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The Arizona Distance Classic Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon and Oro Valley Hospital 5k
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    Save $10. Early Registration ends on September 30th.
    Join us for The ULTIMATE Spring Break Family Celebration in the Real Southwest on March 24th!
    September 25, 2012

    AZ 3 and Cactus Greetings!

    Register today and Save $10. A Registration Fee price increase for the 9th Annual Arizona Distance Classic Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon and Oro Valley Hospital 5k is scheduled for Monday, October 1st.

    Make sure you REGISTER NOW for the lowest price.

    You are receiving this email as you are already registered or we thought you might like to be part of the Celebration.

    Journey to the "Real Southwest" and experience the "Ultimate Weather, Ultimate Views and Ultimate Race Execution".

    Looking for some of the best SPAS in the country (ok, the world) for your pre or post race pampering. Check these out!

    If you have not visited Oro Valley, Arizona for the event you are missing one of the best celebrations of the Active Healthy Lifestyle in the Real Southwest. Come join us!

    This past month I was honored to sit with Oro Valley Mayor Hiremath and Tucson Mayor Rothschild at Mayor Hiremath's State of the Town address. For the Arizona Distance Classic to be recognized at the event was a real testament to how this community event has grown to a major regional destination.

    Some Feedback From Our Participants: "The Arizona Distance Classic Half Marathon was the best-run race we have ever participated in-and we've been in quite a few! Thank you for this race that is in such a beautiful place, at a wonderful time of year, with fabulous support on the course and an opportunity to buy VIP privileges (portapotties with no lines is an excellent concept)." - Virginia

    Awesome race! You guys did an AMAZING job planning this race. - R. Snarski

    I loved this race!! Of course, the weather was perfect, but so were the course, the organization, the host hotel, the t-shirts, bibs and medals! - Michelle

    Just wanted to express how much I enjoyed last Sunday's half marathon. The rolling course was scenic and beautiful, you couldn't ask for a better day. The rolling course was enough to be a bit challenging but not so much that it was overwhelming. Great Job! The snow capped mountains were picture perfect, which I'm sure you arranged for race day. The race was one of the best organized races I've attended. This is definitely a race to be on everyone's calendar. - Patrick

    Just wanted to let you know that this race was absolutely awesome! I live in Phoenix and this is the first year I ran in your race. The course was perfect with all the rolling hills and the scenery was just spectacular.

    AARW Corbett's Corner!

    John Corbett is a founder of the Arizona Distance Classic and the co-owner of All About Running & Walking. Since starting running at age 43 he has lowered his total cholesterol by 140 points (without medication) and frequently speaks to groups about the benefits of moving our feet. John is a Certified Pedorthist with an interest in helping people understand injury risk factors and helping them run injury free. Each newsletter we will bring you some of his thoughts, tips and wisdom that will help get you to the starting line!

    Here is John's third column:

    Experiments Of One!

    That is really what each of us is, an experiment of one. This is especially true as it relates to our running. Nobody else has your exact feet or biomechanics. Your body's oxygen delivery system (VO2max) was genetically determined for you at birth, and can be enhanced by only 10-15% through specific training. An Olympic marathoner may go out for a "jog" and run 10 miles at a 6 minute per mile pace, while my comfortable long run pace used to be closer to 10 minutes per mile.

    Many of us get injured when we try to be more like other runners and less like ourselves, thinking that "if they can do it, so can I". A friend of mine is two weeks younger than I am, very similar height and weight and started running as an adult, just like I did. You could look at the two of us standing side by side and not see a lot of differences. However there are huge differences. He has nearly perfect biomechanics and great running anatomy and I am extremely bow-legged, have high, rigid arches and a body that does not absorb the shock of running very well. His VO2max is in the mid 60's and mine is 44. He has rarely ever had a running injury while I have had more than my share trying to be more like him and other runners that I have admired.

    I will never be able to run stride for stride with my friend, but I can give the same effort that he does. And while my effort may generate a different pace than his I have learned to celebrate the effort and appreciate the pace that effort generated.

    I hope you will too.

    John Corbett

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    Yoga Pose #4 Yogi's Corner - 4th Edition
    Renowned Tucson-based yogi Amanda Freed

    Happy fall runners and walkers! OK, it doesn't feel much like fall here in Tucson, but the temperatures are indeed dropping, even if only for a few hours a day! With summer vacations over and school in session it's back to routine for many. I hope that routine has come to include more stretching and yoga. The good news is that September is yoga month and many studios around our town and yours are participating in "One Week Free Yoga". Go to for details and take your practice to the studio! Remember, as the business of the season kicks in, yoga is a great way to calm the mind and stretch and tone the body. This monthʼs pose is a deep forward bend that will help that process.

    Pose of the month:

    Prasarita Padatonasana

    Take a wide legged stance, toes pointing forward, hands on hips. Engage leg muscles by hugging legs isometrically toward midline of body. Spread your toes with emphasis on pinky toe, rooting all four corners of the feet down evenly. Pressing hands into hips, gently lift shoulders expanding ribs and drawing shoulder blades onto your back. Fold forward at the waist and bring hands and head toward the floor. Keep legs strong as the upper body stretches, melts and softens down toward the floor. Begin by holding 40 seconds. Place fingertips onto floor straightening arms and lift halfway out of the pose stretching heart forward while looking forward. Move pelvic bone toward tailbone, widening the seat. Then draw lower belly up and in, and tailbone down toward heels. Fold forward again drawing shoulder blades more deeply onto back to allow upper spine to release and lengthen, holding up to 60 seconds this time. Try a wider stance on subsequent attempts at this pose, remembering to keep legs straight and muscles engaged. To come out of pose safely, heel - toe feet toward midline until feet are hip width apart, place hands on hips and rise to standing.

    *If hands do not reach the floor, a block, bolster or blanket can be used to raise the floor.

    Take note of your progress and remember to breathe through your pose inhaling as you stretch and exhaling as you fold. Enjoy!



    AZ Hilton Photo DB Book Your Spring Break Room Now!
    A Free VIP Race Upgrade for all Hotel Guests.

    Stay where we stay. I took this photo when we were at the Hilton last week. Book your room now and receive your free VIP upgrade which includes race packet delivery directly to your room!

    The Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Resort is the Arizona Distance Classic official race headquarters hotel. Enjoy beautifully renovated public spaces and breathtaking views of the stunning Santa Catalina Mountains at this AAA Four Diamond resort in Oro Valley. Relax and play at this unique desert oasis, featuring sparkling pools and a 143-foot waterslide. Achieve nourishment and culinary delight at any one of the four on-site dining options including the newest offering, Epazote Kitchen and Cocktails. Play golf or tennis, go hiking, biking or horseback riding or escape to the resort's Elements Spa for some indulgent relaxation.

    The Arizona Distance Classic VIP event upgrade room rate is $169/night. Call (520) 544-5000 to reserve your room today.

    Check out the video we shot awhile back for an overview of the resort.

    Thank you!
    While we were honored by The Runner's World Magazine's declaration that the Arizona Distance Classic was the region's "Best Kept Secret", we are even more excited of the regional attention we and the Town or Oro Valley are now receiving. The event is on track to sell out in record time and we and are partners are creating "Raving Fans" of the "Ultimate Spring Break Family Event" and the "Real Southwest".

    Come join us and make sure you bring your camera as the course will head down through Honeybee Canyon which contains one of the world's largest populations of Saguaro Cactus.

    All of us at M3S Sports want to thank all of our participants, volunteers, partners and the Town of Oro Valley for helping us build a world class event in this world class town.

    Get Fit. Stay Fit. Live Fit.

    David Babner, Race Director