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The Arizona Distance Classic Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon and Oro Valley Hospital 5k
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    The ULTIMATE Running and Walking Celebration!
    Join us for a Boutique Event in a World Class Town
    August 7th, 2012

    AZ 3 and Cactus Greetings!

    When we founded the Arizona Distance Classic Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon and Oro Valley Hospital 5k we were looking to provide a unique, boutique event experience in the World Class Town of Oro Valley. With the help of an entire community including Mayor Hiremath, Members of Town Council, Jae Dale of The Oro Valley Hospital, Gregg Forzst or Ventana Medical Systems, John Corbett of All About Running and Walking and Lynn Ericksen from the Hilton, we have succeeded!

    It is no wonder that Registration is on record pace for the 9th Annual Arizona Distance Classic. Make sure you REGISTER NOW as early registration ends on September 30th.

    You are receiving this email as you are already registered or we thought you might like to be part of the Celebration.

    Check out our NEW WEBSITE!

    The Hilton Tucson El Conquistador is again a Proud Sponsor and The Official Race Headquarters Hotel of the 2013 Arizona Distance Classic. We have blocked a limited number of rooms at a special discounted rate for race participants. Stay at the Hilton and your VIP Goody Bag will be ready for you when you check in.

    Some Feedback From Our Participants:

    "The Arizona Distance Classic Half Marathon was the best-run race we have ever participated in-and we've been in quite a few! Thank you for this race that is in such a beautiful place, at a wonderful time of year, with fabulous support on the course and an opportunity to buy VIP privileges (portapotties with no lines is an excellent concept)."


    Awesome race! You guys did an AMAZING job planning this race.

    -R. Snarski

    I loved this race!! Of course, the weather was perfect, but so were the course, the organization, the host hotel, the t-shirts, bibs and medals!

    - Michelle

    Just wanted to express how much I enjoyed last Sunday's half marathon. The rolling course was scenic and beautiful, you couldn't ask for a better day. The rolling course was enough to be a bit challenging but not so much that it was overwhelming. Great Job! The snow capped mountains were picture perfect, which I'm sure you arranged for race day. The race was one of the best organized races I've attended. This is definitely a race to be on everyone's calendar.

    - Patrick

    Just wanted to let you know that this race was absolutely awsome! I live in Phoenix and this is the first year I ran in your race. The course was perfect with all the rolling hills and the scenery was just spectacular.

    AARW Corbett's Corner!
    Have A Fit!

    John Corbett is a founder of the Arizona Distance Classic and the co-owner of All About Running & Walking. Since starting running at age 43 he has lowered his total cholesterol by 140 points (without medication) and frequently speaks to groups about the benefits of moving our feet. John is a Certified Pedorthist with an interest in helping people understand injury risk factors and helping them run injury free. Each newsletter we will bring you some of his thoughts, tips and wisdom that will help get you to the starting line!

    Here is John's second column:

    Whether you are new to running or are a veteran of many miles on the roads, it is important to make sure that your running shoes fit properly. Since I started fitting running shoes 11 years ago, I have seen far too many black toenails, missing toenails, hammer toes, bunions, neuromas and other foot problems related to poor fitting shoes. And while other factors, including heredity can contribute to some of those issues just mentioned, wearing poor fitting shoes can make them worse.

    As it relates to finding a proper fit for your running shoes, here are some of my favorite guidelines:

    1. Your running shoe will have a different number on it than your dress shoes. Yes, it will probably be bigger.

    2. If you have not had your feet measured since you were a kid, do it. Feet change over time, even if you think you "have always been a size 7". One lady who told me she was a size 7 measured a 9 , and refused to believe the device was accurate. Yes, she had hammertoes and bunions.

    3. Your feet swell during the day and during a run. We look for at least 1/3 to inch of space from the end of your longest toe on your longer foot to the end of the shoe. Some people have a longer second toe, so be aware if you do too.

    4. Proper width is as important as proper length. If you need a wider shoe, don't just buy a longer shoe. Buy the correct length in a wider width.

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    Yogi pose 3 Yogi's Corner - 3rd Issue
    Renowned Tucson-based yogi Amanda Freed

    Happy August runners and walkers!! I hope your summer training has gone well and the delightful desert monsoons have offered a bit of a respite. Maybe some of you have even been caught running in a deluge or two! Or maybe a vacation interrupted your training. Kids home needing attention? Too hot to run?

    So now you're ramping up your training for Fall! Good for you, ADC is just around the corner! As you increase the intensity of your running or walking training, remember the importance of doing the same with your yoga practice. Stretching and calming the mind and body before and after workouts will help you get your groove back sooner, while decreasing stress and stretching and strengthening your muscles! Yoga is the secret weapon of modern successful athletes!

    Pose of the month for August:

    Adhomukha Svanasana- Downward Facing Dog pose

    Various schools of yoga incorporate repeated versions of this delightful stretch many times during each practice. It's a deep stretch that lengthens hamstrings, calves and Achilles tendons while strengthening quadriceps, shoulders and biceps and supporting knee and ankle joints.

    Begin standing in Tadasana- mountain pose, hands at sides. Stretch arms up toward sky and fold forward bringing fingertips to earth even if knees need to bend to do so. Step right foot back to a lunge and pause for a few seconds feeling the hips begin to open. Step left foot back to meet right to a high push up or plank position. Spread fingers rooting hands into the earth. Raise hips and press back so they are high, arms straight and heels stretching back toward the floor. Bend right knee and press left heel back toward the floor, hold 30 seconds and switch sides. Stretch both legs deeply back beginning with heels, calves, hamstrings and finally engage quadriceps and press thighs back. Pause, Breathe, Enjoy! Step right foot forward to return to lunge then left foot forward returning to a forward fold then rise back to Tadasana.

    Repeat beginning with left foot back into lunge. After becoming comfortable with Downward Facing Dog, experiment with bending knees and then stretching heels back, moving hips side to side and enjoying the feeling of increased freedom. Remember, your practice is your own and should feel good so you will look forward to it and repeat it often.


    Hilton Pool 10 Book Your Spring Break Room Now!
    A Free VIP Race Upgrade for all Hotel Guests.

    Book your room now and receive your free VIP upgrade which includes race packet delivery directly to your room!

    The Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Resort is the Arizona Distance Classic official race headquarters hotel. Enjoy beautifully renovated public spaces and breathtaking views of the stunning Santa Catalina Mountains at this AAA Four Diamond resort in Oro Valley. Relax and play at this unique desert oasis, featuring sparkling pools and a 143-foot waterslide. Achieve nourishment and culinary delight at any one of the four on-site dining options including the newest offering, Epazote Kitchen and Cocktails. Play golf or tennis, go hiking, biking or horseback riding or escape to the resort's Elements Spa for some indulgent relaxation.

    The Arizona Distance Classic VIP event upgrade room rate is $169/night.* Call (520) 544-5000 to reserve your room today. Check out the video we shot awhile back for an overview of the resort.

    Thank you!
    While we were honored by The Runner's World Magazine declaration a few years ago that the Arizona Distance was the "Best Kept Secret", we are glad the word is out. The event now sells out each year and we and are partners are creating "Raving Fans" of the event.

    Come join us and make sure you bring your camera as the course will head down through Honeybee Canyon which contains one of the world's largest populations of Saguaro Cactus.

    Get Fit. Stay Fit. Live Fit.