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March, 2011 - Vol 2, Issue 1
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Join us for a Walk About
Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
Yes, Virginia, You Have a Lovely Trail

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Let Me Tell You 'Bout the Birds and the Bees and the Flowers and the Trees...
Oxford Trail

When's the last time you took a casual stroll on the Oxford Trail?  Unless the answer is "this week," then you're missing a chance to see Spring bursting forth in the trees, shrubs, plants, and animals that thrive along that trail.

To remind everyone of all the trail has to offer, Newton Trails will be sponsoring the Walk About series this year.  Each outing is a group walk led by a guest guide who will talk about a different aspect of the trail and the surrrounding area.

On Saturday, April 23, at 10 am, join Dr. Eloise B. Carter, Professor of Biology at Oxford College, for a Walk About the native trees and shrubs that give the Oxford Trail it's woodland wonder.  Enjoy a pleasant stroll with friends, while taking time to stop and marvel at these gentle giants we too often take for granted.

On Saturday, May 7, at 8 am, join Greg Richardson and David Waller as they take early risers on a birdwatching journey to spot and listen to the feathered friends who love the trail as much or more than we do.  Bring binoculars, quiet shoes, and whisper voices.

There is no charge for these events.  We will gather on the deck behind the Old Church on Wesley St at Fletcher St in Oxford.  Please arrive early and plan to leave on time.

Future Walk Abouts will focus on history, fitness, storytelling, and many other topics.  Please email if you have suggestions.


As promised by Mr. Groundhog, Spring has sprung in Newton County, which means we can get outdoors to enjoy walking, jogging, biking, and other activities.  While you dust off those sneakers and bikes, we thought you might enjoy a virtual journey to trails and greenways in other places.  We hope you like the videos featured in this issue.  They're great examples of the kinds of trails we want to create for the people of Newton County.  We'll be continuing to add these video stories to our website as part of our Why Not Here? feature.


In other news, local governments have important decisions to make very soon regarding acquisition of the Central of Georgia Rail Corridor.  There's so much more at stake than just a future right of way for trail development.  We hope all parties involved work together and make a good decision for the long term interest of our community.  For a reminder why we believe a rails to trails project is great for Newton County, visit our website


We've got big plans for the year, and we're going to need your help.  Construction of the Eastside Trail is targeted for early Summer, and we've pledged support from Newton Trails in the way of fund raising to buy benches, picnic tables, and other amenities.  We've made the same pledge for the Trail Head project at the Historic Depot in Porterdale.  You can support these efforts by donating through the link in this email or by visiting our website.


Happy Trails,

Maurice Signature

L. Maurice Carter Jr
Chairman, Newton Trails
Watch Morning Come to Life on the Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway
Newton Trails project manager David Waller took some great photos while visiting family in Cleveland, Tennessee last summer.  Click the image below to watch a video montage of David's photos.

CBC Greenway

David was really impressed watching the greenway come alive throughout the morning as joggers, walkers, bikers, and strollers filled the trail.  Moms gathered with kids on the playground, and old friends sat on park benches to enjoy watching the world go by.  This could be Newton County.  Why not here?
Bike Trip to Virginia Creeper Trail Is a Moo-ving Experience for Newton County Couple

You might say Greg and Tamara Richardson "had a cow" over their trip to the Virginia Creeper Trail last Fall.  But, more accurately, the trail had the cow.  Or, maybe the cow had the trail.  Watch the video, you'll see what we mean.
Virginia Creeper Trail

"Tamara and I had a great time,"  said Greg.  "The Virginia Creeper is an old rail line converted to a trail in the 1980's. It passes through beautiful new subdivisions (including one on a golf course), farm land and forests.  We even rode by cows in a pasture a few feet away!  What a great resource for the citizens of the area."


Greg also said they met a couple from  Athens, GA on the trail who said "we sure would love to come ride in Covington instead of having to drive to the Silver Comet Trail in west Atlanta."  And, our local shops and restaurants would love that too!  Why not here?