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It's no secret that the turbulent housing market has many home buyers concerned about finding a comfortable, energy-efficient home that will hold its value and meet their financial requirements. But a stagnant economy doesn't mean you have to give up on your dream home.

Modular Construction Growth: 

Building Your Dream Home in a Stagnant Economy 

Statistics show that while the construction industry has taken a considerable hit in the wake of a struggling economy, modular home construction has continued to thrive. Many buyers are realizing that modular construction means customizability and affordability. If you haven't considered a Miller Homes modular home, there are many reasons it could be the answer to your home-buying needs--and a boon to your budget.


  • Miller modular homes have unlimited design options, ensuring that the home you want is the home you get. From our very first collaborative meeting, homeowners have a say in their home's construction-including blueprints, flooring, paint and appliances. The options are limitless.
  • Modular construction is built in a state-of-the-art, quality controlled environment, so the weather won't impact your home's construction. Unlike site-built homes, your structure is never exposed to water damage, lumber warping, mold and other environmental hazards. Because of this, modular construction is more cost-effective and efficient than traditional building methods. And every Miller modular home is backed by a 10-year comprehensive warranty, so you'll have peace of mind at move-in.
  • Time is money, and modular homes save on both. By taking subcontractors, weather delays, weather damage and construction waste out of the picture, homes can be move-in ready in three to four months. This not only saves money on construction; it prevents buyers from paying months of costly rent while their home is being built.

Once finished, a modular home continues to save cash with energy-efficient features. Premium insulation, high-performance windows and high-performance HVAC systems mean your home will keep you--and the environment--happy for years to come.



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