77,0000 and people are still continuing to give!


Deb Gerard

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Linda  Donovan

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Cornhole Tourney at Johnny B's in Owensboro

Come out and  play some cornhole to help raise money for orphans around the world .
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