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Dear Partners and Friends:

September has come to an end and the season is in full swing. I couldn't have been more satisfied with the progress and the consistency that has been going on here at the office over the last month.
Now its all coming together and we are ready to take on October fully staffed.

So for this next month of October when you  have a spare moment, take time to stop and smell the caramel apples and pumpkin spice.

The quote of the month is:

The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be.

- Horace Bushnell

Hope you will enjoy this September Newsletter -


Destination Management & Corporate Events

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Events & Even More

I love September. This month starts our busiest season. Our plates have been full this past month with several clients that we have taken on. We are in the midst of putting together exciting product launches and preparing from the monstrous month ahead.  September has offered us a month of starting fresh; a time to revitalize our lives, personally & professionally, and reflect on our success. This is the time of year that allows us the opportunity to commemorate the end of our summer months as we push forward to the fall season.

Happy Fall Everyone!
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A Personalized Touch to Chicago


Our group experienced Chicago like no other through an incentive program that we recently created. Our guests' arrival started with beautiful accommodations at the Wit Hotel followed by a high-energy dinner cruise along the Chicago River.


The next day our group participated in a tour of the famous Millennium Park, after which they were able to take a private dance class. The class was followed by dinner at the Park Grill and outstanding performance by Billy Elliot.


The women were treated like queens starting with a food tour and finishing at a small pit stop where they were allowed to create their own customized handbags in a quaint shop while en route to the Drake Hotel.


Pampered with manicures and cocktails for all, and a private consultation with a make-up expert, prepared them for their own exclusive fashion show.


Having been to Chicago several times myself I would recommend this program for any group of woman who are looking for an energetic, relaxing and motivational retreat.


Branding Our Market
This month we had the oppurtunity to host a showcase for one of our luxury jewlery brands. It took place on Sunday , September 19th at the Conrad Brickell. Guest were formally invited to view the new seasons collection of watches, belts, wallets, bags and much more. With a colorful backdrop and simple displays the products spoke for themselves. Guest were stunned by the new and innovative detailing in the new collection and with the pieces distrubuted even thorughout the space, the continuel smell of geunine leather filled the air.

Next Months Adventures

October holds back-to-back programs for us here at the VIBE. With clients locally, and many flying in from Europe, their programs vary greatly from one coast to the next. Product Anniversaries and tons of Destination Management are coming your way! Please stay tuned for the exciting details. Your next event may be featured in the month of October!


Though I'm excited for all the business that we'll be getting, we have been intensely focused preparing for the month mentally and physically. Continue tuning in this coming month, I guarantee you will be entertained.


The Vibe Agency produces events, large or small, for an intimate group of two to a larger group of 250. Whatever your desire, The Vibe Agency is here to represent you. Do you want Valerie to plan your next event? Contact her at

This month I would like to share with you some of the coolest products that will be popping up in events or for you do at home creative type...

1. Liza's Simple Soiree Party Planner

iphone app
The iphone app that will come in handy for any event that you throw. It's a great starting point. Want to find out more? Check out our blog on Rainy Day Business.

2. Black Vodka
black vodka

The drinks that you can make with
Blavod Black Vodka...let the creativity just start flowing.

black vodka screwdriver
a) Screwdriver

black vodka redbull
b) Vodka Redbull

black vodka cranberry
c) Vodka Cranberry

3. Candy Corn

This small delicious candy can be used for almost anything. Here are a few ideas of what you can do to decorate your place for these upcoming season. All these great tips can be found in the new October issue of Woman's Day .

candy corn balls

a)Corn Balls

snack table

b) Snack Table

c) Garland and Candles

If you need more information please contact us at


It's Time to Start Planning End of The Year Parties

The Holidays are the perfect time to show your employees your appreciation for all their hard work. Let us take your worries away and plan your next holiday party in style and stress-free. The Vibe Agency prides its self in our ability to create one-of-a-kind events. Whatever your vision might be, we can handle all of the planning with finesse and poise.


Our years of expertise planning and creative thinking will create a holiday event that your employees will never forget.We throw the swankiest parties at the hottest venues in any town, provide private dinning options for 30 to 300 at mouth-dropping restaurants, and put the VIBE in any event.

Our Services:
Party Favors

We do it all! What Event do you need help with this year?

christmas corporate party
Christams Celebrations

new years corporate party
New Years Spectaculars

gala dinner
Gala Dinners and Award Ceremonies

If you would like to feel the VIBE for your next end of year celebration or at your special event, please contact Valerie Bihet at or visit


colombus day


1492, the year Christopher Columbus sailed the world and discovered America and celebrated on the 2nd Monday of October. Elementary schools across the nation will close in celebration of this age-old discovery. What are your plans for this Columbus Day?

 The Annual Christopher Colombus Parade on Fifth Ave in New York is always an exciting option! The parade celebrates the spirit of exploration and the courage that inspired Christopher Columbus' 1492 expedition. It also highlights some of the important contributions Latin Americans have made to the United States. The Columbus Citizens Foundation hosts the parade every year.

happy Halloween Pumpkin


One of my favorite holidays, Halloween, is a great reason for the community to get involved with one another! Amazing treats are prepared for children while homes are decorated with some of the most creative decor to appear all year.  Here are a few of the things that inspire us come Halloween:

halloween inspirations

Treats and Tips

Want to get more ideas? Follow our Trick or Treat Halloween Special coming up in our October Blogs.

We will offer more in-depth suggestions and recipes next month and at or our October Inspirations to see what other topics we'll be talking about this month.

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The VIBE Agency is here to assist you in creating memorable and creative events.  Thank you for your support and loyalty.

Eventfully Yours!

Valerie Bihet

The VIBE Agency