Spring 2009 Vol 5, Issue 1
A Child's Hope

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To begin, I would like to thank you for your prayers, cards, calls memorial contributions and general support during my father's illness and subsequent passing. Your patience and understanding  have meant a great deal during this difficult and emotionally draining time. It is such a blessing to have so many friends praying for our family and I thank each of you.
Nepal OrphanageAs many of you may have heard from news articles, the number of international adoptions is continuing to decline. Some preliminary expectations lead us to believe that the number of international adoptions will continue to decrease into the future and that for fiscal year 2010 the number of international adoptions by Americans will have been reduced to less than half the number from 2006. If the number of children in need of families was actually declining this would be wonderful and exciting news, but in light of the FACT that the number of children who are fully orphaned, abandoned or relinquished to institutional care is increasing, this is a disturbing trend.
UNICEF, as well as sensational and irresponsible journalism, has perpetuated the lie that adoption is primarily the result of "demand" by Westerners. If this were true then there should be few if any children in institutional care in the many countries where adoption is not an option. However, even UNICEF's own numbers confirm the large population of institutionalized children. Once a country is successfully shut down for international adoption, UNICEF quietly moves on not assisting in the care of the children left behind in the wake of their "scandal mongering". And the journalists so willing to point accusatory fingers are long gone, not bothering to offer follow up reporting on the state of the country's children for whom adoption is no longer an option. This is an outrage as it is leading to ABUSE of children.
Institutionalizing children is abuse. According to Dana Johnson, MD, an International Adoption Medical Specialist and Researcher, it is sentencing a child's brain to DIE! Lucy at Orphanage in AfricaInternational adoption has never been a viable solution for the majority of children in need of families - it is much like the Starfish story whereby a difference is made to "this one". Unfortunately, reaching "this one" is becoming increasingly difficult. As a Christian community we MUST stand up for the children who have no voice. We must continue to support humanitarian projects that strengthen communities and families, thereby decreasing the number of children coming into care. We must do a much better job of exposing the truth and garnering media and legislative attention to the plight of children without family care. We must become outraged at the abuse perpetuated toward children disguised as being in their "best interest".
In short we are called to take action. What can you do to be a part of the solution? KAS continues to need your financial support to support the many humanitarian projects KAS funds. KAS is also sponsoring a mission trip to Guatemala in coordination with Owensboro Christian Church - there are many items we need donated - these are listed in this newsletter. KAS is also holding an ORPHAN WALK to raise awareness and funding to help orphans (highlighted in this newletter). We need your participation! Some other ways to become involved come in the form of supporting Joint Council on International Children's Services (www.jcics.org) and supporting the endeavors aimed at our US Congress that KAS occasionally e-mails to you.
Once again, thank you for your prayers and your support.
A. Lucy Armistead
(Please Note, UNICEF in some countries has not sought to shut down adoption and has actually been helpful and practical - namely Haiti. However, as a whole the detrimental effect of UNICEF's anti-adoption positions and actions have been largely responsible for the negativity toward international adoptions.) 
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Welcome Home
Mission Trip to Guatemala
Orphan Walk 2009
2009 Family Picnic
Program Updates
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Call For Volunteers
Have any extra time? KAS needs volunteers for several projects and we would appreciate your help!
Please contact Mandy at 270-684-2598.
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KAS will have a booth at the BBQ festival on May 8 & 9, 2009. We will be taking pictures with Spongebob for $5.00.
Come and visit with Spongebob and help KAS raise some money for our many programs.  
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Welcome Home
Welcome Home. KAS would like to congratulate the following families on the completion of their adoption journey. Welcome Home!
The Nelson family welcomed Edy from Guatemala.
The Springob family welcome Arik from China.
Doug and Christina welcomed Clayton from the USA. 
Kevin and Pam welcomed Ethan from the USA.
Woody and Shirley welcomed Silas from the USA.
The Smith family welcomed Lucy from Korea.
The Roark family welcomed Amelia from Korea.
Thank You! We would like to thank the following people for their donation to KAS' many endeavors. If you would like to learn how you can make a tax deductible donation to KAS please contact Maria.
The Collins Family
Hausner Hard Chrome of Kentucky
Robert and Ella Wade
Kristin and Daniel Ehrhart
Memorial Contributions on behalf of William "Bill" Madigan:
Matthew and Tracy McGary
Richard and Jennifer Beckner  
R. Lee Shannon
John and Stephanie Allison
Anne Gibbs
Sarah Williams
W.L. Shannon
Jennifer Zingg
Robert and Sandra Chenault
Peggy Thompson
Charles and Ellen Henry
The Koehn Family
The Clements Family
The Smith Family
Sharon Wilson
Joe Riggs
Eleanor and Karen Warford
The Clark Family
Edna Flowers
Norman and Jean Criswell
The Tharp Family
The Larkin Family
The Hildreth Family
Jerry Cammock
Dianne Wells
Carol Furrow
Katharine Phelps
The May Family
Tanya and Margie Greer
Edward and Denyse Ruggeri
The Nelson Family
Luke and Rosemary Pargiter
Shirley Luttrell
James and Janice Harris
Mission Trip to Guatemala-May 16-22, 2009
KAS is hosting a mission trip to Guatemala on May 16-22. Casa Bernabe Baby House OccupantsWe will be ministering at Casa Bernabé and a remote  village. Casa Bernabé is a beautiful 13-acre campus near Guatemala City that is home to more than 150 children. All of the children come out of difficult living situations. Some are orphans, others have been abandoned, others abused. To learn more about Casa Bernabé, please visit their website: www.foce.org.
KAS and Owensboro Christian Church have a 16 member team going on this mission trip. Each member will be filling a suitcase with items the orphanage and village have requested.  Please consider donating some of the items listed below or if you prefer, you can send a tax-deductible cash donation to KAS and we will purchase supplies that are cheaper to buy in Guatemala, such as blankets.
Items needed:  lice treatments, vitamins, acetaminophen, underwear (sizes toddler to teen), socks, crayons, pencils, toothbrushes and tooth paste.
Please send your donations by April 30, 2009.  Thank you for your willingness to help these children. If you have questions regarding the mission trip please contact Tammy Styke, Mission Trip Organizer at 270-684-2598.
Orphan Walk 2009
KAS is currently finalizing plans for our 1st Annual

Orphan Walk

We hope this event will serve as the signature event for humanitarian aid for Kentucky Adoption Services (KAS). 
The Orphan Walk will be held July 24th, 2009 from 6 pm to 12am at College View Middle School's football field.
We are currently in search of individuals who are willing to serve as Orphan Team Captains. Teams are the heart of what can make the Orphan Walk successful. Teams are usually made of 10 people but can be as many as you would like. Teams share an incredible experience and take pride in their efforts to make a difference in the lives of orphaned children. The walk enhances morale and builds team spirit for everyone wanting to make a difference in the life of a child.
How to get started and build your team

Recruit family members, friends, neighbors and business associates to become members of your Orphan Walk team. Plan a team kick-off to recruit new walkers or ask for donations. Recruit co-captains, they might represent a different division of your company, school or club. Contact Mandy Lawson at KAS for a registration form. Submit your form and payment of $100 to KAS. Now you can start setting team goals and raising money.

Once you have registered your team, you will receive a Team Captain packet that will help you organize your team and begin the fundraising adventure.

If you can not organize a team or attend the event but want to help, you can make a donation at: http://www.firstgiving.com/orphanwalk.

KAS 2009 Family Picnic 
2008 PicnicThe 2009 KAS Family Picnic plans are currenlty in the works. We have once again decided to hold the picnic in Owensboro at Yellow Creek Park Shelter #3. The event will take place on July 11th, 2009 from 11-3.
This year we are looking for new and exciting ways to entertain the kids and the parents. Be sure to mark your calendars and begin planning to attend.
As a sneak peek, we are looking at offering games for little kids, a scavenger hunt for the older children. Corn Hole for the parents and much much more. If you have an idea of an activity please contact janie@kentuckyadoptionservices.org.
The plans are not fully developed but as we learn more we will share them with you. 
Program Updates
Many of our adoption programs have seen no change since the previous newsletter. Below are updates on those countries that are new to KAS or have had changes since the last newsletter. Should you have a question about a specific program please contact the office (270-684-2598) for detailed information.

Nepal - KAS is officially accepting applications for the 2010 Nepal adoption openings. We currently have all 10 spots filled for 2009 and have submitted 5 dossiers to the Ministry in Nepal. At this time, we expect referrals to come approximately 9 - 11 months after dossier submission with travel to occur 3 to 4 months after referral. Please note, until we have our first referrals it is impossible to predict the length of time and we are certainly hoping for faster processing!
Haiti - KAS still has children available for adoption from Haiti. Families who do not qualify under the 1974 Haitian law have been held up waiting for Presidential Dispensations to allow their adoptions to progress. Reliable sources indicate that at least 24 Presidential Dispensations have been signed; however, at this time the effected families have not been named. Families who meet the 1974 law are progressing through the adoption system in a fairly efficient way. A new law is under consideration in Haiti. Please see below for the children available from Haiti.
- The wait for a child from China has reached three years. KAS is expecting a referral to arrive for a family this month. The CCAA has placed children with families through 3/6/06. The CCAA has reviewed documents through 3/31/07.

Korea - This program continues to process well for families who meet strict requirements.  Referrals are coming 3-6 months after documents are sent to Korea, and the baby will arrive 3-5 months later.  The korea child placement agency is actively seeking families for a few special needs children, as well. 

Hong Kong - KAS is excited to have accepted our first pilot family for our Hong Kong adoption program. KAS partners with International Social Services in Hong Kong to place special needs children. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact the KAS office.
Gambia -  KAS is currently waiting on a referral for our second case from Gambia. We are hoping to have a referral for this pilot family shortly.

- Families must be prepared for dossier submission to the SDA to be approximately 5-12 months. After your dossier has been submitted to the SDA, you will receive an invitation with an appointment date to travel to Ukraine within 30-90 days from your dossier submission date. While it is possible to adopt a toddler from Ukraine, KAS recommends families also be open to adopting a child of either gender and over six years of age and/or sibling groups. We 
also recommend couples be open to a child with special needs.
El Salvador
- KAS is pleased to report that two referrals have been offered and accepted from El Salvador. We expect these children to be home sometime before mid-summer! Praise God!! Lucy visited El Salvador in March. The Salvadorean officials were favorable toward the  families we have sent through the El Salvador program, as we have very cautiously screened which families to accept. They have provided KAS a list of 45 older and/or special needs children in need of families and it is anticipated that interested families will be able to gather  additional child specific information and an expedited adoption process. Lucy has advocated for these possibilities for quite some time and we are excited about this work! We are actively looking for families intersted in older children to adopt from this gorgeous Central American country.

Guatemala - Lucy visited Guatemala in March. There are many rumors going around that Guatemala will be reopened in 2009. We do not have any information to back up this rumor. We will continue to keep everyone updated on what is happening in Guatemala.
Domestic - Our domestic program has continued to be busy.  Lydia, Maria and Amy have all been assisting expectant mothers who are considering adoption.
Haiti Children
Sibling GroupKAS is looking for one or two families that would be interested in adopting  some  precious siblings from Haiti: (from left to right) Wildania, 14 months old; Wilson, 7 years old and Wilderson, 5 years old. 
We are willing to allow one family to adopt Wildania and another family adopt Wilson and Wilberson.  It would be our desire for these two families to live in close proximity or at the very least be open to contact with the other adoptive family.  We had hoped to keep these children together but as time continues to pass and we have not found a family that is able to adopt all three  children, we have decided it is in the best interest of the children to be placed with a forever family as soon as possible.  
Please contact Tammy at 270-684-2598 or via email tammy@kentuckyadoptionservices.org, if you are interested in adopting these precious Haitian children.