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MARCH 2012
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In the Community: Harriet Tubman Memorial

In the Harriet Tubman Park at the corner of Pembroke Street and Columbus Avenue, in Boston's South End, stands a ten foot bronze statue dedicated to honor the memory of Harriet Tubman, the famous abolitionist and Underground Railroad 'conductor'.


This week marked the 99th anniversary of Harriet Tubman's death, and flowers were placed at her statue in the South End to commemorate the occasion.

The 566 Columbus Avenue building of United South End Settlements is named the Harriet Tubman House, which was the name of one of the first settlement houses in Boston and one of the five agencies that merged to form USES in 1960.

Featured Event: IN THE MIX Inter-generational Concert



Join us for an inter-generational concert featuring the Lake Highland Academy Singers,a group of 60 students from Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando, Florida, and USES' Platinum Singers, a senior choir featured in various concerts and performances in the Boston area. On March 29th, the two groups will perform together at the Harriet Tubman House. Come to this inter-generational concert to experience how music crosses generational boundaries in reaching our hearts and souls. 


Admission is free, but please RSVP to by March 25.


March 29 | 2:00 - 3:30pm | Harriet Tubman House 

Staff Spotlight: Kyrone Beverly


For some people, being involved in their community is just part of who they are. For Kyrone Beverly, it was just natural to be part of the United South End Settlements' community, going from Camp Hale camper, to working with infants and toddlers, and now working with school-age children as a Group Leader in the After School Program. He did not do it alone though, as he has had the support of his mother, who worked at USES for close to 15 years, as well as his brother, Jasen, who is a fellow Group Leader in the After School Program.


His journey at USES started back in 2000, when his mother signed him up for Camp Hale. After that summer, Kyrone did not stay away for long, coming back the next summer as one of the many repeat campers at Camp Hale. He returned to USES as a freshman in high school, working in the Infant & Toddler room under the auspices of the Boston Youth Fund.


Even when he moved down to Virginia to attend Virginia Union University, his passion for children still shined bright. "I love working with kids -- to see the joy, excitement, and happiness on the faces of the children," says Kyrone. "To know that I am providing support to these children, it really warms my heart and makes this work so rewarding."


Kyrone helping one of the children in USES' After School Program
During the academic year, he found ways to work with children, volunteering his time with first graders at an elementary school in Virginia. While working towards his Accounting degree, Kyrone was drawn back to USES during the summers, where he worked in the After School and Camp Hale Programs. Since graduating cum laude, Kyrone has continued his journey at USES as a Group Leader in the After School Program.


His involvement does not stop there, though. In the mornings, Kyrone volunteers his time to help out USES' Finance Department, putting his Accounting degree to work. He is well on his way towards getting his CPA, and his dream job of being an accountant at a Fortune 500 company. "I want to work at a Fortune 500 company so I can change the culture," he says. "There is a problem when these big businesses are not community-oriented, and I want to be a part of leading that organizational shift."


Kyrone deep in thought about how to support the children with whom he works

Even at USES, Kyrone is taking strides to make everything more community-oriented, as he was recently appointed to the Camp Hale Alumni Association (CHAA) Board of Directors. In joining the Board, Kyrone really wants to pay it forward to the next generation of campers by helping them have the best camping experience possible. He really wants to inject new energy and passion to the CHAA Board, creating sustainable efforts to help support the growth of the campers that rely on Camp Hale each year.


Throughout all his endeavors, Kyrone has always put the children first. He enjoys supporting the development of all the kids in his After School group, and they enjoy having Mr. Kyrone brighten their days with laughter and joy. Kyrone, for all you do for USES, thank you. 

Save the Date: Step on Board - June 12

We are well on the way to making this the biggest and best Step on Board celebration yet. Remember to buy your tickets early and save!

This year, we will be honoring the contributions to the South End/Lower Roxbury community made by Representative Byron Rushing, Frieda Garcia, and Paulette Ford. These individuals have shown an unwavering commitment to improving the lives of our neighbors in the South End, and it will be our pleasure to honor them on June 12, 2012.


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In the Community: Harriet Tubman Memorial
Featured Event: In the Mix
Staff Spotlight: Kyrone Beverly
Save the Date: Step on Board
Spotlight on: Haley House Bakery Café


Through April 5
Compositions: Art Inspired by Music
Harriet Tubman House
566 Columbus Avenue
8:00 am - 8:00 pm

March 28    

After School Talent Show  

48 Rutland Street

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


March 29

Senior Diabetes Support Group  

Harriet Tubman House

566 Columbus Avenue

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


March 29   

"In the Mix" Concert

Harriet Tubman House

566 Columbus Avenue  

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm 


April 5  

Compositions Art Exhibit Closing Reception  

Harriet Tubman House

566 Columbus Avenue

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm    


Infused with the rich diversity of the area, Haley House Bakery Café does more than fill the neighborhood with the aroma of healthy, delicious food. It breathes life into Dudley Square by providing a place where all are truly welcome. The Bakery is also a workplace for men and women that face significant barriers to employment. Visitors can feel good about eating flavorful, locally sourced food while supporting their community and enjoying the work of local artists.


A model of social enterprise, Haley House Bakery Café promotes the physical, economic and social well-being of the community. Our programs provide on-the-job training for those seeking to become financially independent and introduce young people to the power of cooking from scratch and making other healthy life-style decisions.


When the Café is closed, the space is available for rental for meetings, gatherings and holiday parties. Contact them for more info.


Haley House Bakery Café can be found at the heart of Dudley Square (12 Dade Street, Roxbury). To read more about the history, menu, or catering options, please visit

How do you like being in Lower Roxbury?

We love being in Dudley Square, a hub of activity, especially now with the Ferdinand redevelopment underway. 


Why did you move to Lower Roxbury?

Haley House first opened its Soup Kitchen on Dartmouth Street in 1966.  Our Bakery began in the Soup Kitchen, developed into a training program, and ultimately outgrew its Soup Kitchen facility.  At that time, our Executive Director had done a lot of work with the homeless in Dudley Square, and she knew that there were few healthy dining options available there.  In 2005, we relocated the Bakery to Dudley and opened our Café serving healthy, affordable fare.  We opened our doors to all kinds of opportunities - our performance series, Art is Life itself; our gallery space; our Dinner & A  Movie series; and our History Series (in partnership with Discover Roxbury), all in response to ideas that people brought to us.  Officer Bill Baxter approached us to offer cooking classes for kids, and that developed into our Take Back the Kitchen program.  Danny Cordon joined us and redesigned our training program into  the Transitional Employment Program, serving folks transitioning from incarceration. Dudley has been a great place for us to spread our wings.     


What has been your most memorable experience in Lower Roxbury so far?

About six months after we opened our doors in Dudley, we participated in USES's annual fundraiser event (now called "Step on Board").  It was a wonderful event, and it was our first chance to really bridge our South End and Roxbury communities.  There were lots of folks who knew our Bakery from its Dartmouth Street origins but didn't know that we had opened our Café in Dudley.  Step on Board remains one of our staff's favorite events, with its great food and a great community vibe.
The mission of the United South End Settlements is to build a strong community by improving the education, health, safety, and economic security of low-income individuals and families in Boston's historic South End/Lower Roxbury and to serve as a national model of successful neighborhood engagement.