March 18, 2010, Newsflash
Dick Olsher's CES 2010 Comments
In the Absolute Sound
April/May 2010 ISSUE
"The Lotus Group Granada loudspeaker. Responsible for the most musically enjoyable
demo I have experienced in almost 30 years of show attendance." 
We thought we would share with you Dick Olsher's comments about our CES exhibition that are in the current issue of The Absolute Sound. (See page 66).  To date, the Granada Loudspeaker has earned a great deal of praise from many influential reviewers, all of which we are grateful for.  Jonathan Valin's comments from his blog were printed in this same issue and appeared in an earlier News letter of ours.  In this issue, he lists all of the loudspeakers that were the "Best of Show" for him, and we are again listed. 
Dick Olsher awarded the Lotus Group Granada Loudspeaker "Best of Show" in three categories:
Best Sound
"The Lotus Group Granada loudspeaker - by a mile. A perfect amalgam of old (Feastrex field-coil full range driver) and new (DSP) technologies yeilds a full-range open baffle design of intense musicality."
Greatest Technological Breakthrough
 "Digital signal processing as applied to the open-baffle woofer array of the Lotus Group Granada speaker."
Most Significant New Product or Company
 "The Lotus Group Granada loudspeaker. Responsible for the most musically enjoyable demo I have experienced in almost 30 years of show attendance."
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 The SMc VRE-1
Virtual Reality Engine Preamplifier
The Latest Creation from the Legendary
Steve McCormack


The Lotus Group is proud to announce that it has been granted the exclusive rights of worldwide distribution for the SMc VRE-1 Virtual Reality Engine Preamplifier.


"a conduit to the sound of the master tape"

(This section appeared in our last newsletter, but we felt it was important to include it again for those who may not have seen it.) 

Perhaps once in a decade a product comes along that represents a breakthrough in any given category.  We like to think that the Granada Loudspeaker represents one such development, but the better a loudspeaker is, the more faithfully it delivers the signal it is fed, the more dependent it is on the equipment that drives it to reveal its full potential.  We have come to understand that in a system, every component matters, but in the search for the holy grail of high end performance, the preamplifier may be seen as occupying the preeminent position of "main driving force".  The influence of the preamplifier is central and dramatic.  Typically, the preamplifier acts as a filter that only grudgingly allows a small portion of the musical event to be released - in much the same way that the spillway of a dam only releases a trickle of the tremendous energy that is stored behind the dam's massive wall. One does not know one is missing the "real" event, until it is revealed in its true majesty and glory. Encountering it can be a life changing experience.

We had the opportunity to experience such an event in our own room at CES when Steve McCormack brought us his VRE-1 preamplifier to test during the show. The VRE-1 brought our Granada based system to a level of resolution we had not previously encountered.  Because of the tremendous synergy between these two products, and because it makes every sense for The Lotus Group to participate in the promotion of the VRE-1 and future products that Steve McCormack intends to develop, we engaged in a dialogue with him about the possibility of our becoming involved. 

What to expect from the VRE-1:

Perfect, coherent clarity - seamless character top-to-bottom, with no region

emphasized or lacking, and no vagueness, muddiness, smearing, or veil


Top-to-bottom transparency - that "see-through" quality that gives you the feeling of

looking out across the room or venue of the original recording


Effortless dynamic expression - from the quietest passages to the loudest, the VRE-1

portrays all of the music's dynamic power and subtlety - from the thunderous strike of a drum

to the almost subliminal shift of a singer's breath


Pinpoint focus and localization - instruments and voices are placed solidly within a 3-D sound field, their musical lines clearly individuated


Emotional connection with the music - perhaps the most elusive and important quality

of all


The ability to do all of the above at any volume level.


Elegant simplicity of design and intuitive operation


Beautiful non-resonant chassis - solid-surface technology contributes to performance


Safe, reliable, low-voltage operation generates practically no heat


Absolute reliability and stability. The VRE-1 will always be ready to deliver beautiful

music, whether it is new or many years old.




          Circuit design combines the best aspects of active & passive performance

          Discrete, wideband JFET circuit uses no feedback

          Precision stepped-attenuator for accurate volume adjustment

          Beautiful, heavy, non-resonant enclosure contributes to outstanding sonics

          Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs and outputs 

          Lundahl and Jensen coupling transformers enhance performance

          No DC leakage, no ground loops, and no RFI issues

          Completely stable and reliable

          No heat, no noise, no ground loops, low voltage design

          External choke-filtered power supply for superior sonic purity

          Unrivaled transparency and neutrality; incredible dynamic expression

          A true "window onto the performance."


Our faith in the VRE-1 is such that we invite you to compare it with anything costing anything. 


Now available through audio retailers.  Introductory retail price: $14,950

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Thank you... Dick Olsher and Jonathan Valin, Robert Harley, Greg Weaver, Roger Gordon, Jim Merod and all others who have commented so favorably on the Granada loudspeaker.
Greg Weaver and Jim Merod were on hand for the transition to the SMc VRE-1 preamplifier, which brought the entire system to a new level.  A special thank you goes to Jim Merod for the recommendation of the VRE-1. Now I owe him a big debt of gratitude.
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We will keep you posted! 
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